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Horse Coloring Pages


Horse Coloring Pages and Information

Do you love horses? I have created some special horse coloring pages just for you. I have grouped them into different categories to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for. You will find realistic and fun cartoon horse coloring sheets. There are also working horses (such as those working on a farm or at the circus or on the racetrack) to print out and color.

Picture credit: My own picture

To help you decide what color to make your horse, I have also included a coat color section and a markings section. But feel free to create your own color schemes and markings.

As a young girl growing up, I was absolutely fascinated with horses and ponies and of course wanted one of my own. I started a binder which was packed with all kinds of horsie stuff - pictures, poems, stories, lists, information, and drawings (done by all my friends and family members and me). It was a treasured possession. I still have that binder today. In fact, I am including some of the scanned and touched up pictures here in this article. If you (or your daughter / granddaughter) is just a little horse-crazy, why not start your own horse binder. You can print out the pictures here to start the collection!

You might also be interested in making some crafts or playing some fun games.

Oh, I never did get my own horse, but I did have riding lessons for a couple of years. And I still love them. They are such majestic creatures! I hope you enjoy your time here :-)

What are you looking for?

General horse coloring pages

Realistic horses

Horse coloring book

Cartoon horses

Lovely gifts for the horse lover


Your own horse coloring pages

Horse and rider

Your own miniature horse

Great gift ideas for the My Little Pony lover

Working horse coloring pages


Circus ponies / horses

Farm horses

What color will you make your horse picture?

Coat color

Coat markings

Other coloring pages

Mythical horses (unicorn, pegasus, centaur)

More Farm Animals

Can you suggest any more horse coloring pages?

Tony the Pony

pony picture

pony picture

Tony the pony - picture from my binder - click to enlarge

Coloring book

Realistic Horse Portrait

realistic horse coloring pages

realistic horse coloring pages

Portrait from my binder - click to enlarge (This pic was drawn by my friend, Jill)

Printable Bookmarks You'll Love

Buy this printable sheet of bookmarks for a a very reasonable price. Print them out as many time as you like, cut them out and maybe laminate them. Decorate with ribbons, lace, stickers, or gems then give them to all your horse-crazy friends.

Cartoon Horses

cartoon pony

cartoon pony

My own cartoon pony picture - click to enlarge

As part of my horsie phase, I bought the book, A Leg at Each Corner by Thelwell. This is such a delightful and funny book full of cartoons of horses and their owners. It sparked my interest in cartoon ponies, so I even drew some of my own (and put them in my binder).

Of course cartoons come in all different styles, so choose your favorite style, and consider adding some funny wording to the bottom of each picture. You could also have a go at drawing some of your own cartoons.

Foals / Colts / Fillies

sleeping foal

sleeping foal

My sleeping foal from my binder converted to a lineart - click to enlarge


Foal Coloring PagesOn this page all about baby animals, this section has some links to really cute baby horse coloring pages.

More Horse Coloring Books - for the dedicated colorist

Horse and Rider

Horse and Rider Coloring Pages

Horse and Rider Coloring Pages

My horse (in my dreams) - picture from my binder - click to enlarge

If you've ever dreamed of owning your own horse or pony, then these pictures are for you! Get out your pencils, crayons, or markers, and just imagine you with your own mount.

Riding a Horse

You'll love these fun games!


Fun Horse Games Are you looking for fun horse games? Here you'll find dress up games, riding and jumping games and games you can buy for your PC or Nintendo DS. There are also some games you can print on paper - mazes and dot to dots.

Your own miniature pony - to fulfil every girls' dreams

Horses were first domesticated thousands of years ago. They have been used in warfare by many cultures, as a method of transport - either by riding or pulling a carriage or cart, for farming, for entertainment (such as circuses, racing), and even as a replacement for guide dogs! You'll find lots of working steeds here (for battles, circuses, racing, horses drawing wagons or carriages, cowboys, and more)


harness racing

harness racing

My racing lineart - click to enlarge

Horse racing is a sport which was around in ancient Babylon, Greece, Syria, and Egypt. There are different types of horse racing, including flat racing, steeplechasing (over jumps), and harness racing (with a driver in a sulky). Different breeds of horses suit these different styles of racing.

Circus ponies / horses

\circus pony coloring pages

\circus pony coloring pages

My own circus pony lineart - click to enlarge

Circuses involving horses extend back as far as ancient Greece and Rome. In the 18th century, Philip Astley, the father of modern circuses, found that it was easier to stand on a horse's back when it was galloping in a small circle, so he made his ring 42 feet in diameter. One trick performed in circuses is "Roman riding" where two horses gallop side by side with the rider standing up with one foot on each one. Sounds scary to me - don't try this one at home!

Farm Horses

Farm Horse Coloring Pages

Farm Horse Coloring Pages

My farm horses lineart - click to enlarge

The horse was once used to help the farmer with many of his his tasks around the farm, such as pulling the plow and the harvester, and taking the produce to market. When the machine age came, the term "horse-power" was introduced to be the measure of the power of the engines.

more information about the pictures above and the coat colors

bay (CC BY 2.0)

body - light red-brown to dark brown

mane / tail - black

gray (CC BY 2.0)

body - black skin with white or gray hairs

black (CC BY 2.0)

body - black

chestnut (CC BY-ND 2.0)

body - reddish with no black

palomino (CC BY 2.0)

body - golden to tan to brown

mane / tail - white or cream

buckskin (CC BY 2.0)

body - yellowish to tan with a darker stripe along the back

mane / tail - brown or black

piebald (CC BY 2.0)

body - black and white patches

pinto (CC BY 2.0)

body - white and black or brown patches

blue roan (CC BY 2.0)

body - chestnut / reddish and white hairs evenly intermixed

red roan (CC BY 2.0)

body - black and white hairs evenly intermixed

More information about the photos above and the markings

star (CC BY-ND 2.0)

White mark above or between the eyes

stripe (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Narrow white stripe down the face

blaze (CC BY 2.0)

Wide white stripe down the face

bald face (CC BY 2.0)

Very wide white stripe extending past the eyes

pasterns (CC BY-SA 2.0)

White sock on the foot which stops below the fetlock

socks (CC BY 2.0)

White sock on the foot which stops below the fetlock

stockings (CC BY-SA 2.0)

White sock on the foot which stops below the fetlock

The Escher style borders on this page are courtesy of www.grsites.com

Feel free to leave feedback including links to more horse illustrations or if any of the links are broken. And please confess if you are horse-crazy like I was!

Can you suggest any more horse coloring pages?

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