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Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix

I'm a lover of all things 'dog' (particularly the exploration of cross breeds - and just like to write about man's best friend.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd

When you want to find a dog that you can trust and rely upon, one challenge is finding a breed you can connect with.

Given the sheer variety of dog breeds out there, you would be shocked at just how tough this can be.

When that is the case, we recommend that you take a look at the imperious and impressive Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix.

For many dog owners, one thing you will soon find is that this is going to be a dog that is perfectly suited to you.

They are enjoyable dogs to spend some time around.

Not only that, but they tend to be dogs that are very good for those who want a dog that is living in a cold area.

If you are based in a nation like Norway or Scotland, you should find that these dogs are very much likely to settle better.

Often not suited to living in hot climates, due to the speed in which they heat up, you should definitely look to get one.

It’s the kind of dog that, for most dog owners, is a fine example of an intelligent, independent, enjoyable dog to spend your time around.

For families, too, they make a fine dog to have around the place.

While they might be a bit uneasy at first, once they have got settled and gets used to the family it will stand up for all of you with consummate ease.

It’s for that reason that we recommend you take a look at getting one of these great breeds - they are: powerful, ambitious, agreeable, enjoyable dogs.

They are powerful dogs that often act instead of making noise, making them great dogs for those who cannot stand barking.

How good, though, are these types of dogs for you personally?

What Do They Look Like?

The first thing to note about this particular mix is that, physically, they are quite imposing.

Not only that, but they tend to be quite easy to spend time around.

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Their large, imperious size makes them dogs that many people can feel quite hard to handle.

For example, the smallest one will be in terms of height is 22”.

The largest, on average, is a whopping 32”: that is a fair bit bigger than your average canine!

For many people, these large and imperious canines are fun to spend time around.

The fact they can weigh as much as 120lbs, though, should mean that you look to make sure it does not get *too* friendly with the kids.

You might be able to handle its weight and its power; can the kids?

Given the fact they tend to have straight, dense coats, that shed a fair amount, they are also dogs that stand out.

They have a normally black or white coat, though some might carry a more particular fawn coat colour.

It’s rare to see them with anything other than a pair of brown eyes and a black nose, though, so make sure you keep a track of that if you do have one.

Their physical shape can be a whole lot more unique, though. Some will have dropped ears; others far more stand-up ears.

It depends on the dog, really.

In terms of their mind-set and mood, these are dogs that can live for a fair amount of time and can spend a lot of time around children without causing any significant disharmony.

For that reason, many love spending time around these cross breeds!

Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees

What Are They Like?

In terms of personality, these breeds are a very easy dog to spend time around.

Most of the time, you would say that they are:

  • Positive, playful canines that do not mind messing around and having some fun. They love to be ambitious and to stay busy, which is one of their most important traits.
  • Energetic and enjoyable dogs to spend time around and to watch playing. They tend to love the attention and feed off of it, so keep that in mind!
  • Protective. As soon as you get used to having it around the place, you will notice just how protective it becomes of everyone at home. It will get to know you all as family.
  • Loyal. That loyalty will mean that this is a dog that won’t mind using some of that commanding power and presence to back you up, should you ever need their help.
  • Despite all of this, though, this is not an aggressive or angry kind of dog. You will find that the Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix is often one of the gentlest of dogs.
  • Their big problem often stems from a fact that they are not too aware of their power and physical presence. It’s not uncommon for them to be a bit more powerful than expected!
  • One thing that this creates is a dog that is very much confident in its own ability. More importantly, it’s a dog that does not mind getting stuck in and involved.

With a life expectancy of around 12-years, too, this is the kind of dog that sticks around.

You will be able to form the kind of bond that you would have always wanted, making them the ideal family dog.

Health & Medical Issues

While all dog breeds could have health problems, we have to be honest and say that they can be a very expensive dog to own.

We recommend going to a vet for everything: planning a diet, exercise, how to care for it on a daily basis.

They are dogs that can be very hard to understand, and the range of different health issues they could have should ensure you are very specific about the Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix you buy.

They are very likely to suffer from conditions including hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia.

Few other conditions are likely to be quite so common as this.

They also tend to have hearing issues, and you should keep an eye out for that other common health problems that could exist include bloating (a serious issue that needs immediate attention), atopy, cataracts, and epilepsy.

Again, regular check-ups with a local vet who knows the dog will be essential to ensuring that it can stay strong, physically and mentally.

The more insight that you can get for this dog, though, the more likely you are to see positive results moving forward in future.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd

Exercise Needs

Like any dog that you might wish to own, a Great Shepherd can be quite a hard dog to exercise.

They are, though, excellent for those who are looking to get a dog that can learn its rules and can stay obedient to you when you need it most.

If you are someone who struggles with discipline, then the added intellectual bonus of the German Pyrenees cross makes it a fine choice of a dog.

They are often dogs that can be quite stubborn thanks to their German Shepherd personality.

However, they are often so loyal and eager to make you happy that their desire to learn for you will often make sure that they push beyond that particular problem.

If you worry that your dog might be a bit on the feisty side, then you should definitely look into training.

With regards to making sure you are left with a dog that you can exercise, though, then you should be looking to get your dog out for a regular series of walks.

60-minute walking sessions per day is a must – this means that you have to keep at least some time in the evening free.

If you do that, you will make sure that you don’t get one around the home that is frustrated, unfulfilled, or generally happy.

They will be good dogs to take to other dog parks and the like, though, as they tend to play well with other dogs and don’t mind making space for other canines to feel included.

As such, we recommend that you look to get it out of the house for a minimum of one hour per day.

When at work, give it ample space to exercise and to explore.


Just as you might expect given who its parents will be, these dogs tend to eat a fair chunk of food.

However, you have to be very strict with food: this is a mix breed that is very much likely to get obese.

If you allow your dog to keep growing in size, then you might find it hard to get it to exercise enough to stay fulfilled.

As such, it will keep on eating. If you worry that this is going to become a systemic issue, then cut the food ASAP.

Get it as much protein-rich food as you can, and make sure that your dog eats as much fresh fruit and vegetables as it can: they are good for it alongside raw meats that can vastly reduce their chances of health problems.

While they can be a bit of a nightmare at first, this is very much a breed that most dog lovers will enjoy owning.

They are creative, endearing, and friendly dogs. If you care for it, it will very much care for you.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately.

© 2019 Harry Sheen

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