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Sehar is an animal lover who loves to spend her time learning about pet animals and watching their crazy, hilarious videos.


We all agree that pets, especially cats and dogs, perk up our mood by being the endearing and cuddlesome creatures they are. But do you know they also come with numerous benefits that make our lives better?

In this article, you will learn how owning a pet is beneficial for us in five different ways.

5 ways pets make our lives better.

1. Pets help alleviate stress, anxiety and depression. Taking them outside for a walk daily is not only beneficial for them, but for us humans as well. Stepping out of our homes into an open environment gives us breaths of fresh air which lifts our mood and improves mental health. Also, regular walks help us to become more active. Other than that, playing or interacting with dogs increases oxytocin production and raises levels of serotonin & dopamine. As a result, our blood pressure and levels of cortisol (a stress-related hormone) decrease.

2. By being affectionate, loyal and consistent, pets provide us support and companionship which help ease the feelings of isolation and loneliness. Fondling them not only makes them feel better and relaxed, but it also fulfils our human touch needs. When we feel isolated, the unconditional love they provide can be incredibly soothing for us.

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3. Pets help encourage exercise. Walking is a type of cardiovascular physical activity. Thus, the benefits of walking every day with our lifelong companions are not limited to reducing stress. It also builds up stronger muscles and bones, plus improves cardiovascular fitness. Moreover, indoor exercises are more fun with dogs. They even bug us to stick with our routine in case we are unwilling to workout or use energy.

4. Pets make us better people. The unconditional love they give makes us shower them with the same love too. This increases our strength of love, consequently lowering our aggressiveness. This helps us in many ways like exhibiting less violent behaviour or interacting with people in more positive ways because we become more patient, affectionate and responsible. They also teach us loyalty.

5. Pets offer a sense of security by keeping us safe. Dogs have a natural instinct to protect their homes and families. Their heightened senses of hearing and smelling help them detect things we human beings are unable to. This way they alert the owners of possible dangers by barking or growling. Being the extraordinarily loyal creatures they are, they won't think twice before putting themselves in danger to protect us.

Over to you! Do you have pets? What benefits do you get from them?

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