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How Can We Stop Animal Cruelty

"Oliver" Dressed in his Bow Tie.



Animal Cruelty World Wide.

It has to stop SOONER rather than LATER.

We were sitting out on our deck looking out over the River watching 2 dogs swimming, they were having a wonderful time, It started me thinking how very lucky we and those animals are, 28 degrees, light winds. Shorts and T shirt weather. My mind started to wonder to less fortunate folks and animals.

The more I thought about the animals the madder I got. The ones that came to mind were PUPPY FARMS, WHALES, BEARS, LIVE EXPORT ANIMALS. There are many, many more, such as Fighting Dogs, Cock Fights. The list is almost endless !

These are my personal thoughts and opinions and I do not profess to know a lot about the in's and out's of the cruelty to the above animals in the way that they are grossly mistreated.

Just the fact that it had to be written down and try to make folks aware of the plight of these abused animals all over the world.


At this time I have chosen NOT to put photographs of these long suffering animals on this hub. We are just trying to make people aware of the abuse that is happening to our animals day in day out, not just in Australia, but all around the world.

The photographs in this hub are of animals that we know well and see on a daily basis in our area and we can see that they are well cared for . The first one is our "Oliver" who did not come from a Puppy Farm or Pet Shop. We think he is extremely handsome and oh so very spoiled. No bias here. :) :)

Puppy Farms

We went to an actual Puppy Farm not all of them will let you on their property and you have to make an appointment (we did not go to buy, just to check it out ).
The puppies they showed us were all beautiful.

Questions we asked. "May we see the mum and dad?".

Answer: "Not today mumble,mumble". OK.

Question: "May we see the accommodation that they live in?"

Answer: "No They are being cleaned today".

It just went on and on with no palatable answers, but a hell of a lot of question that we were getting nowhere with.
From what we have heard and seen the mums are never bathed or have their injections, no cuddles, very little human contact, only when necessary, live and breed in cardboard boxes, lined with dirty newspaper on concrete floors.

These mums are making a lot of money for the owners and are bred until they can longer produce a litter, then disposed of in a manner the owner sees fit ! Disgusting !

Pet Shops

Many Puppies sold in Pet Shops come from Puppy Farms and are sold at exorbitant prices.
They are not always healthy, they could have worms, fleas, ticks, skin irritations, underfed, taken away from their mother way to early.

NOT buying from a pet shop, may help in the long run to stop Puppy Farming altogether. We can only hope that people looking to buy a puppy,kitten,any animal for that matter get the message that a large number of the mums and dads of these beautiful little animals go thru hell to line the breeders pockets,plus satisfy our needs, so that we can have a cute fluff ball that eventually grows up and may loose a little of it's cuteness, What happens to them then.

Maybe there are some Puppy Farm Breeders that take better care of the mums, dads and puppies with such things as clean and dry bedding, fresh water, adequate food and medical attention, but as yet we have not seen or heard of any, which is pretty dam sad.

Before we moved up here, while shopping once or twice a week, we would call into the pet shop, just checking it out.

One particular hot day, it was over 40 degrees.

Noticing that all the water bowls were either empty or tipped over. The young lady greeted us with a big smile and asked if she could help us.

Yes you may, ( by this time we were furious). Yes you could please start by filling all the animals water bowls, she humored us and went and did exactly that, but you could see by the look of thunder on her face, that she was not at all happy with us, can't win them all, but we were happy that all the animals had fresh, clean water :) :)

Cruelty to Bears.

Unfortunately there are many, many bears being brought up in small cages, with hardly enough room to stand, not given proper food, medical treatment, exercise.

As far as I know it is not happening in Australia, but it sure is in other countries. They are being trained with a stick or whip or tied up in such a cruel way until they submit and loose all their ability to defend themselves, just so they can entertain paying customers like you and me.

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They are also used as bait for fighting dogs, Plus other horrible stuff !
Some of the bears are slowly being rescued, treated and nursed back to health, unfortunately there is never enough money to buy them from these cruel people, plus purchase a safe environment, food, medical supplies and pay carers to look after them as they should be!

Whales enjoying their natural habitat.

Cruelty to Whales

The way in which the Japanese are slaughtering these magnificent animals is deplorable.

"In the name of science" !!! Please give me a break !!!.

They have enough Whale meat stored in freezers to feed the whole country for years. They seem to be treating the rest of the world with such contempt, thinking we are all stupid, or maybe we are afraid of upsetting them for some unknown reason, If the later is the case, then we should all share some of the blame and be ashamed of ourselves.

Our Whales are dying in a horrific and painful way. It is so very wrong. And what is worse we are allowing it to happen!

Steers. Being fattened for market.

Brown Steer.

Brown Steer.

Ewes and their Lambs

Mother sheep with baby lamb

Mother sheep with baby lamb

Cruel Live Animal Export.


Beef and Sheep

We are led to believe by the authorities that these animals are well looked after by, vets, keepers. They are well fed and watered, dry bedding, while and after being loaded on the ships here, and throughout their whole journey, as well as their off loading and delivery to customers in other countries. Also making sure that these animals DO NOT suffer unduly during the slaughtering process.

From what we are seeing and hearing this is not happening, after arriving in these countries they are being poked and prodded with electric sticks, kicked, knocked to their knees, unable to walk, some are stuffing sheep in the boots of their cars, and a multitude of other cruel methods.

Looks like we are lacking big time in our duty of care, If this is the case we have one hell of a lot to answer for.

SHAME on the AUTHORITIES that SHOULD be taking care of these ANIMALS.

Cruelty on Facebook

We saw a photograph on Facebook recently, (It has been there several times actually) where a young man was pouring what appeared to be alcohol down a tiny puppies throat. That image made me feel like throwing up.

Surely the management of that site knows the identity of where that photo came from?

Do they not have a duty of care to pass that information on to the Animal Welfare Authorities Police or which ever authority that can do something about it ( Anonymous if need be) where this person can explain his actions.

If it was alcohol he should then be charged,convicted and never be allowed to own or associate with animals for as long as his B-- points to the ground. Sometimes using the Invasion of Privacy act is just an excuse to not get involved?

Cruelty to Animals

As I said at the beginning, these are my personal thoughts and opinions.

Maybe they are right, maybe not. Something that I do know is that CRUELTY to any ANIMAL is NOT acceptable in any way, shape or form.

There is just no reason or excuse for being cruel to ANIMALS. :) :)


oliversmum (author) from australia on March 30, 2014:

CharronsChatter. Hi. It's nice to meet another that is also against Cruelty to all Animals. Thank you so much for your lovely comment,thumbs and sharing,it spurred me on no end. :) :)

Karen Robiscoe from California on March 29, 2014:

I, too, am a staunch animal advocate. Bless your heart for this important HUB. Thumbed everything--sharing to FuhBeebs...

oliversmum (author) from australia on November 30, 2013:

SweetiePie. Hi. Yes unfortunately there are a lot of folks out there that need a pretty harsh lesson on how to treat all kinds of animals. Cruelty to animals has gotten way out of hand. Thank you for your comment and the share. :) :)

SweetiePie from Southern California, USA on November 29, 2013:

I love animals and think we need to treat them better. I will share this hub.

oliversmum (author) from australia on October 16, 2013:

Alexander Mark. Hi. That,s good. Was beginning to think that I was the only slow coach. :)

No We are glad you mentioned the skinning. There are just so many species suffering horrific suffering and pain, The more that are mentioned, the more aware we will be. It is easier to think about the well cared for animals, rather than the one,s that are not, but they still pop into my mind on a daily basis. Thanks for you comment. :) :)

Alexander Silvius from Portland, Oregon on October 15, 2013:

I am always slow these days in answering comments too :-) I wondered if I should mention the skinning or not, it's traumatic to think about even because we empathize with animals so much. But it seemed appropriate. Life is harsh for some animals and human children and it's hard not to get enraged. I try to think about the animals that do have good homes and enjoy the protection and love of good owners like you.

oliversmum (author) from australia on October 15, 2013:

Alexander Mark. Hi. My apologies for the delay in answering your comment.

Yes bears are brutally treated in such a way that they lose their spirit, where once they were a very proud animal, after being treated with such cruelty they are completely broken and have nothing left.

Some humans, although I hesitate to call them that, are just sick, selfish, greedy and despicable.

Animals do not treat each other like this.

They hunt to eat, get a bit stroppy around mating season. That is what nature intended.

No I didn't mention how the Whales are slaughtered (it is so very upsetting). Harpoons are used, as well as other means, It's such a painful, horrific and slow death.

Thanks for the YouTube link. I did watch it and hope others watch it as well, before they choose whale meat on their menu.

I have not seen any videos of dogs and cats being skinned alive, it's beyond belief. (somehow I don't think I could watch it).

Thank you so very much for your comment and the interest you are taking in our animals that are being so cruelly treated. :) :)

Alexander Silvius from Portland, Oregon on October 14, 2013:

I did not know about bears being a trade even, it's incredible to me that such a ferocious and dangerous animal can be abusively broken to the point they are unable to defend themselves. I have seen horrible videos of cats and dogs skinned alive for meat, it is absolutely sickening, image of hell and it tears me up to even think about it. Humans are wicked beyond belief. I would like to add something to your hub - you didn't mention how whales are killed. I wouldn't be so incensed about whale meat if I didn't know how it was done and it is an ugly process too. There is a comedic australian beer ad that illustrates the point nicely if you're so inclined: where a gentleman walks into a sushi restaurant and asks for the "full whale experience."

peachy from Home Sweet Home on October 11, 2013:

u agree that we should stop those evil hunters from hunting down these animals. Domestic or wild, they are God's creative just like us.

oliversmum (author) from australia on October 11, 2013:

AliciaC Hi. Some folks believe that being cruel to Animals is their given right, well Newsflash to them, It is not and never will be. These abused animals cannot stand up or protect themselves against their abusers in most cases, so kind and caring people have to try and do it for them.

We do have incredible brains, but unfortunately some either don,t know how to use them or have just mislaid them along the way, which is sad and a waste.

We humans can be extremely cruel to each other. I find it hard to comprehend why and how some can hurt, even kill another human being.

Thank you so much for you great comment, It is very much appreciated.

If this hub makes people aware of the cruelty our animals are suffering, and they do what they can to help stop it, then that is a start. Thank you again. :) :)

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on October 11, 2013:

Thank you so much for creating this hub and for publicizing the plight of animals, oliversmum. Animal cruelty is a topic that I am very concerned about (as well as cruelty to humans). I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the ability of humans to be cruel to others. Human beings have the most advanced brain of any creature on Earth, yet some humans treat animals and other humans with horrific cruelty.

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