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Five American Dogs Banned in Other Countries

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I like to share information about wildlife, animals, and pets—dogs in particular.

American Dogs Banned in Other Countries

American Dogs Banned in Other Countries

Dogs have been our most honest and reliable friends for centuries. But they have been developed for different purposes, and some dogs developed for personal protection, participate in big games like dog fight or bull baiting, livestock Guardian, tend to be more aggressive, aloof and stubborn than other dogs, which need early socialization, an experienced and dominant owner and well training.

Dogs of these breeds can become dominant and stubborn if they do not get proper training and grooming. And sometimes such dogs are promoted wrongly, which creates a negative image of dogs of these breeds. Some dogs such as Dobermans, American Bulldogs, who are very devoted and protective of their family and owners, often presented in negative ways. And due to misconception in many countries, some such dog breeds have been banned.

Dogs BANNED in other countries

Dogs BANNED in other countries

Is it the right decision to ban dogs on the basis of breed

Banning dogs on the basis of their breed is a controversial debate, some consider it justified, but most people do not agree with it. Dogs behave as they are taught, and some dogs that are aloof, reserved, suspenseful and highly protective, they can be restricted to the public place. You can also see examples, Wolf-hybrids and Mutts are permitted in some countries and dogs like German Shepherds and Dobermans are considered a threat and they are banned.

In some countries, certain breeds of dogs have been banned simply because they were used to participate in dog fights, which is a controversial argument. Dog fight can be done between any two dogs, dog fight can also be done between two Chihuahuas. Therefore, instead of banning the breed of dogs in the name of dog fight, dog fighting should be banned.

Common Reasons for Breed-Specific Legislations (BSL)

By the way, every country has a logic and some rules to restrict dogs,

  • If dog breed is identified in dangerous category and not reliable with other pets and at public place.
  • Dogs from that breed are commonly used for banned games like hunting and dog fights.
  • Dog breed history has bad reputation or illustrations in that country.
  • If dog breed doesn’t have well defined breed standards or not recognized by major kennel clubs.
  • Hybrid or mixed breed dogs that are not predictable and reliable.
  • Also, there are many other parameters to decide- if a dog breed should be banned or not ..?

The Five American dogs banned in other countries

The five American dog breeds are commonly banned in other countries, which are

  • American Wolf Dog
  • American Bandog
  • American Bulldog
  • American-Staffordshire-Terrier
  • American Pit Bull Terrier
American Wolf Dog

American Wolf Dog

1. American Wolf Dog

Wolfdogs are the hybrids between a domestic dog and a wolf that can be described as “wolf like a dog” or “dog like a wolf”. Though the dogs are decedents of wolves, which were domesticated thousand years before, But after so many years, now there are many differences in the physical structure, behavior and health of the domesticated dog and the wolf. Wolves are much smarter, intelligent and bigger than dogs, which have much powerful bites and better smell senses. Due to these exceptional characteristics of wolves, people are attracted to pet the wolf hybrid dogs.

But wolves have a very high prey drive that is not loyal and obedient like dogs. You can find many examples of pet wolves attacking their own, family, children or other pets. They are not predictable and not reliable with kids and other pets, and banned in many countries. Like other Wolfdogs, the American Wolfdog also inherits the temperament of wolves, so they have been banned in many countries.

The Countries, American Wolfdogs are banned or need special permission

Turkey, Denmark, Bermuda Islands, Venezuela Ukraine, Belarus

Physical Traits of American Wolfdog

  • Height : Male, Avg. 26 - 33 inches (46 - 48 cm) and Female,: Avg. 24 - 32 inches (46 - 48 cm)
  • Weight : Male, Avg. 60 to 120 pounds, Female: Avg. 60 to 120 pounds
  • Life Span: 10 to 12 years
American BanDog

American BanDog

2. American Bandog

The American Bandogs are strong, muscular, fearless, mastiff dogs, which were developed in Britain to participate in big games like boar hunting and dog fights. This breed was developed by mixing between a couple of terriers, English mastiffs and English bulldog. American Bandogs are a further extension of English Bandog. They are developed by American veterinary John Swinford by mixing between English Mastiffs (a Neapolitan mastiff) with Pit bull terrier and other American Mastiff Dogs.

Though the Bandog are friendly and obedient, but like other mastiff dogs, they are energetic, dominant and courageous dogs that need a firm and expert owner, who can prove himself the pack leader for them and provide them sufficient mental and physical exercise. Also, these dogs very aggressive to other pets and dogs, and must be socialized at an early age.

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The Countries, American Bandog are banned or need special permission

Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Bermuda Islands, Venezuela Ukraine, Belarus

Physical Traits of American Bandog

  • Height : Male:20 - 30 inches (51 -76 cm) and Female: 20 - 30 inches (51 - 76 cm)
  • Weight : Male : 100 -140 pounds (45-63 kg) and Female: 80-120 pounds (36-54 kg)
  • Life Span: 9 - 10 Years
American Bulldog

American Bulldog

3. American Bulldog

American bulldogs are most admired and popular dogs in America and many other countries, which are robust, muscular, courageous, loyal and determined dogs. They are also known as Old Country Bulldog, AM Bulldog and American Bulldogge.

American bull dogs were developed as working farm utility dogs to hunt wild boar and kill vermin and to guard property and livestock. They are confident, intelligent, alert and friendly dogs which are good with children and other pets but they must be trained. Also, they have dog to dog aggression and must to be socialized at an early stage. American Bulldogs are among few mastiff dogs that can be recommended for apartment life if they are getting regular exercise and moderate walk. American Bulldogs were never groomed for dog fights, but some proofs substantiates that some bad legislators were using them for dog fights.

American BullDog

American BullDog

The Countries, American Bulldogs are banned or need special permission

Italy, Turkey, Bermuda Islands, Venezuela, Singapore, Ukraine, Belarus

Physical Traits of American Bulldog

  • Height : Male: 22 - 28 inches (55 - 70 cm) and Female: 20 - 26 inches (52 - 65 cm)
  • Weight : Male: 70 - 120 pounds (32 - 54 kg) and Female: 60 - 100 pounds (27 - 45 kg)
  • Life Span : 9 - 10 Years

4. American Staffordshire Terrier

American Stafford shire terrier dogs are originated from USA (recognized since, year 1969) and also known as Staffy, Staffie, Stafford, Staff, Am Staff, Amstaff, American Staffy, AmStaff and Stafford dogs.

They are descended from English Stafford shire terriers. The English Stafford shire terriers were developed in the nineteenth century, by mixing between “English Terriers and mastiff dogs” from Birmingham, West Midlands in England. Though some breeders believe American Stafford shire terrier dogs are developed from mixing American bull dog with the White English Terrier, Fox Terrier, or the Black and Tan Terrier dogs. Those were bigger and weightier than the English Stafford shire terrier.

American Stafford shire terrier dogs are strong, muscular, energetic and sturdy dogs which are friendly and loyal and very protective to his family and owner.

The Countries, American Staffordshire Terrier are banned or need special permission

Germany, Spain, Denmark, France, Romania, Norway, Switzerland , Israel, Turkey, Bermuda Islands, Portugal, Venezuela, Singapore, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.

Physical Traits of American Staffordshire Terrier

  • Height : Male: 18 -19 inches (46 - 48 cm) and Female: 17-18 inches (43 - 46 cm)
  • Weight : Male: 62 - 88 lbs (28 - 40 kg) and Female: 62 - 88 lbs (28 - 40 kg)
  • Life Span : 10 to 12 years
American Pit bull Terriers

American Pit bull Terriers

5. American Pit Bull Terrier

The Pit Bull Terriers are the most popular American dogs, around the world. They are medium sized, muscular, sturdy and fearless dogs, which share the same lineage of American Stafford shire terrier. They were developed by mixing between old English Terriers and bulldogs. The Pit Bull terriers were developed to participate in big games like hunting, dog fighting and to contribute in blood sports, like bull and bear baiting.

They are very active dogs which are always eager to please their master. The well-bred and properly trained Pit Bull Terriers are reliable, friendly and loyal companion. They also excel in weight pulling, dog agility, Flyball, lure coursing, and advanced obedience competition. Though commonly they have been reported for high aggression toward other animals and dog of the same sex and going destructiveness when bored, also they may become willful and dominant if not properly trained.

The Countries, American Pitbull Terrier are banned or need special permission

Australia, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Italy, Romania, Norway, Switzerland, Israel, Turkey, Bermuda Islands, Portugal, Venezuela, Singapore, Malta, New-Zealand, Ecuador, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

Physical Traits of Pitbull Terrier

  • Height : Male, 18 to 21 inches and Female: 17 to 20 inches
  • Weight : Male, 35 - 65 lbs (Adult) and Female, 30 - 60 lbs (Adult)
  • Life Span: 10 to 15 years

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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