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How to Become a Snake Catcher


A snake catcher is a job full of challenge and must be done with caution. If you want to be a snake catcher, you must have a passion for animals not only reptiles. Snake catcher is not a job for everyone but everyone can be a snake catcher. At least you need to be an adult, physically healthy and mature in the act. Also, it needs to be considered that this job needs to be considered that this job requires great responsibilities on how to handle snakes. A snake catcher can work to help research on snakes and reptiles or you can also help to deal with the snake population in a particular area.

There are two kinds of snakes which are venomous and non-venomous snakes. Venomous snakes for example cobra, rattle snakes and viper. Non-venomous snake for example boa and phyton. According to WHO (World Health Organization), there are more than 600 species of venomous snakes from 3000 species of snakes in the world and some of them can kill human in a matter of minutes. Not only venomous snakes are dangerous. Non-venomous snakes also can threaten public safety if they attack people. Non-venomous snakes can wrap around the person’s body firmly and the bites can present a considerable risk. So, both venomous and non-venomous snakes need to handle by a professional snake catcher. People who are not trained to handle a snake should avoid making contact with them. Call a professional snake catcher or snake catching service that is more competent to handle a snake.

Snakes are not good to be in the residential area, especially if it includes wild snakes. Wild snakes are snakes that normally live far from the residential area that usually rarely make contact with humans. Wild snakes sometimes can move into residential areas by a variety of reasons. The reasons could be due to climate change, mating season or habitat change either due to natural factors or changes in the environment because of humans involvement. Snake that moves into residential areas can be venomous and non-venomous and must be handled in appropriate ways. Snake catching service could be useful to help people to deal with snakes that threaten public safety. Snake catching service needs to have a team of reptile handlers including snake catchers. An experienced team of snake catchers can catch various types of snakes in any situations and environmental conditions such as in a grass garden, in pools or ponds, in a pile of woods or used goods.

a Burmese Phyton Snake - CC0 1.0 Universal

a Burmese Phyton Snake - CC0 1.0 Universal

There are some steps to learn and understand on how to become a snake catcher. Because being a snake catcher has its own challenges, a snake catcher candidate need to have all the criteria below:

- A snake catcher candidate must have a good knowledge about snakes

- A snake catcher candidate must have a love for the world of reptiles and animals inclusively

- A snake catcher candidate must remain vigilant and aware that the job always have risks

Catching a phyton - CC0 1.0 Universal

Catching a phyton - CC0 1.0 Universal

To reach the goal on how to become a snake catcher, at least you need to focus on the main things that every snake catcher needs to understand and learn. These principal things will help you to become a good snake catcher.

1. Learn about snakes and all kinds of reptiles

Not only you must learn about snakes even if you only love snakes but you also need to learn about all kinds of reptiles because it will help you to understand about snakes and where it comes from and how its relation with the world of reptile.

2. Learn from professional snake catcher.

You need to learn on how become a snake catcher from an experienced or professional snake catcher. They understand a lot about snakes and already have spent their time for being a good snake catcher.

3. Learn how to get a permit to become a certified snake catcher

To become a snake catcher at least you need a license or certificate which is usually issued by authorities. Before you get a license, you are required to complete all the requirements needed on how to become a snake catcher. Make sure that you are ready and have the enthusiasm to complete all the requirements.

To become a snake catcher, usually you must have a permit and or certificate depend on the authority that issued the permit on your location. Authorities that issued permit or certificate so that you are granted to become a licensed snake catcher usually have certain terms and rules. Each authority having different conditions of terms and rules depend on the location where you live or work but most terms and rules considering these conditions:

• You are 18 years old or over in age

• Already learn from pro snake catcher in certain times

• Have 1 or 2 written references from pro snake catchers

• Have any experiences on handling snakes in certain times (will be better if you have it at least over 2 years)

• Have first aid kit and understand about first aid, public liability insurance and personal accident insurance

• Have adequate equipment to catch a snake

• Have adequate facilities for housing the captured snakes

Man handling a snake with snake stick - CC0 1.0 Universal

Man handling a snake with snake stick - CC0 1.0 Universal

Most important tools for a snake catcher:

1. Snake Catcher Stick

There are various snake catcher tools and stick to catching and handle a snake. Using a snake catcher stick will make you easier to catch a snake. Also it’s more safe to handle a snake.

2. Snake Bag

Besides snake catcher stick, a snake handler needs to bring a snake bag to store the catch to be put into bins as containers later. Bins are usually placed on back of the service van or car.

3. Boots and proper clothing

Boots and proper clothing are necessary to wear. Boots are useful if in case you’re encountering a snake in close range. The boots can protect your feet from snake bites. Proper clothing also a good choice to make your body safer to handle a snake.

4. Treatment and Healing Kits

Treatment and healing kits are a must. To bring along treatment and healing kits with you while handling a snake is a must as precautions in case accident occur while you’re handling a snake.

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