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How to Stop Mice From Chewing Wires in Your Car

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Mice Chewing Up Car Wires - A Big Problem

It happens to a lot of people, and some more than others depending on where you live - mice or rats that get under the hood of your car, they make a nest and chew up wiring. This can be a huge problem because it could cause a check engine light, prevent the car from starting, its unsanitary, and worst of all its very expensive to fix electrical issues when mice chew up the wires under the hood of your car. I've dealt with this problem on more than a few occasions and researched ways to prevent mice from chewing up cables in your car. At one point, a group of mice ate the wiring in my car and it wouldn't start, when I took it to the dealer the cost to fix the wiring cost about $1200 which was a very painful reality. After doing research and trying certain things, I've learned various ways of keeping mice away from your car for good. These are non-toxic ways to keep your car safe from rodents.


Ultra-Sonic Pest Control Rodent Repellent

This is one of the best ways to keep rodents away from your car in general, its easy to install because it just goes under the hood of your car or near the place where you park your car, its non-toxic of course, and you won't even notice that its there because it doesn't make noise that humans can hear. This device is small and inexpensive and it works by sending out ultra-sonic sound waves that only rodents and insects react to. It does a great job of stopping mice from chewing up wires in your car. It is completely pet safe, so don't worry this isn't something that is going to bother your dog or cat. Amazon has some great deals on these ultra-sonic pest control devices and people have given great reviews on ultra-sonic rodent repellent devices by saying that they really do work. I also have 1 for each of my cars and I am no longer having problems, so if you haven't tried this it could save your car in the future.

Ultrasonic Device Keeps Mice Out Of Your Car

Rodent Repellent Sprays That Deter Mice and Rats

Other than ultrasonic pest control devices, there are also rodent repellent sprays that will deter rodents and prevent infestation in vehicles. They are non-toxic and not harmful to humans, dogs or cats, but they do a great job keeping rats and mice away from your vehicle. These rodent repellent sprays are best to use under the hood of the car and they do a great job of keeping rats away from electrical wiring. One of the most common issues with rodent infestation in cars is wiring being chewed up. This recently happened in my friends brand new Range Rover, which supposedly already has rodent retardant, and they ended up chewing up wires that were sensors to the air intake and other sensors as well. This bill ended up being around $1200 and of course it is not covered by warranty because it was caused by rats. It could have been a lot worse, but luckily we noticed the problem before they got to anything else. Rodent repellent spray proved to be a great way to avoid this problem and it doesn't leave a smell and it is not toxic.

Using Mouse Traps To Kill Mice

Another popular way of controlling the population of mice around your house is the use of mousetraps. Mouse traps can be a very effective way to deal with rodent infestation. A word of warning though, try to get the safer ones that are plastic because mousetraps can be dangerous when setting them up. Its also really important that you place mousetraps in safe areas where someone won't accidentally step on it and if you have a pet, make sure that the mousetrap is placed in a spot where your dog is going to mess with it. If you do use mousetraps, the best bait to use is cheese, or peanut butter around the cheese. I have experienced incredible results with almond butter too, mice can't resist it and I usually attract a lot more mice when using almond butter in the mousetrap.


Kenneth Avery from Hamilton, Alabama on May 23, 2018:

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Stuart -- what great thinking. Rats! I wish that I had written this hub about preventing mice. I did though write a hub about m aunt Wavolene, who placed several mayonnaise lids filled with soda pop in her house and she killed a gang of mice who were trying to take over her flour and meal.

You see. Mice cannot burp (how she found this out sounds like she did Black Ops posing as my aunt) so when they fill-up with Pepsi, they choke and no more mice.

I am still in awe.

Hey, nice going. Keep in touch with me.

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