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From the parrot's beak: Jan. 31 edition

Cockatoo has something to say to American Federation for Aviculture northeast chair Concetta Ferragamo. - Photo by George Sommers

Cockatoo has something to say to American Federation for Aviculture northeast chair Concetta Ferragamo. - Photo by George Sommers

- Ferrell's flock: He's funny onscreen, but offscreen Will Ferrell has a pretty serious bird habit. "He has giant cages on his property filled with different tropical birds," says occasional director and longtime Ferrell friend, Adam McKay. From a 'tiel and a 'too to a vulture with a 4' foot wingspan, Ferrell's exotic bird collection is said to be valued at $7.8 million. Here's the comedian with his sulfur crested cockatoo and Conan O'Brien. Don't Ask Will Ferrell About Professor Feathers - CONAN on TBS

- Turning Japanese: Want to pal around with a parrot (or kitten or rabbit) without the responsibilities of pet ownership? Visitors to Tokyo's "animal cafes" can feed, pose for photos or take a walk through a roof top garden with an assortment of companion animals.

- Groundhog day: We don't know if they're weather forecasters, but like groundhogs, Patagonian conures prefer to live underground, in burrows.

- Picture brightens for kakapo numbers: Kuia the kakapo is on two eggs and counting To date, 14 females have mated on Anchor Island and four on Codfish Island/Whenua Hou: good news for the beleaguered bird.

- Macaw Wars: Parrot ownership can result in some nasty battles.Get it all in writing! A few recent feuds serve as examples in George Sommers' "Pet Gazette" feature article, Page 8. duxburypetgazette

- They fight authority: The Endangered Species Act does not just have the seemingly contradictory effect of restricting domestic breeding of parrots.In response to last week's article on the addition of certain macaws to the list, a concerned American Federation for Aviculture member states: "Rescues will no longer be able to adopt (i.e. sell) the listed species across state lines - so if you live on a state border, and a 'rescue' on the other side of the line has a bird you can buy from them, you can no longer do that. And, if you live in one of the 'danger states'... where possession of a listed species is prohibited, your birds CAN be taken away from you... The laws prevent commerce (trade, sales, 'adoptions', trade for ANY type of compensation) across state lines. Only those who hold a special captive breeding permit will be allowed to possess or sell the species, and then ONLY to other permit holders. Pet owners need not apply."

- Psittacine cinema: My Parrot Sings James Brown Song on Cue - YouTube -- Nature: Parrots in Peru - Videos - CBS News-- This Parrot Can Sing Three Different ... - -- BCV 2010 Tribute To Liz Wilson - YouTube

- Play ball: Tiwi the Moluccan cockatoo remembered playing catch with a friend on a previous visit. The visitor relates that on a subsequent visit, "The first thing I had to do was use the restroom. Tiwi didn't want to wait to play so she started banging the ball on the door. She also went into the guest room and took all of the clothes out of my suitcase and threw them on the floor."

- Quote o' the week: Birds aren't like dogs or cats. More like bipolar toddlers on crack.

- Didja know: The gang-gang cockatoo is the state bird emblem of the Australian Capital Territory.

- Freebies: The first free module for the AFA Avian Biology Classroom (ABC) program is up and ready for download under the Education tab at -- Download a Kid's Activity Book! Use the book in conjunction with website and tap into interactive content! ‪#‎Parrot‬ fun and ‪#‎Educational‬!parrot fun zone for kids. m

- Help wanted: Position: Parrot Caregiver. Reports to: Parrot Garden Manager, Kanab, Utah.

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- Hot dates: All times EST unless otherwise specified.

1/29-31:Parrot Festival 2016 - Doubletree Hotel Houston Intercontinental Airport, 15747 John F. Kennedy Blvd, Houston, TX, (713) 557-2473

World of Pets Expo - Maryland State Fairgrounds, 2200 York Road, Timonium, MD - Fri 2- 8 pm, Sat 10-7, Sun 10-6

Lehigh Valley Pet Expo - Ag Hall at Allentown Fairgrounds, 17th and Chew Streets, Allentown, PA - Fri 4-9, Sat 10-7, Sun 10-5

1/30: Enrichment & Making Foraging Toys Workshop. Reservations not required, but space limited to the first 30 guests. Sessions are free, but donations gratefully accepted. 1-3 p.m. Noble Family Adoption Center; MSPCA at Nevins Farm 400 Broadway, Methuen, MA. .

Positive reinforcement training class.11 a.m. Parrot University, 321 South Polk St, Pineville NC

1/31: So you want a talking bird? class. 2 p.m. Parrot Universty. 321 South Polk St, Pineville NC

2/5-7: Super Pet Expo - NJ Convention & Exposition Center, 97 Sunfield Avenue, Edison, NJ 08837 - Fri 4-8, Sat 10-7, Sun 10- 5

2/6: Sex and the Single Bird class. 2 pm Parrot University. 321 South Polk St, Pineville NC

2/7: "Parrot Training Workshop" Portland, OR, USA Hosted by Synergy Behavior Solutions.

Avian Health & Medicine class. 2 p.m. Parrot Universty, 321 South Polk St, Pineville NC

- Lost: Green cheek conure Fairleigh, KY (502) 494-0236 -- Lost: Congo African grey 'Chelly'. Mineola, NY. Reward offered. Email : kbeccali@hotmail.comor call (917) 686 6742 with leg band number. Please make Chelly and his family happy again

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