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How to Become Friends With a Pet Hamster

Baby Black Bear Hamster. Black Bear Hamsters are a color phase of Syrian Hamsters.

Baby Black Bear Hamster. Black Bear Hamsters are a color phase of Syrian Hamsters.

How To Become Friends With A Pet Hamster

So you want to know how to become friends with a pet hamster. First of all let me give you a suggestion. Have you seen the new color phase of Syrian Hamsters known as Black Bear Hamsters. They are truly some of the most beautiful hamsters that you'll ever see. And when you keep a single adult Black Bear Hamster by its self you really can't ask for a more docile or friendly hamster. You want to be sure to start off with a hamster that is between 4 - 6 weeks of age which is right after it has been weaned from its mother.

When you get a hamster this young your starting off with a hamster that you should be easily able to make friends with. This won't always work if you go with an adult hamster. So you really should look to purchase a young just weaned hamster so you can become close friends with it and you'll have a hamster that will depend on you for all its needs.

Is a hamster the right animal for you to choose as a pet and animal friend? You should try to answer the below questions honestly so you'll know if a hamster is the right pet for you.

1. I have an ideal place for a hamster cage and I have space for a hamster.

2. I can commit to spending at least thirty minutes a day to being this hamsters friend and I really want this hamster in my life at this time.

3. If I purchase a Syrian Hamster I know it needs to be kept in a cage by its self because Syrian Hamsters fight if they are kept in the same cage.

4. I'm willing to commit to keeping my hamsters cage clean and I know I need to clean its cage completely at least once a week.

5. I know and understand I must be very careful not to drop the hamster because hamsters can suffer severe injury or death if dropped from only a few feet.

6. I know and understand that I can expect my hamster friend to live for 2 - 3 years if I take great care of it and provide for all its water and nutritional needs.

7. I'll be sure to continue to learn everything I can about hamsters so I can continue to provide excellent care for my hamster.

8. I know I'll need to provide my hamster with high quality hamster food and treats like fruits, vegetables, timothy hay and alfalfa.

9. I know that I should never give my hamster sweets, candy, alcohol, chocolate, apple seeds, or caffeine.

10. I know that if I notice my hamster with a wet tail or dirty tail that I should take it to a veterinarian for treatment as soon as possible or my hamster may die. I should locate a vet that treats small animals like hamsters as soon as I purchase my hamster. If I wait until I need a vet it may be to late.

11. I know that hamsters can catch colds from humans so I should always wash my hands before and after I hold, touch, or work with my hamster.

12. I know my hamster needs 2 - 3 inches of bedding in its cage and shredded newspaper is the best bedding for my hamster. Wood shavings are not really good for bedding for a hamster. The wood shavings as well as the oil in them can be harmful to my hamster.

13. I know that fresh chlorine free water and food should always be in my hamsters cage. A water bottle is the best way to provide fresh water to your hamster.

14. If I give my hamster fresh fruit or vegetables I know I should wash the vegetables and fruit well under cold running water before I give them to my hamster.

15. I know that my hamster needs to be kept between 60 - 80 degrees and that my hamsters cage doesn't need to be in a drafty area or under a ceiling fan. I know that hamsters catch colds easily. I also know not to place my hamsters cage in full sun.

16. I know that if I put a male and female Syrian Hamster in a cage together they are likely to breed and I will end up with baby hamsters. If I don't want baby hamsters I know I should keep male and female hamsters apart from each other.

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17. I know I need to provide my hamster with wooden chew sticks and a mineral block to be sure that my hamster can chew on them and keep its incisor teeth worn down. I know that hamsters teeth continue to grow all throughout their lives.

18. I know that I need to make sure that my hamster is going to try its best to escape and I should do everything possible to make sure that my hamster can not escape.

If you will read over those 18 questions and answers you'll be well on your way to knowing exactly how you should take care of your hamster.

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Black Bear Hamsters which is a color phase of Syrian Hamsters

Black Bear Hamsters which is a color phase of Syrian Hamsters

How To Become Friends With A Pet Hamster

The Syrian Hamster is a great hamster to keep as a pet as long as you keep it by its self. Syrian Hamsters are going to fight if you put them in a cage together. So be sure that you keep your Syrian Hamsters in cages by themselves.

You should always keep learning about hamsters if your going to be keeping hamsters. I've been keeping hamsters for over forty years now and believe it or not but I learn something new about hamsters almost every day. Recently I was in south Florida where I learned that there are now both Syrian Hamsters and Russian Dwarf Hamsters living in the wild. Please do not release unwanted hamsters or other animals loose into the wild. If you can't keep an animal of any type turn it over to a wild life officer or animal control.

Hamsters Make Wonderful Animal Friends

You couldn't ask for a much better animal friend than a hamster. Especially if you start off with a hamster that has just been weaned from its mother and the two of you get to know each other well. You should start off by offering it treats from your hand or palm for a few days and then scoop the hamster up into your hand and feed it treats and food right there in your hand.

Before you know it you and your hamster will be real good friends and your hamster will look forward to seeing you. You'll soon see it coming to meet you when you approach its cage. Its okay to put your hamster into a plastic hamster exercise ball but don't turn the hamster loose in the house because hamsters like to chew on wires and other things that they should not be chewing on.

You need to read and learn everything you can about hamsters. I've did many Hub Pages on hamsters and you should read the below Hub Pages if your going to be keeping hamsters.

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If you'll check out and read those Hub Pages on Hamsters you'll learn everything you could ever want to know about hamsters and how to care for them.

Hamsters can make wonderful friends for adults or children. But you need to start trying to make friends with the hamster when its young. You'll find that its very hard to make friends with an older hamster. Its not impossible but it won't be easy.

Keep in mind that you need to spend at least thirty minutes every day with your hamster. If you put a hamster in a cage and basically ignore it the hamster is not going to be happy and it will result in bad behaviors by the hamster. So be sure before you get a hamster that you have time for it.

From my own experience I think a child needs to be at least 10 years of age before they get a hamster. Especially if they are going to be taking care of the hamster and providing for most of its care. You can suggest that your child or children keep a journal about their hamster. Below are some great hamster coloring sheets that you can download and print off for your child or children to color.

Thanks For Reading My Hub Page On How To Become Friends With A Pet Hamster

I truly hope that the information on this Hub Page helps you to take care of your hamster and become friends with your hamster. If you have tips, suggestions, or comments please feel free to post them below. And thanks for reading this Hub Page. It is appreciated. I hope you'll share this Hub Page with your family and friends.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately.

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