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How to Breed Guppies Like Crazy! (Part 1)

Miranda is a fish breeder, writer and blogger, boasting over 50 written works and one published book.

Here are some of my guppies.

Here are some of my guppies.

Keys To Success

In my experience as a fish breeder, there are 6 basic keys that can lead to great success in guppy breeding and profitability.

Today we will discuss the first three.

Key 1: A Well Established Tank

Before diving in, you should first have a well established tank that has been cycling for at least 2 months. Tank sizes 10 gallon and up are most appropriate. I use 20 gallon tanks.

To cycle and establish a tank, I recommend getting fertilized aquarium gravel (for live plants)(We will talk about substrate in more depth later). You will also need a sponge filter, LED aquarium light, heater, and live plants.

Once set up, test and adjust levels. At first, test daily, then weekly after levels are stable for 4 days.

Next, you need to add a couple of cheap fish to help the tank finish cycling and become stable. I like to use danios such as the spotted or zebra danio. At first, only add two or three, after 3 weeks, add 3-5 more. DO NOT use goldfish for this phase. They produce too much waste which could lead to the destruction of all that you worked so hard to build. Be sure to continue to test the water.

The reason I don’t cycle with my guppies is that I purchase high quality stock. If they die or become stressed during cycling, the results could entail: less profit, abortion, and dead/sick fish. Not to mention all of the extra work.

Key 2: Tons of Plants

Aquarium plants are beneficial in several ways. First, they produce oxygen which helps keep fish healthy. Second, aquarium plants provide fish fry (babies) with cover so that they can hide from their parents. Adult guppies don’t know how to parent. They see their offspring as tasty snacks. As a result, plenty of hiding places are necessary.

Last, plants help remove many toxins from the aquarium water and substrate, making the tank a healthy place for our little gilled friends.

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There are many options out there. I recommend Hornwort, Java moss, and Java ferns.

Hornwort is a very dense and fast growing plant. It can either float or be planted in the substrate. It is very affordable and doesn’t require much light.

Java ferns provide big, thick leaves for little fry to hide in between. In my experience, they grow and spread pretty quickly under the right conditions. I have a Java fern which I purchased 4 months ago. It has grown 4 inches taller, twice as wide, and has even grown me 6 baby fern shoots.

Java moss is another great option. It can grow on logs and provide great cover for the fry. The only issue I have with it is that when you first place it in your tank it must be anchored very securely unless you want bits of moss all over the tank and stuck on the filter.


Key 3: Deep Substrate

A good substrate that is fertilized for live plants is 100% necessary.

I know it’s more expensive, but in the long run it’s going to save you money and heartache. Think about it, for the remainder of your tank life, you’re going to have to buy root tabs, fertilizers, and other chemicals. It can get quite expensive and time-consuming, considering you have to add these chemicals weekly and monthly. The second reason is that these chemicals can have a negative affect on your fish. All of those chemicals are not good for the raising of healthy fry.

As far as the amount of gravel that you will need, I like to have at least one section 4-5 inches deep somewhere in the tank. This strategy allows for better filtration and gives a good foundation for live plants to grow and spread. They need abundant root room to grow.

Gravel is my preference because it is easier to clean. Sand is very dusty and can make a mess when cleaning. Additionally, much of the sand can get sucked up when using a gravel vac. For profitability and convenience purposes, I choose gravel.

Planted Aquarium Substrate

These are just the first three keys to success in breeding guppies. Stay tuned for the second half of this article and more of Miranda‘s Maeham.

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    This is a continuation and the second part of a two-part article. Learn how to breed guppies like crazy. I make quite a bit of money selling guppies that I breed out of my two bedroom apartment. You can do it too!

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