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How To Maintain Proper Hygiene In Your Cats?

Ronald is a pet healthcare expert who has worked in the animal healthcare industry as a Pet Healthcare Writer for around 3 years!

Maintaining proper hygiene is extremely essential, especially in today’s world. And this does not only apply to all humans, but it needs to be done for our beloved pets as well. Good hygiene is the epitome of good health and a longer lifespan, and thus, its very crucial and imperative that we try our best to maintain proper hygiene in our pets. As much as good hygiene needs to be maintained in our dogs, the same applies to our cats as well. Although cats tend to clean themselves up from time to time, it is still important that as a pet parent, you take the necessary steps in order to maintain proper hygiene in cats as well. But how do you manage to do it? Well, for that, you’ll need to continue reading as I’ll take you through a proper guideline that will assist you in maintaining good hygiene habits in your four-legged felines.


Guidelines On Maintaining Proper Hygiene In Cats

Proper hygiene needs to be maintained in order to keep your feline in good health and away from illnesses and diseases. Following these below mentioned guidelines will aid you in this regard. So read carefully, and make sure you implement these in your cats!

#1. Regular Cat Scan

On a regular basis, you should thoroughly scan your cat for any abnormalities or any sort of disease. It is always better to be safe than sorry, isn’t it? Moreover, regular cat scans help in detecting problems (if at all any) quickly, so that they can be treated at their initial stages. Also, cat scans are very easy to perform and you can even do it two or three times a day as well. You’ll just need to run your fingers over your feline’s fur and check for any lumps or bumps on their body. Make sure to scan their ears, nose, mouth areas, near the tail, etc. A thorough body scan is necessary, that too on a regular basis.

#2. Frequent Grooming Sessions

To ensure your cat remains hygienic at all times, it is mandatory to perform frequent grooming sessions. Such sessions should include several things such as giving your feline friend a nice and warm bath, clipping and trimming of their paws, cleaning their ear canals and ear lobes, as well as brushing their fur coat. All these things are absolutely necessary, and as a pet parent, you should do them frequently. If you are capable enough, you can perform these all by yourself, but if you haven’t done it in the past, you can always seek professional assistance.


#3. Clean Litter Box

When it comes to cleanliness and good hygiene, it goes without saying that you must always keep your cat’s litter box clean and tidy. Yes, it may be an arduous task for you, but if you want your cat to be in a good hygienic space, it must be done at all costs. So make sure you clean the litter box regularly, preferably at least twice a day. Moreover, if you’ve got more than one cat, then it is highly recommended to get one litter box per cat. Yes, the cleaning will be immense, but it’ll be all worth it.

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#4. A Scratching Post

A proper and good scratching post is what cats really love because this helps them in relieving stress and anxiety, if and when they succumb to it. Moreover, providing them with a scratching post will also save you from all those damages to your furniture, flooring tiles, and all your essential belongings. Sometimes they can even be harmful to your cat, especially when they accidentally ingest some of the residues. Thus, if you want to be on the safer side as well as maintain proper hygienic habits in your feline friend, then make sure you get your kitty a much-needed scratching post such as Feliway Scratching Post.

#5. Time To Time Vet Visits

From time to time, it is important to take your furry feline for routine veterinary health check-ups even if your buddy is all hale and hearty. It is always good to go for routine check-ups because if by chance your cat is suffering from some ailments, it will get detected early and treatment can begin as soon as possible. Thus, regular visits to the veterinarian is an absolute must.


Final Thoughts

As stated earlier, maintaining proper hygiene in our pets is very essential, and as pet parents, it is our duty and responsibility to take utmost care of our four-legged buddies. So I hope the above good hygiene guidelines will aid you in keeping your furry four-legged felines safe and out of harm’s way. Stay safe and protected at all times, and continue to keep your munchkins safe and healthy as well. Cheers, take care!

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