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His Close Friends Call Him Nibiru

I Call Him Nibs

He likes to chill and look out the window at his domain, he's pretended to be asleep but I know better.

He likes to chill and look out the window at his domain, he's pretended to be asleep but I know better.


When I first met him he wouldn't even have made good fish bait, he was scrawny. He, his brother and Mom lived in the alley way next to my apartment and we would see each other as I left for work in the morning and returned home in the evening.

Then one rainy day about seven months ago I came home to see 'fish-bait' sitting on my step in the rain looking miserable and wet and I knew instinctively tragedy had struck. He was skinny but clearly at an age that he still needed mommas milk. His brother wasn't around and that wasn't a good sign and no sight of momma, hmmm!

I told him if he could make it up these long big steps on his own he could at least eat a meal and plot his next move on a full stomach, he was down to that. The steps weren't a problem at all and that is how Nibiru and I met.

After about two weeks of hanging out and eating dinner together he had practically moved in. We was chillin' as the males of our species will do and I asked him . . .

What should I call you?

He got a quizzical look on his face and for a moment I didn't think he was going to answer me but he finally said Nibiru.

I was a little taken aback by this and said . . .

First of all what do you know about Nibiru and further more most people barely know how to pronounce Nibiru let alone know what it is, you'll be subject to ridicule, laughter and a trip to the house of pain.

He blithely ignored the Oingo Boingo reference and explained to me that because I enjoy the topic so much it would be the only fitting name and that it was his way of saying I got your back, which was really cool.

You really have to respect folks that do something nice for others and expect nothing in return!

Besides it lends itself to so many really good nicknames

• Nibirurenski- In search of

• Nibenstien- Casual greeting

• The Nibster- Glad to see ya

• Nibbles- Up close and personal

• Nibs- Chillin'

He's still a little scrawny and I'm always encouraging him to eat more but he never does, now if I'm eating something it's a different story. Seems he likes Zingers which is clearly a sign of good taste and he is more of a chicken than fish kind of guy.

One day he told me that he had been sent to help with my spiritual balancing. This is when he lectured me on the role his species has had to do with the evolution of mankind.

This is what he had to say . . . the commonly held myth has it that the cat/human domestication program began with humans trying to control the mice population that proliferated due to the recently discovered concept of storing grain and other food. Being clever as humans tend to be at times they brought in cats to control the mice and a lasting bond was formed.

However what it isn't so well known is that The Powers of the Cosmos, the Council of Nine if you wish anticipating this step in man's evolutionary thinking process decided to introduce a more domesticated version of the many current cat species that exist on this planet. They could use man's idea of pest control to their advantage by introducing a species that evokes compassion and love in a humans heart, giving humans a chance to show love when members of their own species are unable, unwilling or unavailable to them.

All domestic cats were to be genetically engineered from wildcats to possess mysterious cognitive powers of insight and abilities along with unique personalities as way of sharing some traits with the human race and cementing the relationship.

Nibiru went on to say that the bond made was predominantly to encourage love and compassion in the human race and the vermin control was just a convenient excuse propagated by those spiritual masters that remain on this planet to help the spiritual downtrodden to find their way.

I told him that I had always suspected something of the sort but it was nice to finally confirm my suspicions.

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The Nibster

He decided to pose for this picture, which was really nice of him.

He decided to pose for this picture, which was really nice of him.

Cuddly Catz Program

A prison in Washington State has begun testing out a new program, "Cuddly Catz," matching inmates with cats who have been rescued from shelters as a way creating an environment where the inmate must now be responsible for more than himself.

The A P reports that Inmate Joey Contreras, 28, was transferred from a 40 man dorm into a two-person cell in March. But it's the cell's third occupant, "Princess Natalie," who has made the biggest difference in his daily routine.

"Nobody was wanting to adopt her," Contreras said. "We got her and it's been awesome ever since."

Scheduled for termination Princess Natalie was living in a shelter and scheduled to be put down before she was adopted out to the new program.

The minimum security Larch Correctional Facility where Contreras is being held allows prisoners that have exhibited good behavior the opportunity to pair with cats. And if the prisoners don't continue to stay in line, they will lose their cat privileges and be returned to the general prison population.

The reported goal of the program is to give the prisoners some positive responsibility with will hopefully help transition them during their eventual integration back civil society.

"In prison, they tend to think about No. 1," prison counselor Monique Camacho said. "Now they have to look out, care for and have responsibility for something else."


He likes to spread out when he reads.

He likes to spread out when he reads.

Wild Cat

This is where the domestication stock came from the wildcats of Northern Africa.

This is where the domestication stock came from the wildcats of Northern Africa.

The Mysterious Cat

The cat has been here with us from the beginning guiding our human minds to love and acceptance.

The cat has been here with us from the beginning guiding our human minds to love and acceptance.


SOHO clearly showing a winged globe.

SOHO clearly showing a winged globe.

Cat Secrets

He went on to reveal to me some little known details about the secret world of cats that not many humans are privy to or so he says. He told me that the spirit of the cat is elusive and adaptable and that many cat entities had lived thousands of reincarnations, due in large part to their short life spans but also as a way for the cat spirits to spread their spiritual healing far and wide.

He said to consider if all the pets you have had in your entire life were just one soul personality in different bodies, I said I thought that was an interesting possibility.

He said that because of their shortened life spans but important work they had to do, they were given nine extra lives, a gift from the Council of Nine. He said this gift had already come in handy in this body a couple of times and I cut him off when he tried to go into the details, something about a hungry opossum . . . !

He made sure to be clear in no uncertain terms that no cat on the face of the Earth would ever admit that they were ever 'owned' by a human and even insisted that most cats are completely in control of whom they live with and who they choose to cohabit-ate with.

He went on to say that most cats preferred to go outside and take care of business and only use the litter box because they are given no other option and are being polite, hey I didn't know?

He said that their eyesight is much better than humans in that they are able to see into other dimensions and see objects and forces that don't register to the human senses. That cats can sense geographical upheavals, bad weather and danger far in advance.

He told me that the Wookiee in Star Wars was really modeled after a bi-pedal humanoid Cat Species of a distant Galaxy, I wasn't aware of that.

He summed it up by telling me that in Ancient Egypt even the accidental killing of a cat was a penalty of death and that very recently the mummified remains of over 300,000 cats were found in Egypt.

Earthquake Map

Recent earthquakes Worldwide, notice the buildup in Turkey and Iraq and the Mediterranean.

Recent earthquakes Worldwide, notice the buildup in Turkey and Iraq and the Mediterranean.

Love and Compassion


Doing what he does best, sleep.

Doing what he does best, sleep.


I asked him what he thought of his namesake and what he knew about it and he was reluctant to talk about it, more interested in getting his ears rubbed.

I don't blame him but after a while he said that he was surprised the cover-up had been essentially fairly thorough and that so many humans were completely unaware of another planet in our solar system.

I said 'I know'

He continued, even SOHO images and tectonic plate shifting has been kept mostly under wraps. The Worldwide media silence on flooding, earthquakes and tsunamis and there causes have been kept to local coverage and hasn't made the national news, leading to even more confusion and disinformation.

He said that this tactic had kept the World's populations from not only communicating to each other but prevented many from seeing all of the pieces of the puzzle.

I said . . . yeah, and I just saw recently on the internet where another astronomer in South America Koh-Ichiro Morita was killed under suspicious circumstances (murder) while working at the Atacama Large Millimeter Arrays (ALMA) in Chile.

This is a clear message for all would be whistle blowers of the Planet X phenomenon, within the last ten years many astronomers have died under unusual circumstances.

We both decided that it would take a rather large planetary event to wake up the masses to the deception and perhaps motivate them to find the answers to the growing number of worldwide catastrophes and he agreed.

I said you know our neighbor Tom asked me how to spell your name the other the day, Nibs looked at me kinda funny and so I continued, yeah he was having trouble pronouncing your name, same with my Dad he wasn't sure what to call you but once I spelled it out for both of them they seemed to get the picture.

Well no matter how you pronounce his name he is here to stay and His Close Friends Call Him Nibiru.


Hanging on the hardwood.

Hanging on the hardwood.


somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on January 20, 2013:

Nibbiru is a great teacher, giving love unconditionally and showing me how by example. We both love sardines, although he never buys them, I don't mind.

He's a great friend and like me he is aloof and drama free !

Jen Card on January 20, 2013:

This is a really sweet article. Thank you for sharing the conversation you and Nibs shared, it was wonderful to read. Cat's are very well known for the ability to absorb and protect a human being from negative energies. I also agree with the information, cats do walk in both worlds. Voted up!

When the student is ready the teacher Nibiru did.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on September 04, 2012:

Most catholics can be found in cat houses doing what they do best licking Hos . . . they are good sailors contrary to popular belief and even had a type of boat named after them . . . a catamaran.

Hey Jude-A-Cate don't make it bad, take a sad Hub and make it better!

Ausseye on September 04, 2012:

Hi Blueii ( an oz expression to a friend): I don’t know if getting into your own brain is good, as when you blue in with this hub it got me going in it’s own direction as I wondered how many different type of cats there are out there, below are just a few:

Caterpillar: Cat who like to eat veggies or love sleeping in a bed

Catapult: Angry cat who throws things

catholicoses; sucking up to a mythical cat

catholics : Cat who likes to Oh lick or just loves a far fetched myth

cation : careful cat or just hates people

catlin: Funny cat name

catmint: Just a fresh cat

catnap: Time for a cat to go to bed

cattalo : cat with a beefy grin

cattle: More cats with beefy grins

cattleman: cats posing as man but still with a beefy grin

cattlemen: Just a group of the above

cattleya : cat with flowers

cathodal: Negative cat

cathode: Cat getting to a negative place

cathodes; More than one cat doing the same thing negatively

cathodic: Messed up cat

Catatonic : Cat with special tonic water or just a nut case.

Abdicate: Cat just giving up to humans

adjudicates: Some cats just singing “Hey Jude “ with some Beetles

1731 words found with a different type of cat in it!!!

No but on a different note, yes self-hypnosis is just great as it has a great inner power that can be of some benefit. Takes a bit to practice but when you get there, a great inner peace awaits. A strong sense of self and insight seems to flow from this experience….worth practicing.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on September 04, 2012:

He forces me to use my telepathic abilities more as he is a cat of few words. Sort of like his namesake Nibiru he remains aloof and really doesn't need to say much, his presence says it all.

He constantly reminds me that 'we' the human race is living someone else's twisted dream and that to remove myself from it I must lose all the electronic addictions, computer included.

He has told me more than once that meditation is the key and if I would learn to quite my mind and allow the sound of silence to become the rhythm of consciousness or waking dream that I would see reality clearly.

Ausseye on September 03, 2012:

Hi Bluesomething: You Blue me away with the cat tale and made me think about the quote “ cat got your tongue “. Talking to a cat must be cool and better than most humans as they tend to make more of their conversation. I’m most impressed with the cats that were meant to keep the planets’ real vermin under control, Leopards , Lions, Cheetars and others, unfortunately being smarter than rats ( not much but a little) we turned the table and made them eat humble pie instead of us. Did he give you any hints on how that went wrong or the identity of Cat Woman? I mean men were only ever able to advance to the Bat level, losers huhhh! Did he have any good ways of doing mouse, special sauce or roasting additive, maybe something from the Egyptian period. Are cats also aliens? Better than some of this planets dwellers !!! He/she was obviously a space traveller and seems to have taken to you as one also out-of- this-world and mind-humbling interesting. So treat he/her well and keep us informed as to any more awesome information that is revealed. Do cats jive??

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on May 14, 2012:

He is still training me, thanks Ruth!

Ruth Clark from Arkansas, USA on May 14, 2012:

What a lovely look at our companions, the awesome cat. I have had several and have learned so much from them. They trained me well. :)

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on May 13, 2012:

It's the thought that counts and your heart was in the right place even if your brain was far behind . . . apology accepted!

me on May 13, 2012:

Oh yes. I knew you wouldn't let that pass. I noted that mistake as soon as I hit the comment button but it was too late to stop it. My sincere apologies, sir...not! :D

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on May 13, 2012:

yeah but it would have to be Nibi-licious!

me on May 13, 2012: cute!

I have another nickname for him - Nibu-licious! Loved the hub, enjoyed thoroughly!

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on May 13, 2012:

Thanks for reading Insane and Jenubouka, Nibs has been with me since I started working on Hub Pages and is an amazing creature.

He is like all of my previous pets all wrapped into one and he even gets along with my birds . . .

Insane Mundane from Earth on May 13, 2012:

This was fun to read, and was a lot deeper in meaning besides some "hey, look at my cat" type of Hub. I recently took in a little cat myself, about 6 months ago. Somebody threw the poor thing out without a mother, and she was hiding under my mower outside while my dog was trying to determine if it wanted to play or not?

Now that my dog of 14 years died a month later, she has been a little sweety, sort of acting as a replacement pet. Anyway, I raised her indoors for a few months, but now she is outside with the other two cats (although she still loves to come through the door when it is supper time; ha!), and she (Susie) has let nature take its course; pregnant as all can be...

Thanks for sharing; it was nice to meet Mr. Nibiru.

jenubouka on May 13, 2012:

Pretty awesome somethgblue. I loved how you wrote the article; what a kindred soul you are. He sought you out when you didn't even realize it was your time to enlighten your heart and mind.

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