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Grooming A Grumpy Mess

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I meet a lot of dogs with my mobile grooming business. Some of the dogs are true characters that I will share with you here!


Meet Charlie

Meet Charlie

Meet Charlie

Charlie is an eight-year-old Terrier mix. He is the self-appointed guardian of his disabled pet parent.

Charlie spends his days laying on the bed with his pet parent. Nobody can come near the bed without suffering the wrath of Charlie.

Me, the groomer, the nurse, the house assistant and even his pet parent will be attacked if they enter the five-foot perimeter Charlie has established, in his little doggy mind, around the bed.

Yes, you read that right, even his pet parent he will attack. Charlie gets himself so wound up in his protective efforts that he loses track of who is whom that has crossed the zone line, he's going after them, even if it's his parent.

Charlie takes his job seriously, he doesn't bluff. If you step past the invisible perimeter, he will lounge at you with bared teeth. Getting him off the bed and out to the grooming trailer is the biggest challenge. We have a routine now that works well.

During their morning routine the pet parent takes a leash in hand and waits patiently until the right opportunity to attach it to Charlie's collar without Charle noticing. Then he leaves it on him until I arrive.

When I arrive, I go to the bedroom, and without crossing Charlie's perimeter zone line, I stretch myself across the bed and the end of the leash is tossed to me. I take it and immediately turn my back and walk out. Charlie has no choice but to follow. When we first tried this method Charlie resisted furiously but I just kept walking while he pitched a fit. Now he knows, get up and follow her becuase she's not going to stop walking, and so he does.

Once he's outside he's fine. He stops growling and lounging at me. He just walks along pleasant as you please.

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Grooming Charlie

It's always interesting grooming Charlie. I never know what I will find caught up in his mats. Usually I find several fox tails, little ball stickers, food, etc. Today I found what appears to be a fishing marshmallow. It's funny because nobody at this house goes fishing so I'm not sure how that would get caught up in his hair?

Regular Grooming Routine Before The Bath

We prefer performing a rough cut before the bath. I know, advice is to the contrary online, but it works best for us this way. Brushing out and washing a bunch of hair I'm going to cut off is pointless, so I cut it off before the bath.

Order of Operations:Explanation of Operation:

1st - We put the dog into a hammock.

The hammock allows easy access to the dogs pads and nails.

2nd - Clip the pads & nails

While in the hammock we remove hair and debris from the pads of the dogs feet and trim the nails.

3rd - Shave the legs

If the dog is being shaved down or styled we do the leg work while the dog is in the hammock.

4th - Take the dog down from the hammock.

Once all the leg work is done we lower the dog to the grooming table and do the body work.

See Charlie being groomed in the video below!

Grooming A Grumpy Guard Dog

Regular Grooming Routine After The Bath

The grooming process takes one to one and a half ours, sometimes less. Then, the dog is returned to his/her owner.

Order of Operations:Explanation of Operation:

5th - Ears & Teeth

After bathing the dog with a good quality shampoo we clean the ears and if possible clean the teeth.

6th - Dry Time

Using a high velocity blower the hair is dried and styled.

7th - Finale

Using a fresh clipper blade we run over the style to shave off any hairs that may have been missed and generally clean up the look of the dog.

All Done

Here is Charlie when his grooming is done. He was a perfect gentleman regardless of all the mat removing he had to endure. I won't see him again for a year, maybe a little sooner. I'll miss those bright eyes of his and the big smile he has after he's all cleaned up.

Say bye for now Charle!

Woof, woof!


© 2022 Joanna

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