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How to Get Rid of Lizards

How to keep lizards under control in your home and yard.

How to keep lizards under control in your home and yard.

Lizards—not everybody likes them. In fact, most of the people want them to stay out of their homes. Many people are not happy to see these creatures unless they are watching National Geographic or Animal Planet.

Usually, there are lots of lizards around houses and yards. Some decide to dwell outside, but others will try to sneak into your beautiful homes. Not to worry! You can easily keep them out with the steps further on in this article.

Lizards are one of the most common reptilians, with around 5600 species all over the world. In North America alone, there are more than 155 species of lizards. This is an enormous amount of lizards, and there is always a strong possibility that any one of them will sneak into in your house.

Before you decide to get rid of them, it is important to understand that lizards are very beneficial for houses, yards, and the environment—they are a natural pest control. But if that does not make you feel any better, let’s learn some effective and efficient ways for how to get rid of lizards.

1. Diminish Their Food Sources

Lizards eat pesky bugs.

Lizards eat pesky bugs.

Lizards belong to the reptilian family and eat a number of bugs and pests. If you are serious about getting rid of lizards, you first need to remove all of their possible food sources. If you leave no food source for the lizards, they will not probably come your way.

According to a rough estimate, there are millions of bugs and pests that lizards do eat. This means that you may not get rid of all of them. However, try to keep your house as clean as possible. Spray the foundation of your house and wherever you feel necessary. Use the most effective and efficient bug repellents. Try to keep your home clean from all the insects, bugs, and other similar species in order to make it an unappetizing place for lizards.

2. Keep Your Home Clean and Organized

Apart from diminishing the food source, you should also keep your home clean and organized. Make it inhospitable for reptiles by removing places they can hide. They love corners and spaces in between furniture. Instead, keep furniture four to six inches away from the walls and one another.

When making your house an inhospitable place for lizards, you should also keep your house as clean as possible. This can easily be done by not leaving any dirty dishes, garbage, piles of trash, or unswept floors. Moreover, you can also get rid of lizards by keeping away the heat. Lizards love warmth, and they tend to be attracted towards warmer places.

3. Seal Your House and Rooms

Make sure there are no cracks for lizards to enter the house through.

Make sure there are no cracks for lizards to enter the house through.

It is equally important to pack and small cracks and holes in your houses and rooms, so lizards can not get through. It is a good idea to check all of your perimeters, walls, doors, windows, and other possible entry points of your homes. Do not let any crack or hole go unfixed, as lizards could easily squeeze through.

Some Other Ways to Get Rid of Lizards:

You can take the above-mentioned precautionary steps to prevent lizards getting into your houses. However, there are some other ways as well to get rid of lizards. Following are some of those methods, which may be sound weird, but are believed to be very effective.

1. Eggshells

Lizards are afraid of birds, so they will avoid eggshells.

Lizards are afraid of birds, so they will avoid eggshells.

An effective method to get rid of lizards is to place cracked eggshells near the possible entry points. Lizards assume eggs as a sign of danger—birds are their predators, and eggshells often mark birds' living places. To scare off lizards, place egg shells near windows, doors, and any other potential entryway.

2. Feathers

Similarly, feathers are a sign that birds may be nearby.

Similarly, feathers are a sign that birds may be nearby.

Bird feathers will scare lizards away for the same reason. Birds are fond of hunting lizards, and the presence of feathers signal potential danger. For humans, feathers can often be quite decorative—consider placing peacock feathers by your windows.

3. Electronic Lizard Repellents

Another way to get rid of lizards is to use electronic lizard repellents. When plugged in, these electronic lizard repellents emit high-frequency waves. The sounds that are created by these electronic repellents cannot be heard by human ears, but can easily scare away lizards. Lizards are believed to hate this sound; they try to stay away from it as much as possible.

4. Tabasco Sauce

Human beings are the only animals that enjoy spicy foods. Use this to your advantage. Take a water bottle and add two teaspoons of Tabasco sauce. Mix them well and then spray the resulting mixture wherever required. A couple of days’ practice of this can bring effective results.

5. Pets

Cats can easily dispose of your lizard problem.

Cats can easily dispose of your lizard problem.

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Another very effective technique for getting rid of lizards is to have pets. Not every pet can help you in this regard. But cats are one of the reptile's biggest predators. A cat or two will work wonders fighting against lizards.

The above-mentioned ways are effective techniques for getting rid of lizards. By acting upon this advice, you may soon have a completely lizard-free house.

Comments on June 16, 2019:

Geckos eat the butterfly cattipillers that I try to help . Any ideas?

Linda on February 08, 2018:

I lived in Florida where there are several spices of reptiles. One way I got rid of them was to place the sticky traps, the ones used for catching mice, where I saw lizard droppings. I works great. It holds up to 3-4 lizards at a time if I buy the box with 2 large ones. However if you have pets that go outside, make sure to place the trap under a table or surface where your pets wouldn't step on it. Now if somebody can help me with the big iguanas that would be great.

Mike and Dorothy McKenney from United States on August 15, 2017:

I really kinda like lizards, and my husband loves to photograph them in our backyard. Our chihuahua, however, does not share that affection and has killed more than her fair share of them if she gets to them before they are able to escape behind a wall.

Terri on April 03, 2016:

I too have a huge phobia of lizards. I had one by my back door today, and I want to make sure he doesn't come back. (Not sure where he disappeared to). I read all of the tips online, but I didn't see anything about possibly buying a bird feeder. I would assume having more birds around, which eat lizards, would be one of the best ways to keep lizards away from gardens, porches, patios, etc.

Any feedback on this idea?

Jaja Japitana on July 12, 2015:

These tips are very interesting and I can't wait to try them and before I try them, I will let others make sure the room is clear of any. Hahaha! I live in a condominium and I often see small lizards in my bathroom and when I saw one, I never opened my bathroom door For like 2 days. I used other's bathroom. That was terrible. Holding your pee and poop just because you're scared of what's in your bathroom. Thank you so much for the tips, by the way.

debrah watts on April 29, 2015:

I hate lizards, but normally I live them alone, I have a screedn in patio and love my plants, but the lizards are now killing my plants!

Syed Hunbbel Meer (author) from Karachi, Pakistan. on October 08, 2014:

@PeachPurple: I can't even imaging having 20 lizards in my home. You must be very patient.

You should definitely get a powerful repellent to get rid of those lizards once and for all. There is a pretty effective repellent that I have mentioned in the hub. Give it a go and hopefully, you won't have to deal with them again.

Syed Hunbbel Meer (author) from Karachi, Pakistan. on October 08, 2014:

@AtlantaMiami: I can so relate to that! But don't worry. You might want to check the "lizard repellent" that is mentioned in the article. You can get it at a discounted price and it is pretty effective. Good luck! :)

peachy from Home Sweet Home on October 03, 2014:

i hate lizards, have 20 of them at home. Making reckus all the time in the kitchen

AtlantaMiami on August 21, 2014:

I don't like lizards or any kind of repetile so I will be looking for the strongest insect killer and hope to kill them instantly. Lived in my new home 8 years and this first time I saw one out doors near my front door so u know I got to get him before he gets in my house. He ran under the sliding. So will be spray down all the sidings and around the house. Scared to sleep now

Sam on August 10, 2014:

According to my experiece the idea of Eggshell doesn't work neither lizards are afraid of Egg shell...I placed Egg shell in every room and corners also at entrance and i saw lizard licking the Egg shell...

rj on August 01, 2014:

I have a lizard right now and we mazda him a lil house and his name is jordan wineglass...he's a baby

mary on October 02, 2013:

I just don't like the little critters and one came into my house by way of a plant, He has got to go! I'm going to try the suggestions i've read!

Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on June 24, 2013:

Lizards are abundant where I live. They are peeking at me whenever I chance to venture outside which is often. However I have had a few decide to invite themselves in from time to time and often spent too much time scurrying around to get them back out again.

Great suggestions...I am bookmarking this to refer to in the future. Angels are on the way to you and yours this evening. ps

talfonso from Tampa Bay, FL on June 22, 2013:

Thanks for the tips on getting rid of lizards! I live in Florida, and my scoliodentrosaurophobia is easing because I'm getting used to lizards. But anyway, thank you for the great advice!

lovedoctor926 on June 21, 2013:

Thank you for sharing this useful information. I have a problem with salamanders. They're always stuck on the wall close to the door especially at night. Sometimes I notice small insects & mosquitoes around them and just like FullofLoveSites said they catch these insects in their mouth and gulp them. The strange thing about salamders is that they're reptilian animals with good camouflage and when they hide, they're very hard to spot even with that freaky black eye they have. I like the idea of the Tabasco sauce and this is what I will remember to do & buy a spray bottle too.

FullOfLoveSites from United States on June 21, 2013:

Although I'm not fond of lizards, I otherwise don't think of them as pests. They eat the real pests like mosquitoes and sometimes moths that hover around the fluorescent lights of my room during the evening, which is annoying.

Whenever there are moths flying near the lights, I would look up at the ceiling and watch lizards stealthily go near where the moths are. Then they catch those insects in their mouths, and gulp them. I admit I'd get a little kick out of just watching at it, like I'm watching Animal Planet. :)

nyimdolnamtsang on June 07, 2013:

in our school,there are lot of lizards and it even pees on our body..and it really sucks.i watched ur article n found it preety gud..thank u!!.i am going to share my classsmates as a project..thanks!!!

Anderer on May 14, 2013:

I'm not sure where I got this suggestion to get rid of Geikos, but Mothballs work great. Around my property, I was greeted every morning, picking up my paper. I spread $5.00 worth of Mothballs , front and back around my hedges and foundation plants and haven't seen a Geiko since.

I'm not sure , with infrequent rain we get in N. Florida how long the first treatment will last

Syed Hunbbel Meer (author) from Karachi, Pakistan. on March 08, 2013:

@gennao88: I was in a similar situation when I wrote this hub. I just can't stand their presence around me.

You are most welcome. Thanks for stopping by.

Genna from Tampa, FL on March 08, 2013:

I cannot thank you enough for this hub. I'm not exaggerating when I say that lizards are the bane of my existence.

Syed Hunbbel Meer (author) from Karachi, Pakistan. on December 09, 2012:

To everyone: Thanks for stopping by :)

@MartieCoetser: Try executing some of the above-mentioned ideas to get rid of lizards. I hope you will find them useful.

P.S: I've many hubs on Google's 1st pages (including this one) so I guess Google is still being nice to us :)

Martie Coetser from South Africa on December 09, 2012:

I share my home with one or three lizards and I hate them all. My house is apparently only a place for them to sleep, because apart from a spider or two that may be living under the bed or piece of heavy furniture, it is certainly not a sufficient source of food. I am sick and tired of lizard shit. Always between their sleeping place and the door.

I was surprise to find this hub on the 1st page via Google Search - a proof that Google is still acknowledging HubPages articles.

Thank you, hunbbel... :)

Kamalesh Chakraverty from Sahaganj, Dist. Hooghly, West Bengal, India on July 30, 2012:

Very interesting and useful hub. Thanks for sharing. Voted Up.

Best Wishes, Kamalesh

Farhat from Delhi on July 10, 2012:

In India we face lot of problems of the lizards.. so i hope this is going to be useful here ..thankyou for sharing these wonderful tips !

Vinaya Ghimire from Nepal on July 09, 2012:

Lizards are great problems especially during summer in my farmhouse. You have mentioned some good tips. Thanks for sharing.

Mohan Kumar from UK on July 09, 2012:

We don't see many of these in the North of England but I did grow up in a hosuehold where small lizards frequented the house. I loved watching them hunt flies, it was a masterful inactivity and a watchful expectation and then pounce! This is a really useful hub- well formatted, simple instructions, great illustrations. Thanks Hunbbel!

Michelle Liew from Singapore on July 09, 2012:

A very useful hub, Hunbbel, with interesting info! Love the tip about the cracked eggs.....did not occur to me to use them in that way! Will save eggshells from now. Thanks for writing!

Daisy Mariposa from Orange County (Southern California) on July 09, 2012:


Thanks for publishing this very interest, very helpful article. I live in Southern California, half-way between Los Angeles and San Diego. I see a lot of small lizards in my neighborhood. I don't mind them so much when I see them outdoors, but I freak out when I see them in the house.

dinkan53 from India on July 05, 2012:

I got a lot of them in my home. I have been facing this problem from long back and got fed up with these lizards. I like your idea of eggshaells, will surely have a try. But if I get rid of the lizards and the other bugs will show up. Anyway thanks for these great suggestions. Rated up and useful.

MG Singh from UAE on July 05, 2012:

Very interesting hub

JP Carlos from Quezon CIty, Phlippines on July 05, 2012:

I really don't mind lizards. As long as they don't fall on my daughter.

Rajan Singh Jolly from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA. on July 05, 2012:

Hunbbel great hub and tips to get rid of lizards. Personally though I don't like their look I don't mind having them in my house if they don't come in my way. After all, they reduce the number of other pests present in your home.

Great tip and sharing this. Up, interesting and useful.

lovedoctor926 on July 04, 2012:

Lizards don't bother me as much. I have a problem with salamanders. They look really creepy and always on my front porch. Recently, I wrote a hub on these reptiles. Thank you for the tips.

Sueswan on July 04, 2012:

Hi Hunbbel,

I think lizards are cute but I would probably freak out if I came home and found one. Especially, since I live on the 6th floor.

Voted up and interesting.

Take care :)

shalini sharan from Delhi on June 24, 2012:

i enjoyed this hub

you gave me ways to get rid of my worst nightmare :)

Bopeli from Cambodia on June 17, 2012:

Hey my house are full of lizards and they always make my house dirty with their poop so thanks for sharing these I will try it some ways.

wetnosedogs from Alabama on June 16, 2012:

Hunbbel, Lizards don't bother me. I see them mainly outside. But other stuff I'm scared of. Roaches-EEK! Rats-Ugh! We all have our things that discomfort us. I did pass on information to my co-worker. She lives in an apartment and she was laughing wondering what people will think when they see egg shells around. And she knows that I'm for saving the little critters.

Syed Hunbbel Meer (author) from Karachi, Pakistan. on June 16, 2012:

@Uzma: I too am a little scared of lizards, and by writing this hub I might have done a little favour to you, I guess ;)

Apply all the tactics :) Thank you for stopping by. It has been quite a long time!

Syed Hunbbel Meer (author) from Karachi, Pakistan. on June 16, 2012:

@KentClarke: Thank you :)

@DrMark and Wetnosedogs: It seems quite hard for me to understand your point of view, mainly because I feel very uncomfortable with lizards. However, thank you very much for stopping by and giving me a completely different perspective. I wonder whether I ever thought like this or know anyone personally who did :)

Syed Hunbbel Meer (author) from Karachi, Pakistan. on June 16, 2012:

@Anusujith and Suhail: Thank you for stopping by :)

Syed Hunbbel Meer (author) from Karachi, Pakistan. on June 16, 2012:

@SubRon7: Hi my friend. It's a long time, isn't it?

Here, we have a lot of house lizards (I recently had one in my home, which prompted me to write this hub) ;)

Best of luck with your hub ideas. Will be looking forward to them :)

wetnosedogs from Alabama on June 14, 2012:

I will pass this information on for a co-worker. She has lizards and is scared of them. I think they are cute, so we don't understand each other in that regard. I would think like DrMark does.

The cracked shell egg shells sounds like a winner. At least the lizards wouldn't get hurt.

Very interesting hub.

Uzma Shaheen from Lahore,Pakistan on June 14, 2012:

I am very scared of lizards, my mother use crack egg shells in order to get rid of them and it really works. interesting and informative hub.well done.

Dr Mark from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on June 13, 2012:

I thought this was interesting but why would any one want to get rid of lizards? I still can not understand that, as the geckos running around my kitchen eating mosquitoes are the best part of this house

Kent Clarke from Aventura FL on June 13, 2012:

wow some very useful info there buddy...

Suhail Zubaid aka Clark Kent from Mississauga, ON on June 13, 2012:

Informative indeed! Voted up.

Where I live, we have no problems with lizards. There is a problem with too many squirrels, rabbits, racoons, and skunks in my neighbourhood though. That I have a dog only aggrandises the problem. He barks, goes for the chase, and may get sprayed one day lol.

Anoop Aravind A from Nilambur, Kerala, India on June 13, 2012:

Wonderful hub... Beautifully illustrated... Nice tips.. Voted up and interesting...

James W. Nelson from eastern North Dakota on June 13, 2012:

Good hub, my friend Hunbbel, and good to see you. Here in North Dakota, at least where I live, we have only one species, a skink. I don't see many, but sometimes when I'm digging one will appear. I like lizards and salamanders, birds, trees, in fact all forms of nature. One of my goals is to someday write more about nature, but first I have to make sure I'm making a living.

Again, good to see you!

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