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How I Housebroke My 9-Week Old Yorkie in 2 Weeks

I'm not saying this will be 100% effective for your Yorkie pup, but it sure worked on my Wes.

First I bought him a soft crate that was big enough for him to stand up in, but not big enough for him to get away from a mess if he made one inside it. It was about the size of for a cat carrier but soft and with a zipper front. Once I brought it home, I put a blanket in it and left it open, so Wes could explore it and lie down inside if he wanted. It was important that he didn't think that it was for punishment.

Now, I only feed him in the mornings for an hour and in the evenings for an hour (I usually have the food down while I'm getting ready for meals and eating). This gives him plenty of time to eat all of his food, and makes sure that he's not hungry or dehydrated while in the crate. Then (because he was so small) about 30 minutes after eating, I took him out (always the same door) and didn't bring him in until he did his business. I also ran and played with him to get some exercise and lovins in before leaving for work. And after he used the bathroom, I brought him back in and praised him with a small training treat.

Now, he stayed out, usually right at my feet, while I got ready for my day, but as soon as I left for work, he went into his crate. He cried and whine for the first few days because obviously he knew I was leaving, and it broke my heart, but it's necessary. My vet said to never put food and water in the crate while I'm gone because at a protest, he could throw it all over the place in there making a mess and making himself uncomfortable.

AS SOON as I got home, I picked up my pup, crate and all, and took it straight outside. I didn't open it until I got outside so that as soon as he stepped out, he was able to use the bathroom. He would play and such for a few minutes and finally pee a little out in the grass. Then I would bring him back inside and praise him for using the bathroom outside.

While I was home with him, I took him out every 2 - 3 hours (at the same door) and praised him it he used the bathroom. If you're going to be gone for more than 8 hours at a time, I suggest trying to have someone take him out in the middle somewhere just because puppies just can't hold it forever, and even though the theory is that they won't go where they have to sleep (which is why the crate works), there is a limit to how long they can hold it.

Now I'm not saying he didn't have his accidents in the first two weeks, he did, but whenever I saw him starting the hiking or squating movements, I scooped him up as quickly as I could and rushed him out to the grass (except that time we were upstairs, and I rushed him to the tub). And any time he went in the house, I scolded him and tapped (not spanked) him on the butt. I would also ignore him for about 10 minutes. His feelings would be hurt more than anything.

In about 2 weeks, he was going to the door that I had been taking him out of, and whining or barking to let me know that he had to go and not using the carpet.

I never did the pee-pad thing because I just didn't like them.

But yeah, that was it. About 6 months after he was housebroken, I didn't have to put him in the crate anymore when I left. I tried one day letting him roam the house to see if he could behave while I was gone (I was only gone for an hour), and when I came back, he was waiting by the door where I had kept his crate. Now I leave him out when I'm out, and he waits right there.



julia Wilson on July 09, 2014:

My 9 week old puppy was playing yesterday and today all he is doing is laying, not wanting to do anything

Sue on July 07, 2014:

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Are you kidding me ??? smack a puppy because he pissed or pooped in the house, let's try paying more attention to the puppy. It's your fault y the puppy is having accidents in the house. Hurt his feelings, Really you shouldn't have a dog. The puppy DOES NOT REMEMBER WHAT HE DID 2 MINUTES AGO.... PLEASE.

tasha on December 27, 2013:

How much did you feed Wes?

Danielle on November 19, 2013:

awe this is great! i can't wait ! thank you so very much

LoveWesTheBaby on November 02, 2009:

Tied up inside the house?

When he goes in the house he needs to be punished so that he knows it's a bad thing. I think rubbing their nose in it is disgusting and cruel. Just take him to it, show it to him, and sternly say no and/or spank his butt (not enough to hurt him, just hurt his feelings). Then when he comes to you and tells you he needs to go out, reward him after he uses the yard.

Inconsistent punishment and reward is the worst thing for training, so make sure you do it every time until he gets the hang of it and then you can taper it from treats and praise to just verbal praise to sometimes he gets a treat, sometimes he's praised, he's happy either way.

Other than that, I would suggest consulting with a professional trainer.

Jerricka on October 31, 2009:

My yorkie is almost 8 months and if he is tied up he will come up and let me know he has to go but if he is not tied up he will go behind the cotch or somewhere where i cant see him any suggestions?

Katie on June 29, 2008:

Wow, thanks for the potty-training advice! This should help me out a lot.

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