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How to Breed Guppies Like Crazy! (Part 2)

Here are a few of my babies.

Here are a few of my babies.

The Final 3 Keys

Let’s not beat around the bush…

Here are the final 3 keys to successful guppy breeding for profit:

Key 4: Consistent Levels

Consistent levels are extremely important when keeping fish. Whether we’re talking about temperature, pH, nitrites, nitrates, etc., all of these levels impact the health and well-being of the tank’s inhabitants.

To maintain good consistent levels, it is imperative that you test your water consistently. As discussed before, when starting a new tank, it is very important to test daily until things level out.

A high quality thermometer is also necessary. Make sure to test the thermometer for accuracy.

Way back when I first started breeding fish, I had some challenges. My fish kept dying on me. All my levels had evened out and I couldn’t figure out the problem. I probably killed somewhere around 15 fish. As it turned out, the thermometer wasn’t working and neither was the heater. Our summer was extremely hot so we had the AC on at all times- making matters worse.

Bottom line- KNOW YOUR LEVELS!

Key 5: A Healthy Breeding Group

Having a young, healthy, and sought after breeding group can be the difference between success and failure.

Do some research on the most sought after breeds. Figure out which ones are most profitable and then figure out if your climate and water levels meet the needs of the particular breed.

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When searching for a breeder from which to purchase your stock, do some research. Look at reviews, compare prices, and maybe ask around your social media network.

There are many online groups of breeders. These groups can be great resources. You can ask for advice, see if anyone knows a good breeder, and even get your name out there.

You will want to purchase 4 to 8 individual fish. I have found the most success with a ratio of one male to three females.

Key 6: A Good Quality and Variety of Food

When selling fish, you want to make sure that they will be able to eat any type of food that their new owner may feed them.

With this in mind, I typically feed my fish a mixture of live, freeze dried, pellet, and flake food. This one sure that the fish grow quickly and have a balanced diet.

Even though it’s more expensive, it is very important to purchase higher quality food. It is worth it in the long run. Higher quality food doesn’t have as much filler in it. It will help your fish grow stronger faster. Quality choices will also bring out more vivid colors and make your fish appear more vibrant.

Final Thoughts

These are just six keys to success. There are also other elements involved when keeping fish. I recommend doing thorough research to figure out what sells the best in your area. Interviewing local pet stores may be a good way to get some feedback on what sells and what doesn’t.

Best of luck!

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