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How To Keep Fish Safe While Bug Bombing

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Keeping Your Fish Safe From Toxic Fumes

My fish have been through a lot over the last few weeks, First a temporary move to my boyfriend's apartment, and then a move to my new place.  Unfortunately there were a few (hopefully dead now) problems. Roaches. In both apartment complexes.  I have recently set off 4 bug bombs all in the presence of 50 gallon freshwater fish tanks.  And I have learned how to keep my fish safe, while still providing them air to breathe.

I used bug bombs that required me to leave the apartment for a minimum of four hours, now I don't know if you have ever struggled to keep your fish alive during a power outage but they do not do very well without a working air pump, so shutting it off for that long of a time period is not really an option.  However, keeping it on while the room is being saturated with poisonous gasses isn't either.  

When ever I bug bomb, the first thing i do is put the air pump in an open box with a towel wrapped around it.  Keeping it in the box will assure that the towel does not cover the air intake holes on the pump. I have never accidentally done this but I am very cautious about this step because bug bombs are highly flammable and the last thing you want is your house/ apartment to get burnt down.

So now we can sit comfortably knowing the fish will be able to breath.  Place the Box under the stand with the doors shut for added protection.  Next I like to cover the top of the tank with a large blanket and turn the lights off to avoid a fire hazard.  I generally keep the filter running because it does not require air intake, however I encourage you to inspect your filter and to avoid covering major heat sources.  This step is crucial to the safety of your fish, during the last bug bomb I set off I had everything ready to go and forgot to close the lid on the fish tank.  After a couple of 50% water changes I managed to only have three casualties and all of my larger fish luckily recovered. Cover your tanks!

After you have shut off the lights, properly covered the air pump and fish tank you are ready to go! Try to avoid putting the bug bomb close to the fish tank if you don't have to, also don't forget to follow the rest of the instructions on the box, these generally include things like turning off the ac, and airing out the rooms for 30 minutes prior to reoccupying them.  Good luck, and If anyone else has any advice they would like to add, feel free to leave a comment!


Melissa on January 21, 2019:

Well if y have bug bombs going off i would buy a temperary small tank like a fish bowl and have a neighbor baby sit for y or take it to where ur staying

Fatima Z on July 26, 2015:

I'm thinking put my fish outside backyard but then again cats or birds or wild life will get him my baby blue moon betta :(

Johnd864 on July 16, 2014:

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Jlbowden on June 24, 2011:

Sounds good K:

Will keep an eye open for more of your articles. Take Care.

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k_rowedy (author) from Texas on June 24, 2011:

Thanks Bowden,

As you know I am new to hubpages so I have not published many yet, however keeping up with my fish tank is a big hobby of mine. I am currently writing a page about using sand instead of gravel and I am also making my own 3-d background so there will be a how-to page on that soon! If you are interested in DIY projects and keeping up with tropical fish in general (even though you have had past experience) it might be worth subscribing!

Glad I could help!

James Bowden from Long Island, New York on June 24, 2011:

Hello K:

Thanks for sharing this article with all of us here on hubpages. I am in the process of setting up a new fish tank environment. Something I haven't did since I was in school. If I ever have to bug bomb my home, I will make sure to keep your tips in mind. Fish are expensive to begin with and you don't want to spend additional cash on these fragile creatures if you do not have to. Again great info. and good luck to you on hubpages.


k_rowedy (author) from Texas on June 24, 2011:

Yeah it's no fun, I was looking at yahoo answers and everyone was saying "just take the fish with you."

But with anything larger than a 2 gallon that is out of the question.

I'm glad I could help! Good luck with the bug problem!

Eternal Evolution from kentucky on June 24, 2011:

Great tips, this is something I'll have to be doing soon.

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