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Himalayan Cat Breed

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Himalayan cat

For obvious reasons the Himalayan cat is one of the best cat breeds you can have as a pet. The beauty of the Siamese blended with the elegance of the Persian cat, makes this cat an exceptional pet companion. The striking beauty that lies in the deep blue eyes defines a dream pet. When it comes to affection, pet intelligence and companionship they do to disappoint. They are frequently referred with the nick name Himmy or ‘Himmies’ in plural


The origin of this cat breed dates back to the early nineteenth where breeders around the world unsuccessfully tried to breed a cat that would resemble the Persian cat. It was not until ten years later that the breeding success was realized in California. Though the breeding was on experimental basis the Himalayan was first bred in 1950s. This breed has been a product of comprehensive scientific experiments of cross breeding pure breeds. The two breeds are the Persian cat and the Siamese cat. After several years of breeding attempts there has been great improvement the breed of this exquisite pet.

Himalyan Cat Breed 101

Breeding Information

Himalayan Cat is referred amongst breeders by another common name the colourpoint Persian. The cats are generally bred from the Siamese breed, that gives them the unique markings and the Persians breed, which makes them acquire the Persian cat characters and hair coat. This breed is now recognized as a breed by all the feline breeders around the world and more importantly Australian Cat breeders.

The general breed identity includes the colour that is pure white with some points of brown, blue, lilac, chocolate and crème colours. The general breed temperament can be described as intelligent, sociable, friendly and affectionate. The cats are obviously more active than the parent breed (Persian) since the other parent breed (Siamese) is relatively active.

As a cat owner, you will have to groom your cat regularly and possibly on daily basis due to their extensive fur on the body. This is one of the most outstanding characteristics of these breeds besides other feature like the colour points.

The breed standard appearance is defined with colour points that include a total of 30 head points, 20 for the body and 10 for the coat. It is commonly regarded amongst breeders that the cats are influenced by point colour. To further expound on this; a blue point is seen to have a bluish white body and a seal point has a cream colour. It is a common observation in all bred cats that the colour of the eyes remains blue no matter what colour the rest of the body takes.

Classification according to Breeding

The general classification of the breed fall into two types the doll face that is alternatively called the traditional breed and the Peke also referred as Ultra face. A further classification method identifies the breed according to the points and they are six types:

· Blue point

· Chocolate point

· Cream point

· Chocolate Point:

· Flame Point

· Seal Point

Physical Characteristics

Himalayans have very unique body characteristic that distinguishes them from any other member of the feline family, with the exception of the Persian breed. Some of the unique body features influence the way you take care of the cat. A good example is the hair coat that is extensive and tends to cover the whole body. This necessitates regular grooming of the cat to make him comfortable and happy. In extreme cases the trimming of the hair is recommended as well as bathing the cat in a fortnight.

For breed identification purposesthe Himalayans are very unique, since they share close resemblance with the Persian cats only. Basically they have a round body that has thick and short legs that are characterized by extensive large paws. The face is rounded and the cheeks are conspicuously rounded too. The most noticeable feature on the face is the flat nose besides the striking large blue eyes. Most of the cats will be cream in colour with an apparent silky coat.

Himalayans basically range in size from medium to large. One conspicuous body characteristic you won’t miss out is the short legs and tail.

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Behaviour Behaviour

When you are a acquiring a pet the one of the most important considerations is the behavior of the pet. When you spend a few days with the cat, you will notice an exploratory behavior that is not seen in the Persian cats. The cat is also very friendly and this call for your attention since he is more likely to stray away when enticed by a stranger. This poses a serious challenge to the cat owner making most breeders recommend that you keep your cat indoors contrary to their outgoing behavior.

The amazing pet behaviours observed in this cat are commendable the high level of affection intelligence and tolerance are not qualities that are seen in ordinary cat pets. The general pet behaviour is characterised by intelligence, utmost devotion and affection to their owners. On the down side the cat can also be nagging and demanding


Adults Care

There are a number of routine duties that you should be carried out to ensure your cat is in good condition. One of the care activities that should be done frequently is daily grooming. This averts the possibility of hair matting. Clipping of the coat may be very helpful in maintaining a happy pet but should be done when it is necessary. Using steel combs may be a good way to groom the cat.

Grooming on daily basis is recommendable to help the cat stay free of flea infestation that may be very difficult to eliminate. The cats also fit in the indoor environment since they are least destructive unlike dogs they do not suffer serious separation anxiety.

You should also not forget to take care of their eyes. The eyes of this breed tend to have tear marks similar to those of Persian cats. This is resolved by gently cleaning the eyes with some soft material.

Kittens Care

When you adopt the kittens you should be very keen to ensure they grow up to the kind of pets you want them to be! One of the things that they should get used to is regular grooming. They will soon begin enjoying grooming and you will definitely have an easy time grooming them when they are adult cats. One advantage of training kittens lies in their ability to retain the kitten behavior though out their lives therefore it will be very costly if they acquire bad behaviours.

It is imperative to know about sensitivity of the kittens to strong aerosols like perfumes or soaps during interaction and grooming. Most breeders will advise you against using perfumes and strong soaps when handling the kittens. It is recommended that you shower and get rid of those strong perfumes to avoid sensitivity.

Some breeders point out that Himalayans don’t make good pets for people with young children since they are serious attention seekers. In families with young children that are pampered with attention by their parent the cats tend to feel they are denied the attention they deserve. These may impact negatively on their behaviour.

Health Care

While this cat breed is perfect cross breed, there are a number of health problems that are likely to occur due to the cat’s adventurous behaviour. Due to this exploratory behaviour the problems of eyes and teeth are commonly encountered in Himalayan cats. You may occasionally observe discharge from the eyes as a result of lachrymal duct or tear duct obstruction. This is caused by the round shape of the face.

Other health conditions reported as potential predisposition in this breed include urological syndrome, corneal problems and polycystic kidney. Rarely will these conditions be observed in the kittens. It is imperative that the pet owner familiarizes himself or herself with the symptoms of these conditions for them to take note of health problem during early stages and take the necessary precautionary measures. Other than these few possibilities the cat has perfect health and is very unlikely to come down with any disease or health condition especially if they spend most of their lifetime indoors. Generally, the life span of the cat is about 10 to 15 years, when the cat is not exposed to potentially hazardous outdoor environs.

In conclusion the Himalayans make great companion pets that are pleasant, friendly and considerate they are very dependent on you as the pet owner to reciprocate with affection, love and tender care. You will therefore find interminable joy spending time with your pet since they are not boring.

Good Luck


kashmir-ladakh from usa on August 14, 2013:

Very interesting hub about Himalayan cats, thanks for sharing.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on June 18, 2012:

Voted up and useful. Great hub for those who have this breed or are considering getting one. Found it interesting as I love cats. We have an adopted cat Sid who is a long-hair. Thanks for a great hub and passing this on.

Sonny Ellar from Saudi Arabia on June 17, 2012:

Wow! I fantasize of having a Cat/s and these kind of Cats would be perfect! Cats are so adorable. they are very sweet pets.

Eiddwen from Wales on April 05, 2012:

A brilliant hub which I have to vote up and bookmark into my 'animals and nature' slot.

I love animals but have to admit that I know far more on dogs than I do on cats.

Thanks for sharing ;take care and enjoy your day.


comedygirls from Seville on August 24, 2011:

I love himalayan cats my friend has one they are so cute his name is Mia.

comedygirls from Seville on August 23, 2011:

That kitty is so cue and I am such a cat person I have seven and one dog but cats r so cute and loving. I guess dogs are to but. The kitty is adorable.

Brianna W from East Coast on August 23, 2011:

Awesome hub! My parents got me a Himalayan cat when I was 4 years old. I loved him so much. He looked just like the cat in your fourth picture. He was also tough as nails. He lived all the way up until last year when he passed away and left me. I was 22 then, so they can potentially have a long life. And man was that cat spoiled! lol

poetvix from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. on August 23, 2011:

Great hub with a lot of useful information. You had me with the pictures. That first one is the most adorable thing!

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