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Fun & Interesting Facts about Hamsters

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Hamsters are one of the small pets that adults love to hate and kids love to love them. They are often kept as pets in a wide variety of environments including home and classrooms. So, it is important for kids and adults to know a little about these furry, friendly creatures. They are a fun and very social animal if they are handled and played with regularly. They can learn simple tricks and learn respond when you call them by name. Here, are some fun and interesting facts about hamsters you should know.


Hamster Fact #1

Hamsters are nocturnal animals, and like to sleep during the day. At night time, they are often found running on the hamster wheel and running around their cage. At school, hamsters are used as classroom pets and can often be more active during the day. However, at home they may wake you up I f you are a light sleeper.

Hamster Fact #2

Hamsters is omnivores. This means that they eat a wide variety of different vegetable and animal matter. They often are fed seeds, nuts, fresh fruits and grains. They also enjoy egg white, cheese, and even a cricket or two once in awhile.

Hamster Fact #3

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Hamsters love to store food where they can find it easier. Usually they will store it in their home and in certain areas around its cage. It always wants to make sure that it will continue to have food just in case hard times hit. They also have huge cheek pouches in which they can store food for an infinite amount of time. You will often see them during dinner meals stuffing their faces to have their food stores for later.

Hamster Fact #4

Hamsters are the Houdini of the mammal world. They are able to calculate with very precise, precision on how to escape out of many of the cages they are placed. They are able to contort their body and fit through some of the tightest spots. It is extremely important you keep a cage with small bars or small holes for air and keep it locked up tightly. Otherwise, they will get loose , and you will be running around frantic until you find your hamster.

Thinking about having a hamster as a pet is a great idea for kids. However, you need to make sure that they know they are responsible for the cleanup and regular care of the hamster. Cleaning out their cage, playing with them, and feeding them regularly can go a long way in teaching children responsibility. You will also need to make sure you have all the needed essentials like a water bottle, toys, hamster wheel, mazes and other accessories so they do not get bored in their cage. If, you do the above things it will ensure that your hamster has a long and productive life.

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