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How to Breed Shubunkin Goldfish

Shubunkin are a beautiful type of Goldfish that are a very popular asset to any garden fish pond. Although Shubunkin are not the most expensive species of fish there is a lot of many to be made in breeding them. The reason for this is because many people focus on simply breeding Koi carp because they sell for more. However the more people that breed koi, the more the price will fall and other fish will become more desired and will go up in price. Also, most Shubumkin are shipped in from abroad as there is a lack of UK suppliers.

How to Breed Shubunkin Goldfish

Breeding shubunkin follows the same methods as breeding Koi or other fish. For best results you will need to have 3 ponds, or at least a minimum of 2. You will need both male and female fish and they should be around the same size as each other in order to encourage spawning.

The most common way of breeding shubunkin is to provide one main pond with lots of features and shelter. When you notice the fish are spawning you will need to look out for the females that are pregnant. You can tell this by the appearance of the fish, as they will look generally fatter and larger at the bottom of their stomach. They will also start to seep the eggs, but if you can you should remove before this process begins. One fish can produce up to 100 babies depending on the size.

Remove your pregnant female shubumpkin and place into another pond. Then add a male fish of the same size in order for him to relieve the eggs from the female, and to fertalize them. You will see a slimy white substance coming from the male, this is what will fertalize the eggs. You need to make sure that you have sufficient water plants or an alternative in a shallower area of the pond where this can take place.

When the eggs have been laid and the male has fertalized them you can remove the male and female and place them back into the main pond. It is now that you will wait for your eggs to hatch and turn into tiny fry.

The diet is important and a natural food source is best. You will need a good balance of sunlight but not too much, and you will need to provide the baby fish with shelter where they can hide.

If you have a 3rd pond you can carefully remove the fry and move them into this pond. Here they will be given a chance to grow to a healthy size, and not get eaten by other fish in the main pond. The 2nd pond is then free once again for more spawning to take place. The best time to breed fish is between april and july.

If you only have 2 ponds then you can do it a slightly different way. Make sure that your main pond has plenty of water plants and shelter so that the eggs are not eaten by the other fish. You can add breeding strips to the pond, that look like oxygenating weed. The fish will automatically breed onto these, and once they have done so you can remove the strips and place into the 2nd pond. From here you will need to wait until the fish are of a reasonable size before placing them back into the main pond. If you do not have 2 or 3 ponds then you can still breed shubunkin, but you will need to use a fish spawning basket which is shown below.

Fish Spawning Basket - Pond alternative

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welby on November 01, 2017:

I just took all the weed from my pond after they laid eggs and put it in the other pond ,, now I have 200 babies ,, easy.