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How Zoo and Aquarium Comments Affect Your Career

Peter is an independent international zoo consultant, critic and writer with over 50 years of work within zoos.


Most people are probably aware that their comments on social media play a large and increasing part in whether they are selected for interview when they apply for a zoo job. Today your social media comments are almost a secondary CV and a very important one.

HR are aware of the type of candidates they are looking for and equally aware of those they are not. HR will often (if they are good at their job) ask the Curator or Head Keeper to run a social media check.

It is estimated that today that some 90% of zoos and aquariums will run background checks through social media and some 70% of these will not pass muster.

This may explain why you were not chosen for the interview.

Professional Zoo Keepers will be on a number of zoo and aquarium Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter related groups. Not all of course will comment but will simply watch or like and follow. This is good and shows a commitment to learning. A social media presence is important and it is better to have one than to have not.

Where you do comment it is extremely important that you read the post in its entirety and understood it. Equally important is reading previous comments. Contribution of relevant information helps everyone and demonstrates knowledge. Nobody likes people who comment simply to see their name appear.

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With your private pages take care with your privacy settings. Think long and hard about postings you made in the past. You may well have learned more and changed your opinions but past postings don't just disappear on their own and have a habit of coming back and biting you.



Never criticise your past or current employers online. Such comments will negatively affect you and may follow you for the rest of your career.

Watch your spelling and grammar. Both are important and to some employers are especially so.

Your online activities will be scrutinized and anything offensive or argumentative will go against you. If you can't have a reasonable discussion with someone online then just bow out. It really isn't worth your time.

Bad Mouthing


Use social media with good intentions if you want to be considered professional. They say a little bit of humor never goes amiss. Sadly though there are people out there who don't find anything funny.

Especially important are social media photographs. Others may post them of you. If they show you drunk or in an uncompromising position then this could be a problem in the future. Your future.



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