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Gaddi Kutta (Indian Leopard Hound) Dog Breed Information, Picture & Characteristics

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Gaddi Dog (Indian Leopard Hound)

Gaddi Dog (Indian Leopard Hound)

Gaddi Kutta (Indian Leopard Hound)

The Gaddi dog is a large sized, mastiff type dog of Indian origin, native to the Himalayan regions, Himachal, Jammu and Kashmir and Uttarakhand states. Gaddi dogs were developed by the local Gaddi tribes to protect their livestock from wild animals in the Himalayan forests. They got their name "Gaddi", after the name of local "Gaddi Tribe" who developed them and "Kutta", means Dog. They are mainly a Shepherd dog, but due to their large size, strong body, brave and courageous nature, people consider them to be a Mastiff dog, and they are also known as Gaddi Shepherd, Gaddi Mastiff.

Gaddi Dog

Gaddi Dog

Gaddi Dog Facts

  • The local shepherds used to graze large herds of sheep and goats in the forests, where leopards and snow wolves often hunted their livestock. Gaddi dogs were believed to face Himalayan wolves and leopards, to protect the livestock. And local people also call these dogs "Indian Leopard Hound".
  • Gaddi dogs can have both medium and long coats. Dogs who live closer to the Himalayan regions have longer hair.
  • Gaddi, Bhotia, and Bhakarwal, these three dogs have many similarities and some even consider them to be different varieties of the same breed.
  • Gaddi dogs are native to the cold regions of the Himalayas, which are not suitable for living in areas with hot climates.
  • According to Local people, two or three Gaddi dogs together hunt Himalayan leopards and wolves.
  • Often people confuse with the names of Gaddi and Baan Gaddi dogs and consider them to be the same dog, while they are two different breeds.
Gaddi and Baan Gaddi Dog Together (Gaddi Dog in front)

Gaddi and Baan Gaddi Dog Together (Gaddi Dog in front)

Difference in "Gaddi and Baan Gaddi" dogs

The Gaddi dog, also known as the Indian Shepherd or Gaddi mastiff, is larger in size than the Baan Gaddi dog (Indian Sheepdog).

Gaddi dogs do not have beards like the Baan Gaddi dogs and they are comparatively less hairy.

Baan Gaddi dogs are friendly enough to get along well with other pets and Strangers, while Gaddi dogs are territorial, dominant and reserved dogs.

Gaddi Kutta (Indian Leopard Hound)

Gaddi Kutta (Indian Leopard Hound)

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Appearance And Physical Traits

Gaddi dogs are large, heavy-boned and sturdy dogs with medium or long hair. It is native to the foothills of the Himalayas, where the climate is cold and the cold icy wind blows. The long hair of their double coat, padded paws and ears covered with long hair make them suitable for living in such cold climate.

Physical Traits

  • Origin : Himalayan Region of India (Himachal, Jammu and Uttarakhand states)
  • Height : 24 to 32 inch (Up to 34 Inches)
  • Weight : 32 to 48 kg
  • Color : Black, White, Brindle, Fawn, Gray, Brown
  • Lifespan : 12 -15 years
  • Breed Recognition: Not recognized by any of the major Kennel Club
Gaddi Dog

Gaddi Dog

Personality and Temperament

The Gaddi dog is a territorial, and dominant dog that is aloof and reserved. It's very protective of its family and livestock, and due to highly protective nature, it shows aggression to strangers. Also, its a territorial dog that reflects aggression towards others dogs. Gaddi dogs were developed by the Himalayan Gaddi shepherds according to their needs, and are good shepherd and protection dogs. And they are suitable for working in the inaccessible mountainous regions of the Himalayas and living in cold and icy climates.


• Gaddi dog is an alert, active and aloof dog that make an excellent watch dog.
• It's courageous, determined and protective of family.
• Gaddi dog is reserved with strangers and aggressive towards other dogs in its territory.
• It was developed as a shepherd dog, and make a good livestock guardian.
• Gaddi Dogs make good shepherd dogs, and known for their devotion and dedication.

Gaddi Dog

Gaddi Dog

The Origin and Breed History

Gaddi dogs are excellent shepherd dogs, native to Himachal, Uttarakhand and Jammu states in India. Which were developed by the local Gaddi tribes. Their appearance and physical structure are very similar to Tibetan mastiff dogs and some people believe that Gaddi dogs are descendants of Tibetan Mastiffs.

While many believe, almost all Himalayan dogs are descendants of an extinct Himalayan dog. And they are known by different names in each country, such as Bhote Kukur in Nepal, Gaddi, Bhotia and Bakharwal in India and Tibetan Mastiff in Tibet.

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