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How to Breed Mystery Snails

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How to Breed Mystery Snails

The first time I bought a couple of mystery snails for my aquarium the pet shop owner assured me that these snails would not reproduce so they were safe.

Other types of snails would reproduce and quickly fill your fish tanks with hundreds of unwanted snails. To get rid of them you might flush them down the toilet or if you were kinder let them go in a local stream. This last method may be kinder to the snail but could cause problems to the environment.

The mystery snail is a mystery because no one knew how they reproduced. They are larger than the typical snail and come in several pretty colors. My favorite is gold and this was the color of my snails.

Each snail was a little larger than the size of a nickel and I bought some for each of my fish tanks.

I had a assortment of small fish that would get along with each other but my favorite was the guppy. I kept the males and females apart and would carefully breed the ones that had my favorite colors. Once the female was pregnant I would place her in a small holding tank that was inside another aquarium. This way she could have her babies safely. The holding tank had small holes so the babies could escape as soon as they were born. Guppy mothers don’t recognizing their young and will eat them.

Mystery Snail Eggs

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Mystery Snail Breeding Solved

The tank where the baby guppies grew up is where I accidentally discovered how to reproduce mystery snails.

The water was kept at about 78 degrees and I had a plastic cover with small holes covering the top of the tank right below the aquarium light. This plastic cover was about a inch above the water and would stay wet on the side facing the water and the light above kept it really warm.

There was 2 or 3 mystery snails in this tank. One day I was surprised and pleased to see a large egg sack attached to the bottom of this plastic cover. I quickly realized that the snails must leave the water to find a good damp and warm place to put their eggs. They usually don’t like glass or metal so in a typical aquarium they would never find a good place to lay their eggs even if the water is low. So a plastic cover is good to use. I don’t know if the cover needs to have holes in it or not. You can try whatever you have and see.

Anything sticking out of the water that isn’t metal or glass might help your snails to reproduce.

Baby guppies are to small to harm the tiny snails once they hatch, so this fish tank was the best environment for them to live and grow. As the eggs hatched the snail babies would drop into the water. There is no need to move them elsewhere. The snail knows what environment is best for her eggs.

Once the snails grew to half size I called the pet shop and asked if they would like to buy them. They gave me fifty cents each, which was really good when you have a hundred of them to sell.

Mystery and Apple Snails for Sale

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