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Interesting Activities to Engage Your Dog This Halloween

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Interesting Activities To Engage Your Dog this Halloween

When it comes to Halloween, for many people, it is like one of the most interesting and fun holidays. Many of them start looking for the best Halloween costume and decorations long before the actual day’s arrival. If you have a dog, this holiday gives you a chance to get a cute costume for your furry friend as well.

Many dog parents prefer to wear matching costumes with their dogs. It is the time when you can make your dog wear something unique than the usual doggie sweater or winter galoshes. Many dogs also enjoy the attention and fun around the home. So, why not give them a chance to participate in this fun holiday? After all, your dog will also love to be part of this Halloween.

Activities To Engage Your Dog this Halloween

1. Trick or Treating

- Find A Pet-Safe Halloween Costume

- Gather The Group And The Leash

- Treats And Clean Up

2. Daytime Yard Games

- Play Outdoor Activities

- Hide Small Treats

- Teach A New Trick

3. It's Not Just About You


Activity 1 - Trick or Treating

All dog owners know that their dogs love to walk with them. So, what about the idea of taking them out while trick or treating with kids? No one knows your dog better than you. So, if you think that your dog can walk easily and also have the potential to run into some cute or scary characters on the streets, then you should bring him with you.

The trick-or-treating activity starts in the second part of Halloween day. So, during this time, the weather may be a bit cold in many parts. So, if you are planning for the night out, plan it according to the weather. If the weather is too harsh, you should skip this activity.

Also, people love to see pets in Halloween costumes. So, you must look for pet-friendly Halloween costumes for dogs. If your dog is not feeling comfortable in costume, then you can opt for a Halloween bandana or tie for their big night out.

Find A Pet-Safe Halloween Costume

It is easier to find Halloween costumes for smaller dogs. When you look for costumes for dogs, they will seem as if they are made for smaller humans. Also, you can find these costumes at your local pet stores in varied sizes. You should look for a costume that fits perfectly. Never get the one that does not fit right, or it has loose parts.

You can also apply pet-safe makeup on your dog if a costume is not working as per the desire. These products are water-soluble and can also be easy to remove. Make sure not to overdo it, as you have to remove it later.

Gather The Group And The Leash

When kids get older, they want to go out in the neighborhood trick or treating by themselves. It is also best to take your dog along. If your kids want to take their dog out for trick or treating, make sure that one adult kid will take responsibility for the dog. It is required for your dog’s safety.

Be ensuring that your kids do not get too excited for the activity and should grab the leash every time. If you visit a home where you do not know anyone, make sure to keep your dog behind the kids to avoid any frightening or alarming situation for your neighbor.

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Treats And Clean Up

Many people expect dogs during Halloween for trick or treating, so they become prepared for treats, specifically formulated for dogs. Even many neighbors give treats to dog owners so that they can feed them to their dogs. So, you should carry one bag with you in which you can put potential treats for your dog.

Also, never let kids give any candy or chocolate to your dog because they are not for pets. When your crew gets exhausted with trick or treating, get back home and take out your dog’s costume and makeup as well. Never let your dog sleep in the costume or makeup as they may be unsafe for them.


We Want To Know

Activity 2 – Daytime Yard Games

Are you spending most of your time putting your Halloween decorations? When you are out, obviously, your dog will also want to be there with you. So, don’t miss this time to spend some quality time with your furry friend. Though Halloween activities are enjoyed at night, you can have some fun with your pet during the day.

Always keep in mind that dogs love outdoor games, so don’t miss this chance. You should avoid this activity if there is rain. When you have outdoor playtime with your dog, make sure to get some treats and toys. When you are playing hide-and-go-treat, you need to keep your dog engaged with treats and toys.

Play Outdoor Activities

Your dog will see your busy decorating your home outside, and he may also get into the spirit of this ghoulish holiday. But, every pet parent must know the fact that Halloween decorations are not safe for pets. Therefore, it becomes your responsibility to keep your dog safe by distracting him using one way or another. The best idea is to play outdoor activities, such as hide-and-go sniff.

Hide Small Treats

To make it one of the great playtimes for your dog, you can hide some smelly and tasty treats in different spots outside. Make sure not to hide any of these treats in the areas that have Halloween decorations or have any of the hazardous objects. Once you are done with the hiding task, simply invite your dog outside and let him explore for the treats.

Just check if your dog needs any guidance. If he requires anything, guide him as a part of scent training. Once your dog understands the game, he will really enjoy this hide-and-go-sniff activity.

Teach A New Trick

Once your dog enjoys all the treats, now it’s time to work on some tricks. Your dog will love to spend time outside with you. You can work on any trick, but make sure to pay attention to the fatigue level of your dog, especially when you are playing hide-and-go-treat with him.

If you notice any sign of fatigue, just teach your dog to calm down, as it is also an important part of dog training. Make your dog learn how to calm himself after fun activities. Go easy on all the treats, along with giving love and affection to your dog during Halloween.


It's Not Just About You

Halloween is not all about fun activities for humans; you can even engage your dogs with different activities and can have fun playtime with your furry friend. Dog owners can consider Halloween costumes for dogs and get the one that perfectly fits their dogs.

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