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How to Get Your Hamster to Stop Hiding

Beautiful White Dwarf Hamster

Beautiful White Dwarf Hamster

How To Get Your Hamster To Stop Hiding

A lot of hamsters that hide when you approach the tank or enclosure aren't antisocial they are just afraid of you. Can you even imagine how you must look to a little small hamster. They most likely think you are about to make a meal out of them.

You Need To Make Good Friends With Your Hamster

What you have to do is make real good friends with the hamster and make it look forward to you coming to its cage or tank. You can do this by offering the new hamster a sunflower seed each time you approach and reach into their tank. The hamster will start to associate you with something good and the hamster will start to trust you more and more. After you have the hamster coming to you easily cut back on the amount of sunflower seeds because they have a high fat content and a hamster that is too fat could easily develop diabetes.

Keep Your Voice Down

You need to keep your voice down and not make loud disturbing noises around your hamster. Loud noises will really scare hamsters and other small animals so keep your voice and the noise down if you want your hamster to be happy and want to come to you easily. If you don't scare your hamster it also won't hide from you.

Be Sure If You Buy A Hamster It Is Between 4 - 6 Weeks Of Age

You want to be sure that any hamster you buy is between 4 - 6 weeks of age so it will be young enough that it will want to make friends with you. If you buy an older hamster it may never be your best friend. With a younger hamster you can quickly make friends with the hamster and it will come to you if you are patient and also talk to it gently. With a younger more active hamster you can use sunflower seeds and before you know it not only will the hamster not be hiding but it will stand up and come to the cage door when you approach its cage. This is what you want.

And if you make real good friends with a young hamster it will be friends with you when it is older. Keep in mind that hamsters will live from 2 - 3 years depending on how well you take care of it and provide for it's needs.

Things You May Need To Check To See If One Or More Of These Reasons Is Causing Your Hamster To Hide In Its Cage

1. The Hamster Is Afraid Of Your Cat or Dog.

2. The Ceiling Fan Is Scaring Your Hamster

3. Your Children Are Making Too Much Noise And Scaring The Hamster

4. You Are Making Loud Noises And Are Scaring Your Hamster

5. You Have Your Hamsters Cage In A Draft

6. You Are Talking To Loud Around Your Hamster

7. Your Hamster Was To Old When You Purchased It

Those are seven of the big reasons your hamster may be hiding. Some of them you can fix and some you can't. If you purchased a fully grown adult hamster it may never be as friendly as you would think. You can try to make friends with it but it may just never happen.

You need to make sure that if you have a cat that your hamster is safe. Yes the hamster knows that the cat is a predator and some hamsters even in their cage where they are safe from the cat will still be afraid of the cat. You may have to move the hamsters cage to a area where you can shut the cat off from it.

If loud noises are being made around the hamster the loud noises need to stop because loud noises will scare the hamster and it will hide. If you keep making loud noises it may hide and never want to come out. If a person has a loud voice they need to lower it around the hamster.

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Don't put your hamster into a area where a fan or ceiling fan is going to blow down on it. If you have the hamsters cage currently in a area like this move it to another area. Hamsters also are not into loud music. Don't put your hamster near a stereo speaker.

You should keep in mind that hamsters are small animals that do not like loud noises of any type. As long as the loud noise continues around your hamster its going to keep hiding. If its necessary move the hamster to another room or another area of the house where there is a lot less noise.

Its important that you bond with your hamster and if the hamster is in a place where its happy the hamster will be easy to make friends with and it won't be hiding all the time.

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How About A Cup Of Hamster. In the photo is a beautiful specimen of a Teddy Bear Hamster.

How About A Cup Of Hamster. In the photo is a beautiful specimen of a Teddy Bear Hamster.

How To Get Your Hamster To Stop Hiding

One thing you need to know is that hamsters are nocturnal and in case you don't know they are going to be sleeping in the day time and up in the evening and overnight. They are going to be noisy and make a lot of noise at night and this is a big reason for not putting the hamsters cage in the bedroom.

If your getting a hamster for the first time I can not stress enough how important it is for you to get a 4 - 6 week old hamster. You can make friends with a young just weaned hamster a lot faster than you ever will with a older hamster. And a you know that a younger hamster will live for 2 - 3 years.

Handle Your Hamster All The Time

This is another reason that its important to get a very young hamster. You can start handling it as soon as you bring it home and it will get used to you at the same time. Offer it little treats at first almost every day and then every few days. You'll get your hamster used to you handling it and it will come to you thinking you have a treat for it.

Hamsters are Great First Pets For A Child

If your wanting to teach a young child responsibility then a hamster as a first pet is a great ideal. However if the child is 8 or younger be sure to involve yourself in helping to take care of the hamster. You should check behind the child to make sure the hamster is well cared for and that it has food and water. Its cage must be cleaned thoroughly at least once a week.

Hamsters Often Bond With The Person Taking Care Of Them

Your hamster will likely bond with the person taking care of it and providing for its needs. If a hamster bonds with you then it is going to be a lot less likely to hide when you approach its cage or enclosure.

Your Hamster Needs A Place To Hide

You should know that your hamster needs a box or some type of place where it can hide inside of when it doesn't want to be bothered. Saltine Boxes and Salt Boxes are the perfect size box for a hamster to hide inside of. keep in mind that your hamster is going to hide and sleep in the day time. As it gets older its going to sleep longer. If you work it right the hamster will walk over to the side of its cage and look for you when it gets up in the evening. Especially if you bring it a treat often at that time of day.

Help My Hamster Is Hiding All The Time

If your hamster does seem to be hiding all the time then you need to try spending more time with the hamster. Talk to it in a calm soothing voice and take it a treat soon after it gets up in the evening. Hamsters are very curious creatures and if you will show up at your hamsters cage at the same time each day with a treat in time your hamster will make friends with you.

Is Your Hamster Sick

If you think your hamster is hiding because it may be sick you need to CLICK HERE and check out the information you will find there about sick hamsters and what to do for them. You should know that if your hamster seems to be eating okay and drinking water then it is most likely not sick and its not hiding because its sick.

Your Hamster Must Get Used To You

You must give your hamster time to get used to you once you bring it home. For the first 24 hours after you bring it home to its already set up home you need to leave it alone and let it get used to its new home. Then approach the cage slowly and check on the hamster. Offer it a treat like sunflower seeds and see how it acts towards you. Attempt to hold it gently and stroke it gently. If it acts scared it probably is. It doesn't yet know what to expect out of you but it will in time. Before you know it you and your hamster will be best friends.


One of the most important things is that you must get a new hamster when it is 4 - 6 weeks of age and you must make sure that you are a part of the hamsters life. If you just put it in the cage and ignore it then it will be scared of you and hide from you.

I Hope You Found The Information Helpful On How To Stop Your Hamster From Hiding

I hope you found my Hub Page on How To Stop Your Hamster From Hiding Helpful. I want you to know that your comments, tips, and suggestions are welcome below. Thanks for reading.

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