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Fun & Interesting Facts about Guinea Pigs

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Guinea pigs are one of the most popular household pets for children of all ages. Each of these furry Guinea pigs are a wonderful addition to any family. They have a variety of personalities and favorite things to do. This makes each one as unique as the owners. There are many fascinating things about Guinea pigs here are a few of the most fun and interesting facts about Guinea pigs.


1. Guinea pigs have a unusual way to show they are excited or happy. They will jump for joy and flick their back legs. People have called it pop corning. It is done by younger Guinea pigs.

2. To Guinea pigs have tails? Some say that they do some say that they don’t. However, they have the vertebrae in place for a tail, but there is no tail as we know them.

3. Guinea pigs have a habit of digesting their food with the help of their own feces. The feces that they eat are called cecotopes. It is a special kind of dropping that they do that actually contains a high percentage of digestive bacteria and vitamin “B”

4. Guinea pigs are actually found in the wild in some parts of the world. You will find many of them located mostly in southern parts of South America. Where they roam parts of the Amazonian jungle.

5. Most people think Guinea pigs are nocturnal, when in reality they are more awake during the daytime even though they end to nap at all times of the day. However, it is not uncommon for them to be more active late at night or during twilight hours.

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6. Guinea pigs will have a unique sound that range from squeaks to “wheeks”. They use this sound to communicate their happiness or displeasure between caregiver and other Guinea pigs.

7. Guinea pigs are unable to process and make their own vitamin “c” much like humans if they do not consume enough of they can become sick with scurvy. This is a disease which is linked directly with vitamin “C”.

8. Guinea pigs are fast learns and are always ready to go. In as little as three hours after birth Guinea pigs can start running.

9. Sometimes instead of clipping nails Guinea pigs teeth actually need to be trimmed. That is why they always need a fresh block of wood to gnaw.

10. Guinea pigs have no relation to pigs. Only their name which can be deceiving. They were named pigs because of the way that Guinea pigs communicate with the squeak. The Guinea part of their name is thought to come from the country of Guyana where they can often be found in the wild.


Mary Craig from New York on May 26, 2012:

I haven't heard much about guinea pigs lately but I guess they're still a popular pet. You did a nice job of explaining some facts about them.

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