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Golden Retriever Facts and Golden Retriever Dog Breed Information


Where Are Golden Retrievers Even From In the First Place?

Golden Retrievers are a breed of Gundog that is thought to have originated during the 19'th century in Scotland. Golden Retrievers were made by crossing dog breeds such as the Tweed Spaniel (extinct), Irish Setters, Newfoundlands, various water Spaniels, and possibly even Bloodhounds. Although, there are many other guesses to where and how the Golden Retriever came about, no one is truly sure exactly where and when this noble Gundog became a distinguished dog breed of its own.

Today, what we do know is that Golden Retrievers have managed to make it as one of the top 10 most popular purebred dog breeds in all of the United States and around the entire globe. Just what characteristics can make a canine so dang popular you ask? Well, for one Golden Retrievers are extremely easy to train dogs that are not only reliable but lovable too. The Golden Retriever is an overall incredibly obedient breed of dog that has both beautiful temperaments and a beautiful appearance. Plus, the Golden Retrievers are dogs that are good with children. What more could you want from a dog breed anyway? I have to say, Golden Retrievers are about as good as it gets in the dog world.


The Appearance of the Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Coats and Grooming

Golden Retrievers have long luscious, dense double layered coats that are incredibly weather resistant. These canine's coats come in color variations of white gold to bronze almost auburn colors and everything in between. The Golden Retriever dogs soft fluffy coats come in both straight and slightly wavy. As you might expect though, the Golden Retriever’s coats comes with both pros and cons. Some of the cons being that Gold Retrievers require a fairly decent amount of grooming and brushing in particularly, which takes both extra time and effort on your part. If you're not willing to properly care for a Golden Retrievers coat, then you should hang up the idea of owning a Golden Retriever. Believe it or not if you do not take good care for your dog’s coat, this can lead to some serious health issues that will harm your canine.

Golden Retriever Appearance

The Golden Retriever dogs have subtly thick heads and medium length, gentle muzzles. These Gundogs have regular sized ears that loosely prop down neatly towards the back on their heads. Golden Retrievers usually have dark to semi dark brown eyes that are expressive; their eyes appear as though they're lined with black or brown charcoal-like eyeliner. Golden Retrievers have thick, muscular bodies that make this dog breed perfectly built for hunting and retrieving. These canines have deep chests that lead up to smaller waists; Golden Retrievers have well proportioned bodies that have considerably equal leg to body proportion ratios.

Helpful Golden Retriever Fact:

Golden Retrievers shed during the late spring and early summer, and I’m not using the word “shed” lightly by any means. Golden Retrievers can oftentimes shed in huge clumps and balls of fur, which are pretty nasty and disgusting. Now, if you don’t want your dog to shed at rapid rates around your house, save yourself the embarrassment and just properly brush and groom your Golden Retriever.


Male Golden Retrievers usually have withers that are around 22 to 24 and a half inches high. Female Golden Retrievers usually have withers between 20 and a half to 22 and a half inches. When withers are shorter or taller than the averages, this can sometimes be considered to be an abnormal and unwanted height for a Golden Retriever.


Male Golden Retrievers should weigh around a healthy weight of 64 to 76 lbs. Female Golden Retrievers should weigh from somewhere around roughly 55 to 65 lbs. Anything more or less with these numbers is considered to be counted as an unhealthy weight for this dog breed.

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Golden Retriever Health, Fitness, and Life Expectancy

Golden Retrievers are almost always happy healthy canines, but like many purebred dog breeds, Golden Retrievers are prone to developing genetic disorders and health conditions including Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHP), eye issues, skin conditions, and even epilepsy, just to name a few. Keep in mind, when it comes to purchasing a Golden Retriever puppy remember to check and see if the parents of your Golden Retriever puppy had any health concerns, and if so what were the health conditions. This will play a huge role in helping to determine what your Golden Retriever puppy could later face in life, if health ever becomes an issue for your pet that is.

Golden Retriever Exercise Requirements

Golden Retrievers are Gundogs; like most Gundogs, this breed of dog requires decent levels of exercise in order for these canines to maintain optimal physical health and mental health. If your dog becomes overweight or obese, this can lead to some serious disorders and health issues like Canine Hip Dysplasia. If you're one who spends your free time watching TV, on the computer, and end up hardly ever going outdoors for a nice walk, jog, or run, then a Golden Retriever dog is not for you. If you're a person who loves to exercise, likes to go for walks at the park, or possibly enjoys hiking, a Golden Retriever could seriously be the best choice of a dog breed based on your lifestyle.

Average Life Expectancy

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Golden Retrievers have the average life expectancy between 12 and a half to 13 and a half years. If your Golden Retriever is healthy, this can very well mean your dog will possibly live well beyond its average life expectancy, but if your Golden Retriever dog is unhealthy and unhappy he or she could pass on well before they're average life expectancy ends. Simply, if you want your canine companion to live to its fullest, take care of your dog and give it the most love and care that you can. More times than not, proper love and care is all that is truly necessary for your dog to live the longest it possibly can.


Choosing a Golden Retriever Puppy from a Good Golden Retriever Breeder

When picking out your Golden Retriever puppy, it's important to buy from a trusted Golden Retriever breeder. There are many dog breeders out there whom don't really care about the pets that they're breeding, just because they know that a few misinformed people are going to buy their puppies. Don't fall for people trying to trick you. When you're buying your Golden Retriever puppy, make sure that both of the parents and puppy have their documentations and papers proving that they're healthy and purebred Golden Retrievers. If the so called "Golden Retriever breeder" doesn't even care enough to supply simple documentation, they’re not worth buying dogs from.

One reason it’s so very important to pick out a good Golden Retriever breeder, is that thanks to a few generations of lousy, lazy breeders many family bloodlines of Golden Retriever are now fairly prone to aggression. When you buy from a decent Golden Retriever breeder, more times than not they'll have websites where people have even reviewed buying puppies form them, and the experiences that they've had, which can just help assure you that you’re purchasing a good healthy purebred puppy. Also, I recommend that you buy from a dog breeder whom specializes in Golden Retriever puppies and doesn’t just breed various purebred puppy breeds in general.


When Purchasing Golden Retriever Puppies Online

When Buying a Golden Retriever Puppy Online

Make sure that when purchasing a puppy online you meet the puppy first before ever buying it. I cannot stress this topic enough . In order to know if a Golden Retriever puppy is right for you, you need to make sure that the dog has a good personality and temperament as well. I recommend not going with the runt or alpha dog of the pack. Yes, you may feel sorry for the weak little runt underdog of the bunch, but trust me it's not worth it. You're buying a Golden Retriever puppy that will grow up into a good dog in the long run too. For those who are looking for dogs that are good with children, choosing to not go with the alpha dogs and runt dogs is a very smart and vital decision you need to make in order to provide your children with the best family pet possible.

And last but not least, to all you soon to be first time dog owners, I really do advise going with a female Golden Retriever puppy. I say this because female Golden Retriever puppies are not only easier to train for standard dog training, potty training, and obedience, but female Golden Retriever puppies tend to make better family pets as well, especially for those whom are first time dog owners. Yes, a female Golden Retriever puppy may cost you perhaps even a few hundred more dollars than a male Golden Retriever puppy, but trust me it's worth it.

A Good Website for Buying Puppies

Okay, so I've never actually bought a puppy off of this website, but I have been incredibly close to buying a puppy from this site a number of times. If you look hard enough, there are plenty of great Golden Retriever breeders on there that have purebred Golden Retriever puppies, other purebred puppy breeds, and even some purebred dogs for sale. Still just like with any website, be careful of the lousy dog breeders. Anyway, the website I’m talking about (if you haven't heard of it already) is Puppyfind .com , and no they're not paying me to advertise for them. Seriously, this is a really nice website for finding the perfect purebred Golden Retriever puppy or other purebred puppies.



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If you ever get a Golden Retriever this is some of the facts I know...Medium-sized,Skull is broad and muzzle is straight,nose is black is brownish black.Short ears hang down close to cheeks,4th most popular breed in U.S.,Comes from Great Britain,possibly Bloodhound were involved,and a bit more information.But make sure look up things on the internet about these facts.

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Miss Lil' Atlanta (author) from Atlanta, GA on April 19, 2011:

Hey, bbqsmokersite

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Also, I own a rescue dog and she's a lab mix as well. She's a half Labrador Retriever and Whippet. I have to say, Labrador Retriever mixes are some of the best.

And wow, a dog with a head the size of a soccer ball! lol That's a huge head.

bbqsmokersite from Winter Haven, Florida on April 18, 2011:

We have a yellow lab mix, and a black lab/spaniel mix. Love them dearly as they're both rescues as well! These retrievers look so great! I took care of a pedigreed one for a while named "Ted E. Bear." He was easily 80 lbs and had a head the size of a soccer ball! Such a good boy.

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