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How to Build a Dog House


Building a dog house is a lot easier than a lot of people realize. Your loving best friend deserves to have a place of his own, and a dog house is one way that you can accomplish this. When you’re at work, and you let your dog out into the back yard there should be sufficient cover for them against all the different types of elements. We’re going to walk through an easy method in constructing a dog house.



The first step in constructing a dog house is to check around the area they live for the proper materials in building the home. Most big retail home improvement shops can help you get the supplies that you need. A lot of them like Home Depot or Lowes also offer you step by step guides that you can follow with a small set of plans to build your dog house. Sometimes as special promotions they will offer onsite demonstrations on building a dog house so check locally and see if they are available to you. They can greatly assist you in the process of building and give you some additional hints and tips when building yours.

The next step after getting your materials and having some input on how to start building you should consider the size of your dog. It is important to know the size of your dog so that when you are measuring and building that you allow the dog enough room to stand up, sit down, and move if needed. If, you just have a puppy make sure you are building a house that will help it grow into and not have to build another one next summer because you made the first one too small.

Make sure also that the roof of your dog house is not in a slop position this will help insects like bees and yellow jackets from making a nest in it. It is the best idea to allow your roof to be flat, since many dogs like to lie on the roof of their house and gives them an extra spot to stay off the wet or muddy ground. When making your roof make sure you stay away from metal materials since this can hold additional heat into the house as well as burn your dog if they decide to sleep on top of it.

Just like our houses the dog houses need to be insulated from the loss of heat when it’s cold but also allow heat through when it is too warm if you have a larger dog like a husky or German Sheppard since they have thicker fur, not as much insulation is needed in their home. If, your dog is a short haired breed, then you might want to consider extra insulation to help with heating and cooling.

Ventilation of your dog house is also very important and you something you also want to consider when choosing your materials to build it. Using natural wood is a good way to allow the house to breathe as well as making a small port at the top allow fresh air in and our as needed. A good source of wood is at your local lumberyard a lot of time they will sell it to you or give it to you if it is scrap, so that you can save a little money while building it.

The dog house you are building is going to need to take the test of time and weather in durability. The floor should be several inches off the ground so that rain and mud can pass underneath it. When placing your new dog house outside make sure it is not in a location that gets direct sunlight or possible severe weather. Place it near a shed or garage so that it can act as a wind breaker or heat breaker with shade while your dog occupies it.

The design of your new dog house for your best friend should be simple and does not need to be very expensive and pretty. Your pet does not need a lot of blankets or heating elements in the house while occupying they can be hazardous to your pet’s health and safety. However, if, you decide to put some additional things in their make sure you are aware of any potential problems and you are able to adjust accordingly to keep your pet safe while you are gone.

Using the guide in this tutorial will help guide you through some of the tools and basic construction of your dog house. However, if you do get stuck or unsure where to go don’t hesitate to ask J many animal shelters would be glad to answer your questions or if you have a friend or family member to help the process can go easier.

Constructing the perfect place for your pet is rewarding and exciting for you! Your dog will surely love having a cozy place to retreat to when not allowed in the house or garage. So stop procrastinating and go out and start building that shelter for your dog.

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Sam Worthington on July 09, 2010:

Wow. These looks pretty great. We did the same Do-It-Yourself thing last month. Though, we were not brave enough to figure it out ourselves.

We bought cheap (but very cool plans) from www.the-best-dog-house-plans.com. It worked out well, but I definitely understand the need to make it without plans.

UniqueBeauty from United States on July 09, 2010:

I wish my mother and I had seen this about two years ago when she decided we needed to build a dog-house from scratch in the DEAD OF WINTER. The house now looks and always has looked like a terrible piece of work- but it does do the job for our dog, Happy. But it sure would have been nice if it looked the one in your picture!!


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