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Helpful Tips for Training a Stubborn Lhasa-Bichon Mix (La-Chon) Puppy

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What a cute baby La-Chon!


Have a stubborn La-Chon?

One look and you are hooked. Those big, luscious eyes, cute teddy-bear face, and little bundle of pom-pom hair. The way they tilt their head at you as you talk to them, that long tail of theirs curled up, and wagging in excitement. Before you know it, you scoop him/her up and soon have a new friend. Once home, it doesn't take long to realize these cute little bundle of joys can be quiet suborn and ornery.

They may refuse to potty outside, chew up the wood furniture, or run off while laughing at you. Soon you are at your whits end and ready to give your puppy back.

I am an owner of one of these stubborn La-Chon breeds. Below are tips that I used while training my puppy.

Before I begin, I have often been asked “What is a La-Chon?”

A La-Chon is a rare, designer, small lap dog that can weigh between 8-15 pounds; and is 50% Lhasa Apso and 50% Bichon Frise. They can be registered through the American Canine Hybrid Club as a La-Chon. This breed is for people that are highly allergic to animals. They are considered a no-shed dog, but grooming can be high maintenance if you allow their hair to grow out.

Arm yourself with knowledge of this breed to determine if a La-Chon is right for you. Many times, pets have been purchased or adopted only to be given up when the owner realizes that the personality of the pet didn't fit their family.

Sir Harley the Lhasa Apso


The Lhasa Apso breed is known for its stubbornness, devotion, and obedience to their master. They travel well, respond to motivational training and make good watch dogs.

Missy the Bichon Frise


The Bichon Frise breed is known for being hard to potty train, its independent spirit, affection, happy temperament, obedience, and competitiveness. They are naturally sociable good watchdogs that love to be a part of the family traveling places.

Our little rascals


Both breeds are highly intelligent. This means that your La-Chon may be stubborn and hard to potty train, while playing you like a fiddle. (Be sure to make them understand right away that you are the alpha.) This is important for your family members too. If you do not establish that you are an alpha, your dog may experience Small Dog Syndrome ( That is where the dog thinks he is the pack leader to humans.) This will lead to various degrees of negative behavior.

Signs of negative behavior in these small breeds are obsessive barking, guarding separation anxiety, weary of strangers, intolerant of children, snapping, and at its worst...biting. Remember, these are not the normal traits of dogs, but brought on by human induced behavior, due to the way the dog is being treated. You must show your dog (no matter how cute and small they are) that you are the pack leader and they have to follow your rules. Be calm, self assured, setting boundaries and limits. They need daily walks and playtime (any kind of stimulating challenges). If you dog gets enough mental and physical exercise, they will co-operate and be a more content dog.

Tips that I use to train my dog is first to remember that Bella is like my child. She needs guidance, love, and training, but that I am mom. (Alpha)

Miss Bella our baby


Miss Bella Bear


When Bella was born, (we bred her ourselves) I had to remind my daughter that Bella wasn't a play toy, but that didn't stop my daughter. From the first week after birth, I would find my daughter constantly watching her, touching her, and on occasion hiding Bella in her pocket. (She loved to call the puppies pocket puppies.) As soon as the puppies had their eyes open and wandering the pen, we started potty training them. Every fifteen minutes to a half an hour we would round up the puppies and take them outside. Treats would be given to those that “potty or pooh” outside. If an offending accident happened, we would gently scold the puppy, telling it “No Bad!”; then taking the pooh outside with the pup, we would show the puppy the proper place to go. It takes lots of consistency, patience, and watching for the signs to potty train your puppy/dog. (Remember, if you teach your dog to potty in the house - on a pad or potty patch – they will think it is ok to always go in the house. It is better to teach them to go outside to avoid confusion.)

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Mental stimulation also helps to keep a happy dog. Since we had eight dogs at one time, (and they all knew my husband was a sucker for feeding them human food) it was time to train them patience and no begging. My husband would line them up in a row telling them to sit. He would hold up a treat making sure none of them moved. Then he would single one of them out and give them the treat. He would continue to do this to show them he was the alpha and it was their job to be patient and listen. (My kids and I would watch trying not to giggle while he did this. It was too cute to watch these little fur balls not pounce on him. They looked like little cotton balls with tails wagging in excitement.)

Once the patience was established, it was time to teach them to fetch toys, sticks, bowls, and anything else that my husband thought of. He used the same tactics, making them line up, singling one to get the item, then rewarding them for a job well done. (Since these dogs possess amazingly intelligent, it didn't take long for them to learn things. They also have a surprising memory.)

One thing to keep in mind while training your little ball of fur...if they are let out without a leash, a fenced in yard, or put on a chain (in other roam free) they will have no problem taking off like a rocket to chase something, while laughing at you. They will show their rebellious streak by sitting in the grass laughing at you until they realize you mean business. (Trust me, you will know they are laughing by their black lips pulled back in a smile, tongue slightly showing, and the glint in their eye.) If you train your pup to play at the same time every day (this includes walking) and you mess up their schedule, they will be sure to remind you by a simple mess or demanding attention.

Some people prefer to train their dogs to a crate, which is very helpful for those that are working all day. But, remember that your dog needs attention just like your child.

I recommend using a doggy life jacket while boating or at the lake. Mine didn't like water at first, then surprised us by diving off the boat unexpectedly. Where most dogs don't need a jacket in the winter, mine does. She was the only one in her litter that hates snow. (These stubborn dogs may refuse to go to the bathroom in snow. Don't be surprised if that happens. Just reinforce the alpha, watch for signs, and remind them of the treat.)

Hopefully these tips will help you with your little bundle of fluff.

Food for thought: I didn't write this hub to promote puppy mills, nor am I a breeder that sells puppies for the purpose of money. 



Tammy (author) on March 17, 2014:

Thanks Shirley for sharing your experience with your little guy. They are amazing dogs but can be very stubborn sometimes and act like children. I love my dog. Everyday she does something that makes me laugh.

shirley on March 11, 2014:

hi ihave a la chon his name is Buddy he is 16 week andi have had him 4 weeks, Igot him a cage and put bed one end andloo at the bottom, he sleeps in it all night and will not do any potty in it but as soon as he comes out he goes to town every place he can, he goes out the dog flap I had put in and no more poo indoors and has got better but still wee wees in the house.

Hebits all the time when we play so I tried to stop that as it herts , l got this very small teddy that I named baby so when we play I say go get baby and he finds it in his toy box which he loves hunting in , when he brings it to me I started to say buddy bit this not mummy and I play with him if dropes it I stop playing with him and say get teddy and carry on , it worked the very first time he still gets me at odd times but that's if he drops it.

Hope it helps anyone out there.

Tammy (author) on November 09, 2012:

Thanks Bet, I love the way they tilt their heads back and forth while you are talking to them. You can tell they are trying their best to understand what you are saying. I agree, even when mine is naughty, she is adorable.

Thanks Gilly, I will have to check with my hubby to see what suggestions he may have to help you. He has been wonderful with helping me to raise ours. I know they can be very rebelious (and laugh at you while doing it) and will want to try to be the alpha when they can. Mine likes to dirty in the house when she is made at me. Luckly it isn't that often. I will get back with you on what my hubby says. Thanks again.

Gilly H on October 22, 2012:

My LaChon is 7 months old, and I love her to bits. We have attended puppy classes and passed with flying colours, she is a fantastic traveller but its at home I'm having problems, we take her out side and she goes to the toilet so we give her a treat but then we can take her out in the garden for 30-40mins but she will come in and dirty in the house! She will answer back when told off and will sometimes bite. When she has a mad time she will nip and bite and as I'm a diabetic this is not sounds like I don't love her but I do sooo much especially when she does the LaChon laugh and cuddles. Any help welcome.

Bet on June 30, 2012:

We rescued a LaChon about 3 months ago. We love, love, love,love.....him. Did I say we love him... He's so darn cute first of all. Even when he is naughty. He was very easy to potty train. We are retired so we can take him every place with us and are with him always..he is our little baby..did I say we love him...

Tammy (author) on April 23, 2011:

Thanks Sueroy,

I am sorry it has taken so long to respond back. Life just likes handing me a box of craziness. To add to it, after I wrote this hub, I found out our little Bella is going to have pups any day now! Hope things are going well on your end! God Bless!

Susan Mills from Indiana on April 19, 2011:

Great hub.

Missy is too cute! You have a houseful of cute!

Tammy (author) on April 18, 2011:

Thanks! I agree!

Simone Haruko Smith from San Francisco on April 18, 2011:

Gyah! What an adorable puppy! Stubbornness is totally worth it for the cuteness :D

Tammy (author) on April 17, 2011:


We had a Cocker Spaniel growing up. They are loyal and stubborn. Bella is so funny to watch with the way she tilts her head as if she understands us. The way she will drop her Barney at our feet to play. She will sit on the arm of the couch and watch me cook or patiently wait for a treat. She displays so much of a personality like a kid. I was really surprise that there isn't that much information on the net about this breed. It is a great mix to have.

Alexander Silvius from Portland, Oregon on April 17, 2011:

Stubbornness and loyalty seem to go hand in hand. We had a Cocker Spaniel who was completely loyal and only wanted to be with you all the time, yet he was the most stubborn animal I have ever known. I have known owners with both breeds and I especially liked the Bichon Frise, this sounds like a great mix. Good instructions too, so I know what to expect if I ever end up with one.

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