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Dog Shedding: Reasons Behind, Tips & Solutions

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Dog Shedding: Reasons Behind, Tips & Solutions

Shedding in dogs: Shedding is natural in dogs to produce damaged and old hair by this legitimate process. Several incompatible elements could affect the frequency and amount of hair shed. Amount of sunlight, health, breed type, age, inner and outer temperature, hormones, nutrition, sex, and shedding season comprises those elements that affect shedding.

Hither, we will talk about some ordinary reasons that promote excessive shedding in dogs. It contributes a bit more to learn about the reason for excessive shedding in your dogs. As the solution and tips for minimizing or avoid shedding.

The reason behind Excessive Shedding

  • Shedding Season: In the old days when canines were still used as working dogs, we can assume the month when shedding dogs will increase. We can recognize these months as the shedding season of dogs. Especially, during spring and later in fall, we assume dogs shed most in these seasons. Dogs shed in spring to exchange winter coats for summer with lighter and shorter fur while in fall same for winter with a woolly protective coat. But, nowadays, dogs spend most of their time indoors under artificial light and shed during the whole year.
  • Health: In dogs, shedding is also caused by some health issues like ringworms, cancer, and skin diseases. Introduce your pooch to a vet for a medical checkup if you see something unusual with your doggy.
  • Nutrition: Nutritional issues represent equally significant elements that cause unnecessary shedding. Make sure your dog receives the proper diet to avoid excessive shedding. The diet your dog consumes must contain the ingredients like proteins, fats, fiber, minerals, and vitamins, etc.
  • Stress: Stress and anxiety can stimulate an intense amount of shedding in dogs. Panting, lethargy, aggression, yawning, tail between legs, and destructive behavior are some typical symptoms that your dog might suffer from stress.
  • Hormones: Several types of hormones can trigger uncontrolled shedding. These hormones comprise estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, growth hormone, and cortisol. An increase and decrease in any of these hormones trigger extravagant shedding in dogs.

There are many more reasons for extreme shedding in dogs but these five elements are the most frequent causes of shedding in doggies.

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Tips and Solutions

  • Enough fresh-water supply to dogs: Provide your dog with maximum freshwater supply because lack of enough fresh water leads to dry skin and dehydration and causes uncontrolled shedding.

Regularly Brush dog with shedding Brush:

Best shedding dog food:

  • Generate a stress-free environment: An abundant amount of shedding is also caused by stress. Find out the reasons behind your dog’s stress and extract them to make your dog healthy and stress-free. Stress can be caused by different origins like unfamiliar people, unknown pets, illness or pain, new places, harsh noises, etc.
  • Prevent fleas and allergies: If you observe any kind of flea allergy in your pet then take him to a vet instantly for proper treatment. Allergies can cause instant scratching in dogs that lead to excessive hair fall.
  • Consume Olive oil to reduce shedding: Olive oil is a chief source of omega-3 fatty acids that keep dogs' fur shiny and healthy. You can directly include olive oil in your dog’s diet.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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