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Hecter Needs Help!


Hi I'm Hecter and I am 8 years old. I live in Tangculogan, Bais City Negros Oriental Philippines. I live with my hooman (owner) who works at a bakeshop. Although hooman works during the day, she gives me lots of hugs and kisses during the night. I love my hooman so much and she loves me too because I am always a good boi. I sometimes drop hooman off at work because I want to make sure hooman is safe then I returned home after. Whenever hooman's at work, I play with my fellow good bois (dogs) with their little hoomans. They love to play with me all the time and follows me around the neighborhood.

One day, while I was waiting for my hooman to come back someone threw a rock at me. I was not able to recognize that person. At that time, I was so confused. I was scared and I was hurt. Why would that human throw a rock at me? Did I do something bad? Was I a bad boi?

The result of being hit by a rock.

The result of being hit by a rock.

When hooman saw the bump on my back, she immediately cleaned my wound and put medicine on it. Luckily I was able to recover after a few days. Thank you my hooman for treating me and I'm sorry I got you worried. I love you so much.

I just wonder, why would other humans do such despicable things to us? Aren't we man's best friend?

Unfortunately, this was not the last time I got hurt. Last Monday, October 19, 2020, while I was going back from sending my hooman off to work (my daily routine) a human attacked me with a machete. With a hecking machete! My front right leg got hit by the machete. It was so painful that I couldn't move my legs. I was also quivering from fear. No one was there and all I could do is cry. I cried so loud and fortunately, some people came to the rescue. The cold-blooded assailant immediately ran while I was left there with a fractured bone. I couldn't let anyone touch me as I was afraid. As a defense, I would bite anyone who would try to touch me or move me from my position. I'm sorry my fwends (friends). I was not myself at that time.

When I learned that my hooman is coming I slowly stand up to meet her.

When I learned that my hooman is coming I slowly stand up to meet her.

I saw the look at my hooman's eyes when she looked at me. She was worried, furious, and later on, she began to cry. I was able to recognize her immediately despite the pain. She was the reason I was able to stand up from my position. At that time all I wanted was to be caress by her. My hooman wanted to bring me to the vet but it was already late. Vet clinics were already closed at that time so I was not given proper treatment. I know she did her best to alleviate my suffering but it was just beyond her capacity. Still, thank you for staying with me during that painful night. I remember how you caress me while crying. My heart hurts too. I wished I could wipe your tears and tell you it's going to be okay my hooman but I was so tired. I had zero energy left.

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When the children learned I was injured they immediately went to my house and gave me rubs. They were all crying by the way. Sorry my little fwends (friends).

The next day, my hooman and I went to the vet. The doctor treated me with care. The doctor was nice but she could not operate on my fractured bone so she referred my hooman to another clinic. Sadly, my affected foot should be amputated. Bye Bye my beloved foot.

The bandage on my right foot is so stylish. I like it. See my smile?

The bandage on my right foot is so stylish. I like it. See my smile?

As of now, my hooman is doing everything she can to make me comfortable. My buddies and their little hoomans visit me every now and then. Although I can't play with them yet they are very understanding. My hooman is also concerned about the bills. My hooman doesn't earn much that is why I would like to thank those heaven-sent humans for covering some of the bills. She with other concerned party is raising some funds for my operation.

I hope you can help me and my hooman. With a little amount, you can save my life. If you want to donate, you can send your donation through:


GCash: 0926-397-3718

BPI Bank Account: 1039204122

Acct Name: Maria Roelyn B. Megio

For more information, please send this human a message. Thank you evweone (everyone)!

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