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How to Buy Dog Food Online

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As the owner of two dogs for the past 10 years, I have had the experience of trying a variety of different dog house this is what I learned.


Selecting a dog food delivery service

We are going to delve into how to buy dog food online, seem simple enough to find an online provider, and just order some.

Not so fast it is wise to do some research because not all online dog food companies are created equal.

In the modern age, we want instant gratification and products shipped to us overnight all from the comfort of our homes.

The same is now true for dog food there are a plethora of dog food home delivery services that are campaigning for your business.

At first glance buying, dog food online seems pretty straight forward find a website that sells dog food, and voila, however; there are a lot of things to consider before breaking out your credit card.

We have outlined the different types of service and what they feature and from this information hopefully, you will be able to decide which is best for you and your dog.

Not all dog food home delivery services are created equal and given the popularity of online shopping, you can be assured there are going to be subpar companies trying to make a quick and easy buck.

These are going to be companies that may not have your dog’s best interest at heart.

Buying dog food online is certainly convenient especially if you have a busy lifestyle juggling career and a household.

So browse this information and hopefully, when you are done you will be an informed buyer that is satisfied with your choice.


How does a dog food home delivery service work?

So how does the dog food delivery service work?

It is pretty straight forward once you have decided the dog food delivery company you want to use you place your dog food order and voila it shows up at your front door.

Usually, it will arrive in a matter of a few days, however; actual delivery times will vary depending on the company shipping policy and your location.

Most deliver free of shipping cost.

This system is ideal if you have a very busy career or a hectic lifestyle that involves jugging work and a household.

Be sure to wash your dog’s water and food bowl regularly.

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Types of dog food delivery.

Not all dog food delivery companies operate in the same way or offer the same products or delivery methods.

There are several different types of food that you can order and we have listed the options below:

Raw dog food – This type of food is self-explanatory it is raw food fresh or frozen that is delivered to your front door.

The problem with this type of food delivery is obvious you will have to be mindful of the food going bad so being at home would be important.

You would not want a dog food order sitting at your front door for days in the summer.

Kibble specialized dog food diet – This type of service is probably one of the best choices because you create a profile of your dog and from the profile, a special diet is created.

Each meal is pre-portioned and specifically designed for your dog’s needs and diet requirements.

Your dog’s health, age, and breed are taken into consideration and a diet plan is created to meet those needs.

Brand dog foods – This type of service is as the name implies it is your favorite dog food brands that are on a shelf and when you place an order it is shipped out.

The drawback to this system is what you see is what you get it is a kind of the size fits all system.

Dog food delivery checklist.

There are a plethora of dog food delivery companies in the marketplace and given the popularity of online buying the category is sure to grow.

Some of the items that you may want to check off your list before you buy are:

Does the company offer veterinarian-approved meals that are designed around your dog’s needs and medical history?

Do they offer a service that is not a commitment so if you decide you can cancel at any time?

Is there support staff that is willing and available to help you with any concerns should they arise?

Are all the ingredients used in their dog food sourced in the USA?

Are all the ingredients fresh and not stale from sitting on a shelf in some warehouse for months on end?

Are all the meals a balanced meal with the right portions of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals ideal for your dog’s optimal health?

Does the company offer a complete list of all the ingredients that are in your dog food?

Are they a member of The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO)?

It is a voluntary membership association of local, state, and federal agencies.

The members are charged by their local, state, or federal laws to regulate the sale and distribution of animal feeds and animal drug remedies.

Dogs do not need the same diet as wolves!


A final thought about dog food home delivery services.

It would be important that you do some due diligence before deciding on which delivery system you want to use.

Of course, it would be wise to use a company where there is not a commitment and you can cancel at any time.

However, your dog may suffer in the meantime just because a company has a large advertising budget and a slick marketing message doesn’t mean their product is high quality.

The idea of dog food delivery is for convenience but we also must be mindful of your dog’s health and well-being above everything else.

A personal note: When I first brought home our rescue dog I decided to use a brand name dog food that was advertised on television as the best thing since sliced bread.

Long story short my dog became very ill and we were not sure what was wrong after a visit to our local vet he suggested we switch dog food because the symptoms where intestinal related.

So we switched and in a matter of a few days our dog was 100% not being satisfied I did some research and found out the brand we were using was responsible for several dogs becoming ill.

Like human food just because it is promoted well doesn’t mean it is healthy for humans or dogs.

Steer clear of meat with the word "meal" attached to it!

Dog food delivery update! The corona-virus situation.

Given the current situation on the globe, the new catchphrase is social distancing which is extremely hard for me because I am very active.

Regardless of your political opinions or what your mindset is the reality is we have to be careful how we approach our daily activities.

One thing that I have been very disappointed with when it comes to consumerism is the hoarding that has taken place.

Toilet paper and water is one thing but the latest is the hoarding of dog food and in some cases, people are abandoning their pets all together…why?????

I am not a doctor of medicine or even play one on television but I do know that our pets do not give us the virus in question.

We seem to go from one extreme to another let us be calm and find some center ground using our common sense.

There is no evidence that we can get the virus from our pets, therefore why would

treat them any different than ourselves?

Finally please do not abandon your pets!!!

The WHO said currently, there is no evidence that pets such as dogs and cats have infected humans with Covid-19.”

© 2020 Steven

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