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Home Aquarium: How to Care for Carpenter's Flasher Wrasse


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The Royal Flasher Wrasse, also known as the Angular Flasher Wrasse, is a vibrantly colored species of flasher wrasse originating from the Philippines. It is a saltwater fish and will need a little bit of extra care but as you have learned the basics of an aquarium you can go in for this fish to populate your aquarium.

It is one of the more colorful reef-safe fish. It is also a popular choice and you can buy it from your local aquarium fish shop. It will not harm invertebrates or corals that are housed in the tank. It is also one of the more peaceful Wrasses and can thrive in a community reef aquarium.

They are friendly fish, and not shy. They have been known to peck food out of the aquarists’ hands. Keeping these colorful fishes will add luster to your aquarium and when the tank is lighted, will add to the overall decor and beauty of the room you decide to keep the aquarium.

The scientific name for the fish is Paracheilinus carpenteri.



Once you have made your decision, you will need a large enough tank. Though some recommend a 20-liter tank, yet in my view, you need to go in for a 36-liter tank which can be sealed with a removable glass lid. This is important as the fish has the tendency to jump up and may well fall out of the tank.

The fish grows to a size of about 3 inches and has a lifespan of about 4 years. This is reasonable and the fish is also large enough for the younger boys and girls in the house to watch it cavort and play. It is carnivorous fish and it's a great pleasure to feed it.

Now I come to the important part. As it is a tropical fish you will have to keep the water temperature between 25-27°. You will also have to keep the PH level of the water between 8.1-8.4.

The fish as I have mentioned are carnivores and not shy and will often snatch food from other inmates. They are fast eaters and you will need to ensure the rest of your aquarium are getting their share of the diet. Among the foods that you can buy for your fish are Flake, liver, and frozen food.

Once you have brought the fish from the shop, put it in water for some time for it to acclimatize. After about an hour catch the fishes in a net and slowly introduce them to your aquarium. Watch for some time how the fish behaves.

This fish is one of the most interesting fish in the aquarium. Its bright colors will attract your eye every time you look at the tank.


Last word

Apart from the two points, I have mentioned earlier the level of maintenance required for the upkeep of the fish can be termed as "easy."

You will need to distinguish between male and female species. Male Carpenter's flasher wrasses are usually reddish-orange to yellow with a yellow to the white underside. The dorsal rays are prolonged, and the fish's color deepens during courtship. Males are slightly larger than females ( this is an important observation). Females are generally paler in color and almost entirely white ventrally. You will have to keep track of them and keep track of the result of their mating. If you play your cards well you can breed this fish and that will give you, your kids, and your family great joy.


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