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How a Dead Snake Killed an Entire Family - Real Story

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Well if you started imagining huge anacondas and pythons after reading the story title then I won't blame your imagination. After all it were those Hollywood reptile movies that made our scary dreams even more scarier including the dark lord Voldemort who commanded the serpents in Harry Potter.

In this real encounter a family on a camping site in Australia will come across one of these creepy crawlers and witness a tragic incident that will put an end to their whole family. Before I begin telling you this story, I wish to put that snake phobia to the test with the below video. Make sure you watch it before you continue reading any further.

Facing your Fear of reptiles - The Ophidiophobia nightmares

Fear of snakes is one of the most common phobias found among humans coined by the term Ophidiophobia. The tingly feeling is so scary that even by having a thought of it, one can have a hair raising experience.

The first snake encounter ...

This is a tragic story of Smith family living in suburban area of Sydney. The smith family consisted of their 6 year old daughter Lily and 7 year old son Noah who lived happily with their mom and dad in Australia. Being born to a adventure loving couple, Noah and Lily were very adventurous and would often venture in their backyard to find new insects and huge trees, butterflies were their favorites but since it is Australia the land of venomous snakes and spiders, their mom Mrs Smith often refrained to let them play on the outside without her or her fiance's supervision.

Generally snakes won't make their way into local inhabitants and avoid human interaction due to their shy nature which to human interpretation is nothing but a psychology of fear and getting bitten by the snake, as a result the two species often avoid any interaction.

huge carpet python hanging from the base of the roof top in the garage

huge carpet python hanging from the base of the roof top in the garage

It was the spring time in Australia and the Smith family had just returned from another adventurous holiday at their Grandmother's house in Melbourne. Their house was a total mess and needed some spring clean action. While Lily helped her Mom clean the house, Noah and his Father went on to clean the Garage.

The Smith family never did expect that they will encounter such horrors when they open the Garage doors....

While carefree Noah and his father were checking on their garage, Noah saw something move on the roof-top base. To their horrors on a closer look they saw a huge carpet python crawling back to the roof with a bird in its jaws, while frightened Mr Smith was quick to move Noah away from the snake's reach, curios Noah who had taken part in snake camp during his last year school excursion was interested to know more about the crawler.

While the snake had left with its meal, The horror of witnessing a snake continued as It was family's very first snake encounter in Sydney. Worried Mr and Mrs Smith immediately made sure to cover the rooftops and their backyard with all sorts of rubble to keep snakes away from inhabiting them.

How to Keep Snakes away from your Backyard

Even after spending several dollars on snake repellent products, glue boards and fences in their backyard, Mrs Smith was still too afraid to let kids play in their favorite hangout spot. Mrs Smith was quite brave but whenever things came down to her kids, she was always overprotective of them and wouldn't compromise their safety and well being.

Saying so few months passed away and the family had forgotten the reason behind staying indoors for a while as they decided to get back to their usual selves by planning a picnic as the kids had gotten quite frustrated with the solitaire environment at home.

Smith's had gloomy weekends after the incident

Smith's had gloomy weekends after the incident

The Horror strikes back...

While the Smith family had forgotten about their first snake encounter at home, the fear still lingered somewhere in their hearts. However for kids they were afraid of no one and continued their high spirits for the picnic.

While Mrs Smith preferred to go to a crowded place to safeguard from her fears, their nearest camping destination was super crowded and kids hardly liked it. Seeing Mrs Smith and kids quite upset, especially Mrs Smith who had trouble sleeping at night after the traumatized event in the garage, Mr Smith decided to cheer them up by taking them to his favorite secret spot near cox's river.

Little did they know that this will be the last time they will be spending their time together as a happy family

Fear gets the worse out of Mrs Smith - "I will Kill all of you"

Mr Smith's decision to take the family to one of his favorite spots near cox's river worked brilliantly as everyone was mesmerized by the serenading calm waters and the fresh air and greenery surrounding the spot.

Delighted Noah and Lily were quick to change into their swimming costumes and jump into refreshing waters as their parents followed them in as well. While enjoying the calming waters Mr and Mrs Smith started reminiscing the moments they first met in Melbourne and the beautiful journey they traveled together as life partners. While the parents were busy reminiscing their old memories, the kids got out of the water and started venturing into nearby bushes where they stumbled upon a snake's nest.

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Kids discover a snake's nest near the cox's river

Kids discover a snake's nest near the cox's river

Noah and Lily having been to a snake camp during their school excursion were not afraid of the snake offsprings crawling the nest. Thrilled Lily grabbed one of the snake offsprings as a souvenir to keep in her backyard as pets and kept it safely in her picnic basket.

Since the snake offsprings were of a tiger snake, the brooding mother tiger snake soon showed up near her nest. Sighting the intimidating size of the mother python the kids were a bit frightened but the huge tiger snake didn't make any move towards the kids. However when Mr and Mrs Smith found out that kids were missing they immediately rushed to find them.

Australian Tiger Snake

The gruesome killing ....

Worried Mrs Smith while desperately trying to search for her kids stumbled upon the terrifying sight of huge tiger snake intimidating Noah and Lily. Mrs Smith without any second thoughts grabbed a couple of vine branches and charged towards the snake to protect her kids.

In a single decisive moment of crisis Mrs Smith's fear of snakes brought the worse out of her as she brutally killed the huge female tiger snake with the vine branches without caring for her own bleeding hand and pain. Both the kids and Snake offspring's were terrified at the gory scene as the offspring's started moving out of their nest while the kids were screaming frantically.

In a moment of desperation Mrs Smith even killed the Tiger snake's offsprings as well

While fighting the huge aggressive tiger snake, Mrs Smith became a little wild and lost her sanity as she moved in to kill the dead tiger snake's offsprings as well, shouting "I will kill all of you, so that you won't terrorize yet another family".

It was only after Mr Smith's arrival that Mrs Smith calmed down and comforted her traumatized kids as the whole family left the spot immediately. The family first went to hospital to treat Mrs Smith's wounds and kids as well for any possible snake bites. They had their dinner at a local restaurant and went to bed early to forget the traumatized events that took place near cox's river.

Huge Tiger Snake

Beginning of the End

The next day the Smith family woke up super happy and rejuvenated as if they were relieved from a horrific nightmare. The kids were excited to go to school and tell everyone about what happened yesterday during camping as their mom made breakfast for them.

Everyone had forgotten about the traumatizing snake encounter from yesterday's camping trip near Cox's river, but unfortunately they had sheltered the very thing that will put an end to their family just like Mrs Smith did to that of female tiger snake and her offsprings.The snake offspring that Lily picked up from the snake nest yesterday was resting safely inside the picnic basket while it stood still in the kitchen cabinet, in fact it was fate that gave the snake offspring a chance to survive and take revenge for its family.

After the Snake killing incident the Smith Family thought their nightmares were over but they never did imagine such an end to them, A brutal one indeed !

The tiger snake offspring somehow made an exit from the basket but fell straight into hot boiling milk kept in a pan below it, The hot milk killed it instantly resulting in the milk being contaminated with the dead snake's poison.

Unaware of the fact that the milk was contaminated with snake's poison, Ms Smith gave the milk to her kids Noah and Lily who after drinking the milk left for their school in their school bus. However when it was Mr Smith's turn to go to office, he and Mrs Smith decided to make some coffee that is when they discovered the dead snake floating at the bottom of the milk jug.

Mother handled the poisoned milk to the kids

Mother handled the poisoned milk to the kids

Dead Snake's Revenge...

Alarmed and terrified Mrs Smith told Mr Smith that the same milk was consumed by the kids, Horrified Mr Smith trembling with fear immediately rushed towards their kids school in hopes of rescuing them from the dead snake's poison but by the time he reached the kids were already dead.

Discovering the fact that his beloved kids Noah and Lily had succumbed to the dead snake's poison in the milk, Mr Smith suffered a severe heart attack and died on the spot. Meanwhile Mrs Smith who was almost half dead thinking about her kids safety had a flashback of how she had killed the entire tiger snake's family and realized it was god's punishment for her sins.

Taking the burden of her sins she drank the poisoned milk to end her life, a few minutes later she received the news of death of her fiance and kids Noah and Lily as she waited for her death to embrace her. In her dying moments she left behind a recording of what had happened and this is the documentation of the same under the title "How a dead snake killed the entire family" with fictional names.

This way the dead snake killed the entire Smith family

This way the dead snake killed the entire Smith family


Most of us wished that the story should have ended the moment Mrs Smith killed the snake and rescued her kids and that horrific part "Beginning of the end" should have never happened, but again things don't always go the way we wish for in life and such tragic incidents are a reminder of that.

The tough question

if you too had a similar encounter with the snakes then share them in the comments section below and if you are an ardent follower of amazing nature prints then check out Stephen Mahony's flabbergasting collection of wild shots.

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Bob on January 23, 2020:

Bullshit, this is presented like it is a true story, but it is clearly not.

Greg on February 05, 2017:

What a shocker !

AJ on December 09, 2015:

Sorry but that's the biggest load of BS I've read in a while full of over dramatisation and inaccuracies in in relation to Australian snakes, I would scarcely know where to start. Snakes should not be feared but respected!

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