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First Shield Flea Medication for Cats & Dogs is Poison


My Name is Muffin

Hi, my name is Muffin, but my family calls me Muph Muph. I am two years old and have a happy home with a family that loves me. About three weeks ago, my mom came home with some new flea medication, I was happy to have it applied because I don't like getting flea's. But after my mommy put on the new medicine, my skin started to burn and itch all over. Since then I have been hidding under the bed because I don't know why my family put medicine on me that hurt me so bad. Because I am very sick and have to rest, I will let my mom tell you what happened and why you should avoid this BAD flea medicine so your animals do not become very sick like me.

Where First Shield was applied Four Weeks Earlier

Where First Shield was applied Four Weeks Earlier

She feels so bad

She feels so bad

This product caused so much damage

This product caused so much damage


First Shield = Poison

First Shield Flea Medication sold by Banfield Pet Hospital in Pet Smart is Poison. I do Not use Banfield as vet for my animals, but sometimes purchased Front line flea medication (for prevention) while shopping or having my animals groomed at Pet Smart. I had purchased Front line from them in the past until this last visit. The Banfield receptionist informed me they no longer sold Front line, but carry a new "better" medication, that contained the same ingredient as Front line. She continued by saying the only difference was that First Shield is a faster acting medication with little to no side effect at less cost. LIAR!! The cost wasn't an issue, but the effectivness of the product was. Although I made this clear, the fact that it "cost less" continued to come up. Not wanting to take the word of only a receptionist, I also spoke with a vet tech. who pretty much repeated "the exact" same information. So with the recommendation of both and their high opinion to the "newer and better medication" I purchased the product. Had I been aware that a vet would sell a medication that would possible lead to such devastation side effects, I would have done my research. But again like I said, Banfield staff went out of their way to assure me and praise this product. Why not believe them? Veternarians have dedicated their lives to animals and working in their best interest, in efforts to help and cure sickness and suffering. So I thought..

After  putting the product on my cat, she began to rapidly run around the house. She jumped, rolled, and meowed, telling me their was something wrong. The product was burning her skin, I attempted to catch her to wash the product off, but she was in no mood to come near me after I had just put the medication on her that was causing pain. She quickly went under the bed and out of reach. Very lethargic, she would not come out. After a week of feeding her treats and catering her food and water, she eventually came out. The place where the First Shield had been put on "the base of the neck, I applied it correctly", had burned her fur off and left a horrible scab. In an effort of trying to reach the burning and itching, Muph Muph, had scratched around her neck profusely to the point she has no hair, horrible broken and ozzing sores. 

I took her immediately to my vet, where he had to look the product up, never hearing of it. He then told me that none of the ingredients in First Shield were in Front line, in fact he had never heard of the ingredient. He also said he found several claims where First Shield (which use to be called Vectra) had caused serious skin burning and irritation, and in the worse cases death in cats and dogs. Muph Muph was given a shot of antibiotic, anti inflammatory, and steroid, resulting in a vet bill well over a hundred dollars. She is recovering SLOWLY and still hides under the bed the majority of the day.

This product is dangerous and should be ripped from the market. Banfield should be ashamed for selling this product, not warning and lying to their customers. They seem to be blinded by greed, rather than dedicated to the animals welfare. I should have known something was wrong when the receptionist and vet tech. spoke about the product as if they were sent home with a memo on what to say.  As for the company who makes the products "Vetpharm" sham on you for taking short cuts and not producing the cation label necessary for this product. I have spent a lot of money at Pet Smart since they opened in my area, I love my animals, but I will NEVER set foot back into their store.

Do Not even attempt to try this product, no matter what they say! 

A chemical burn causes severe skin burning and irritation.

A chemical burn causes severe skin burning and irritation.

Unable to lick and sooth the area of irritation, the other option is to scratch.

Unable to lick and sooth the area of irritation, the other option is to scratch.

Because cats cover their feces, their claws are exposed to harmful microorganisms.

Because cats cover their feces, their claws are exposed to harmful microorganisms.

Scratching profusly breaking the skin, quickly causes a staph infection

Scratching profusly breaking the skin, quickly causes a staph infection




· Federal Trade Commission

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· American Association of Veterinary State Boards

· CEO of Banfield

· Contact the CEO of PetSmart and let them know that you’ll NOT shop PetSmart until they kick Banfield to the curb.

All instructions, website, address, and information needed to file an informative complaint are listed in the bottom comment section.


Faye Lewis on May 15, 2018:

I put this product on my beautiful long haired, blue eyed ragdoll cat. My little Angel "Snowsea". She began to run around our bedroom. She went to the corner with her head down. I picked her up, she was bleeding from her nose and mouth and Snowsea died in my arms. I didn't even use all of the product which I applied correctly. I was trying to help my Cat and instead I lost her and will be unable to forgive myself forever. I wish I would of never ever used this product every day of my life .The medicine I used stated in black and white for CATS with a photo of a cat. I double checked that I had the correct tube, I double checked the dosage-cat weight was correct before I applied.

lynn on February 27, 2015:

i my cat had one flea o him i was given first shield he is now very sick i went back to the vet and i was told he proberly had a bad reactsion to it and bring him back in and i will have to pay another 200 dollars seems to me they should make him better being as there product did this his hair is falling out all over and has lost a ton of weight what can i do to help him

Meep on June 14, 2014:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. First shield trio SPECIFICALLY states on the applicator, "DO NOT APPLY TO CATS" it's lethal you idiot. Just normal first shield can be used on cats but not trio. Sure banfield is to blame for giving you trio instead of the normal but you're also at fault for not being able to read.

Charles Boot on May 05, 2014:

I thank you all for your comments and awareness. I feel fortunate for having read them as I research the pros and cons of adopting a cat. It is clear to me that the risk for fleas and other parasites greatly outweighs our ability to effectively prevent their infestations, as from what I've read in my research, every single flea medication on the market that has any real effect comes with potentially deadly side effects.

Between the info I've read here and other places on the WWW about flea and parasite medications, which are, at best, a choice among lesser evils, plus the info I've read about how declawing an indoor cat is cruel, I think that the wise decision for me and my family is to leave the feline adopting to folks like you whose love for cats goes beyond considering them as simply a family house pet.

You do a good work and have my respect. Every potential cat owner should read this blog before they adopt so to make a truly informed decision. God bless you, and, again, thank you for the info! .

sandy on November 15, 2012:

i purchased first shield today for my cat over 9lbs. when i first applied it, she began to scratch but she had been scratching already from the fleas. about 2 hours later she slept for 5 hours. i woke her up and made her eat something. i then washed off the product from where it was applied. other than sleeping a lot (1st day) she seems to be okay. i don't see any fleas though. after reading these comments, i will find another product. i have used revolution in the past and i think i will use it the next time i treat her for fleas. i pray that she is purky tomorrow. i am so sorry for all that have lost their pets to this product and thank you for sharing and making others aware.

No problems on September 15, 2012:

I recently went to Petsmart/Banfield and spoke with the person in charge about a flea problem. A recently acquired cat has fleas and a cat I've had for a year doesn't [yet - fleas and flea eggs are damn resilient].

He was incredibly helpful and pleasant, listened to my situation, and walked through a few possible options. He recommended FirstShield, but he also explained the pros and cons of other products. Ultimately, it was MY CHOICE to purchase FirstShield. I was forced into nothing.

I applied an appropriate recommended dosage to both cats, one over 9lbs and the other under 9lbs, one male and the other female, two different kinds of fur, and neither cat had a negative reaction. Thus far, the product seems to be working fine.

I am sorry to hear about each of your unpleasant experiences, but cats are living creatures with individual biological systems, and they're going to have different reactions to the same product (much like humans).

If you're looking for horror stories, you're going to find plenty... because people who are dissatisfied with a product are far more likely to review it online than those who are satisfied.

tonya sills on September 15, 2012:

makes me very concerned exactly what i put on my cat because she get's one flea she goes bonkers she's got herself all scabbed up and im to the point of calling her vet .

lorpLonee on July 08, 2012:





Mike on July 04, 2012:

First Shield isn't for cats. its for dogs, it shouldn't have been prescribed

narria on June 24, 2012:

I have used First Shield Trio from Banfield on all 4 of my cats and both of my dogs. It is a great product that works. Unfortunately some animals , like people have bad reaction to some medications. I am truly sorry for what your kitty went through. please don't blame Banfield or Petsmart, it was no ones fault. Your kitty had a reaction, and as many cats are sensitive it is recommended to test a spot for 24 hours before applying skin products.

harri on June 22, 2012:

I had the exact same experience! I was told the product was identical to Frontline and as the expense was an issue for me, I was able to buy single dosages which cost less. However, when I applied it to my dogs (two Schnauzers) their reaction was horrible! They ran around the room shaking and rolling and trying to rub it off. Both of them had the same reaction. I grabbed them and put them in the tub and washed it off. This product needs to be banned from the market!

Doug on May 20, 2012:

Why are people blaming Petsmart? The store doesn't sell first shield, Banfield does. You can walk right down the aisle from the clinic and take your pick from advantix, frontline or fiproguard. Blame Banfield for offering it, not Petsmart.

Csilla on May 19, 2012:

I have been using first Shield on my cats for three months and my cats are fine. I tried frontline but it does not work. The Bandfield in my petsmart is very good they really care about your animals. I am so sorry your cat had a reaction to it. I am a little worried to use first shield after reading this but it worked so well with the fleas.

LAURA on May 08, 2012:

Do a internet search under: Pyrethrin and Pyrethroid Toxicity in Cats

You will see numerous articles about Permethrin, which is the ingredient in First Shield. Sorry about your poor cat. They trust us so much, it hurts when we hurt them.

sammyjoy on May 07, 2012:

I am shocked and terrified by this news! I have been very happy with Banfield until now. My puppy has been on First Shield since he was two months old and he is ten months now. Thank goodness I read this before applying it today! I am of course discontinuing immediately. What should I buy???

linda61 on May 05, 2012:

We have a black lab mix and was using First Shield Trio and he started having a skin reaction after about 3 days and was told that was common and not to worry. He done this after each time it was apply. Then he got a bad skin infection on his behind where it had been apply. He kept biting at it and had to take meds for it. We had asked the vet if it could be from the First Shield and was told no. Now he has tumors coming up all over on his body. The last time we had him at the vet they had looked at them. And again we asked could this be for the use of First Shield and was told no. We told them he never had them before starting First Shield. And was told not to worry about them. We had stopped using the med and his tumors seem to be getting bigger. He has another vet appt coming up soon. Right now he has about 3 to 4 tumors. As an animal lover he is our world and yes he is spoiled rotten. We did not know if anyone else was having a problem with First Shield Trio. Did not know where to go to from here.

Hayley on April 22, 2012:

I used Frontline on my cat and it didn't do anything. She was still crawling with fleas weeks later. I waited 3 weeks and re-applied and still nothing. After using 3 months worth there was still no relief from the fleas. Banfield recommended First Shield to me because it's stronger than Frontline and a lot of fleas have become immune to Frontline's ingredient. I applied First Shield a week ago and all the fleas are gone. She didn't have any reaction. Maybe some cats are more sensitive to certain chemicals than others. I'm sorry about your cat and I'm glad she's all better.

Jan on April 09, 2012:

I put "First Shield" on my dog Gracie, she weights about 70 pounds. I put the flea control on as suggested and she began to shank and crawl around as if trying to get if off. I did not understand and went onto work. The dog was acting strange and could not seem to focus. Now, I know what the problem was. First Shield. I have a new dog, Boston Terrier and was about to put on her, which Pet Smart suggested: I am so glad I went to find side effects and directions on applying. Might of saved my baby dog.

winkie on April 06, 2012:

Just checked the revolution4cats website, where I found this info:

"EPA Advises Precautions on Use of Spot-On Pesticides

on Dogs & Cats

As a pet owner, you may have seen a recent update from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding safety issues with a number of the spot-on pesticides commonly found in pet stores and veterinary hospitals. To avoid confusion, we wanted you to be aware of the following information.

Revolution is a prescription-only, FDA-approved medication available only through a veterinarian – and is NOT a pesticide registered by the EPA. Although topically applied, Revolution is a systemically acting, broad-spectrum parasiticide that has a well defined safety profile combined with excellent efficacy to help protect your dog and cat against a wide variety of parasites. Your veterinarian is the best source of information to ensure the proper healthcare of your pet.

Revolution is generally well-tolerated. In studies, less than 1% of cats and dogs experienced digestive upset. Approximately 1% of cats experienced temporary hair loss at the application site. Do not use in sick, weak or underweight animals."

winkie on April 06, 2012:

Like erthfrend, I experienced a similar situation after using Revolution on one of my two cats (the other was fine). My poor kitty gave me a look I'll never forget, and bolted. He stayed hidden for two days, and then showed up with missing fur and a big sore spot/scab where the med had been applied. I did report the reaction to the manufacturer, and later received a follow-up call from one of their veterinarians, who told me that some cats do experience those reactions, and that the fur would grow back in. It's been a few years, but I think she said that 1 in 100 cats react.... yikes! But what do we expect, putting pesticides on our poor pets.

Paulart from 2510 Warren Avenue Cheyenne,Wyoming 82001 on February 28, 2012:

Wow very informative hub.

Joy on February 22, 2012:

The funny thing is I just called them to see what product they recommended and it was this one. I will never use them again. Thank God I saw this story before going to buy it.

Joy on February 22, 2012:

Why are they even recommending this product for cats?!!! I have read over and over again that this product is for dogs only!!! The cats chemistry can't handle this product to the point that they cannot even come in contact with a dog that has just had this product put on.

Andie on February 20, 2012:

I just came back from our vet. Went to PetSmart last week for Advantage, and Vet Tech told me First Shield was so much better, more effective. My cats flipped out after we applied it - scratching, howling, climbing on tables, desks, cabinets, etc. Then fell into lethargy, had vomiting, bad breath. Doc just drew blood, suspecting metabolic problems as a result of the First Shield. I am so upset with myself for having trusted PetSmart. My doc told me about the pages and pages of toxicity reports and accounts of grand mal seizures and death related to this product. DO NOT BUY THIS and be sure to file complaints with PetSmart. Join in the class action lawsuits. This has to be stopped!

Active Nutrition from Sammamish, WA on November 03, 2011:

My maltese and bichonpomeranian poodle have been hiding, shaking,whining and having difficulty walking after i applied Firstshield Trio. One of the active ingredients in First Shield Trio is Permethrin which can also cause tremors, seizures and difficulty walking. I called the manufacturer and they advised washing in Palmolive dishsoap to remove the product. I used Palmolive just on the area where i applied the product. They are a bit better but still seems uncomfortable so i was advised to give them antihistamine.

Eric from Seattle, WA on October 31, 2011:

This is a great hub and we are very thankful for this. Our little Maltese is experiencing some very strange side effects from this medication. She's shaky and acting very very strangely. We read some horrible side effects including liver damage, and our little puppy already doesn't have the bets liver in the world. She was diagnosed at 7 months with a liver shunt, so this certainly is horrifying news. We are calling the vet now and wanted to pass on our thanks to you for this hub.

anonymous on October 13, 2011:

I feel for you all and have seen many of these cases in the veterinary field. I worked (past tense for a reason) for the aforementioned veterinary clinic chain and they really did brainwash their employees into thinking this was a safe product, they even sent us home with some. Some of us did our research though and didn't recommend it (even though you got in HUGE trouble) I feel for you and wish you never had to go through these atrocities. I hope your kitty continues to get better and stay better!

Babs on October 12, 2011:

Im so sorry about your dog.. They do have class action law suits you can get involved in. Although the settlement will unlikely reimburse the cost of all the vet bills and nothing will compensate for the loss of your pupp, it will cause a financial burden on the company, maybe one day enough they can no longer produce this sh*t.

Im so frustrated with those who read this and other horrific incidents, but try and even announce that their going to use the product anyways. Yes, it has just shown minor adverse effects on some animals, but to take the gamble that can result in the above and even death is irresponsible and maybe those whiling to take that gamble should think twice about being a pet owner..

diane on October 12, 2011:

I will never use this product again EVER!I had used it for 2 years,but as soon as i noticed the fleas this sept 2011 i purchased 3 tubes. 1 for large dog,1 for cat, and 1 for small dog. it had been several months since their last application.Hours after applying to my mini daschund,who was only 6 and never any health problems started vomiting.the next day she was not getting i called banfield where i purchased and they told me to wash her down with dawn dish soap to try to get as much off of her.she seemed ok but didn't want to get up, eat or just be her barky self.of corse it was the weekend so i waited another day although i don't think it would of mattered.the next day was hell...her gums started to turn yellow i new it was got so bad she couldn't stand i new i had to rush her to a emercency the time i got her there she had gone totally blind,lethargic and wouldn't even respond to me,vomiting. I had no choice but to put her down. I wish i could sue this company it angers me so much.PLEASE DON'T USE FIRST SHIELD. for i wouldn't want this to happen to anyone else..RIP "WEINER" Im sorry I killed u with that POISON. angry in ohio...Diane

YorkieBoy on October 04, 2011:

Hello All - My little boy Tank, a Yorkie was INFESTED with ticks. Apparently a tick had laid eggs on him and he had literally 50 or more bites/larva baby ticks on him. I immediately took him to Banfield (PetSmart Vet) and they told me there was nothing they could do … it was just too many ticks for them to remove them but I should treat him with First Shield. I had my final treatment of First Shield at home so I took him home and immediately applied the treatment. To my surprise, the ticks immediately began to die! I was ecstatic, I couldn’t believe how quickly ALL of the ticks died and begin to fall off of him in a matter of minutes. SO that’s the good news.

We had been using First Shield for at least the last 4 months because that how many come in the box when purchased from Banfield. I cannot recall him having a reaction to the treatments in the past. After I treated him, he began to itch like crazy … for WEEKS. I too HAD TO PURCHASE the special shampoo and anti-biotics to control the itch – which did not help. So I had to go back the following week so my little boy could get an injection to stop the itching (which I had to pay for). I chucked it all up to being a reaction from the tick bites. But as I read these posts and I was preparing to purchase his next treatment of First Shield (because I was so impressed with how quick it killed the ticks), I am certain not comfortable putting this medication back on my little boy. It’s been a month since this happened and he has healed well but there are still a few sores. I will go back to Front Line to avoid any potential issues.

I agree that Banfield is a money machine. They are disconnected from your pets needs and more interesting in stacking medications, treatments and “recommended” services that are not covered under their so-called preferred program. I can’t wait until my contract is up!

Thanks to all that bought this poison to our attention. Sorry to all that lost their extended family trying to protect them.

angie's mom on September 10, 2011:

Hi, I am Angie's mom and I am sad to say she has past away today September 10,2011.She had been treated for seizures for a little over a year.She was doing good,no seizures for a few months.She started to get fleas and I went to her vets and got her topical flea protection.It was FIRST SHIELD TRIO and 5 hours later she was having seizures.They were back to back.Took her to the vets and they said they do not know what caused them.Well she was fine until I put that on her and now she is gone.PLEASE DO NOT USE FIRST SHIELD TRIO ON YOUR ANIMALS.

angie on September 08, 2011:


DEE on August 29, 2011:


Judith on August 25, 2011:

Give Trifexis to your pets people. I use it on my dogs and it works great.

Maureen on June 02, 2011:

Just think of the poor animals that are forced to wear this product in studies. I inquired about First Shield for my pets, but I believe I will stick to the tried and true methods of Frontline after reading your story. Thanks for your story I am sorry your cat had to go through that. 2 of my cats are allergic to fleas and scratch enough if they get 1 bite I cannot imagine what they would do if they had a reaction to medication. So glad I looked up info

Stephanie on May 24, 2011:

I wish I had done more research but can not afford the good stuff so when Banfield started to sell the first shield and since they are vets, I trusted them. I have been using this product since they first started selling it without any incident until this past Sunday night. After putting the medicine on, my cat started seizing. I could not afford to take him to the emergency clinic so I waited until Banfield opened the next morning. He seized all night and by the time they were open, they could not get the seizing to stop. They tried for over an hour before we had to put him to sleep. Because of this product, my baby is gone. I am writing this in hopes that someone else can save their beloved pet before it is to late like it is for me. I hope you know how lucky you are that your baby only got burned. I wish that is all that happened to mine.

Lindsay on May 01, 2011:

Same here... I got t from my vet at 6 month cav wouldn't stop scratching and rolling to get the med off... I immediately washed it off of him and I'm planing to give him... He is fine now... Back to normal ... I might give him benadryl to be on the safe side... I pray he is fine tomorrow..

shannonsgirl on April 25, 2011:

I decided to some more research on vectra and just found out that the parent company of the makers of it just happens to be hartz. I will no longer use it because of the fact that it is a hartz product and they have been poisening animals for years. It took a lot of research to uncover that they are essentially the same company because they want to keep it under wraps since vets usually avoid hartz products like a plague since most have seen first hand the damage they cause. I don't even think vets realize that they are now peddlers for hartz.

shannonsgirl on April 25, 2011:

If you haven't heard of another flea med that causes proplems like this one had than i would like you to go to and this product was causing such widespread problems that it was featured on nbc news. As for first shield I will definitely keep an eye on the yorkie although it has worked for him the best. I'm sure your post has saved a few animals but as i said it is always buyer beware i learned this the hard way with hartz so i know from expierence

FrankiesGirl6Yr (author) from South Carolina on April 22, 2011:

Good for you, I’m happy your animals did not have to go through this terrible experience, BUT BANFIELD IS AS MUCH RESPONSIBLE AS Vetpharm.. Banfield discarded all other flea medication when they cut a deal with Vetpharm. Also thousands of complaints had been made to Banfield in regards to deaths and side effects surrounding this product. Banfield decided to continue to sell and promote the product anyway as if nothing was wrong. Several former and current employees have come forward and revealed this information. Their testimony has contributed greatly to these class action law suits. That fact is Banfield is responsible because they were aware of the side effects and LIED to clients who inquired about the product. I decided to write this hub and reveal the damage this product caused my cat so that others animals would not have suffer. Again this product has killed and damaged thousands of animals, creating enough devastation for the now 5 class action law suits. Through all of my research and research of many others, we have vet to find another flea medication to cause the problems this medication has. As for your Yorkie, this medication has affected small dogs and cats the worst!! And not all animals wear effected the first time. In fact most showed discomfort for a couple of days after the first use, it was the second use that lead to seizers, mass hair loss, chemical burns, staph infections and death. Banfield is one of the only “Vets” if you want call them that, that still carries this product, most (98%) of the private vets have never used or dropped this product.

To everyone who chooses to continue to use this product, fine their your animals, but this hub is a warning for those who rather not take the chance. If you have only used the product once or have yet to use it, I suggest you research consumer reports. Like I mentioned before this is not an isolated incident, you can find hundreds of stories like mine…. Lastly, for those employed by Banfield, you have lied enough about this product to the people who have trusted their family members in your hands. I am asking that you not continue to give your opinion or make up stories any further and comment on this warning. It has already been brought to my attention that this has already happened at least once on this page.

shannonsgirl on April 21, 2011:

I have two dogs a rottie and a yorkie and use first shield on both without any problems except that the rottie still has a few fleas. Anytime you put a pesticide (that is what all flea meds essentally are) you assume a risk that there could be side effects. There should have been a warning on the label yes but the person at banfield is not responsible. That would be like the people who had issues with heartz sueing the grocery store they bought it at. That didn't work for them and unfortunately i doubt it will work for you. Be thankfull your cat has recovered. With any product it is always buyer beware.

FrankiesGirl6Yr (author) from South Carolina on April 16, 2011:

Whatever stupid, you have the dog brand Duhh.... Before you post stupid comments I suggest you look the product up and see that they make this crap for cats as well... Obviously you can not read or just don't care about the safty of you animal, because even though there are several law suits out on the product for KILLING cats and dogs AND hundreds of testimonals on what sh*t had done to their animals, your still going to put it on your animal.. FREAK!!!!

Joe L on April 08, 2011:

I have this product in my hand, on the box it SPECIFICALLY says ... don't use on cats. Duhh...

Shannon on November 30, 2010:

My kitten is at my vet right now having seisures because Banfield put the kitten first shield in the 55-85 pound dog first shield. my kitten started having seisures this morning an I took him to Banfield and the vet there told me he didn't know what was wrong with the kitten but for 310.00 he would keep it an put an iv in him an give him some other meds, I took my kitten else where they knew what was wrong an there tryin to save him as I type. They never told me any of the first shield was toxic to anyone or animal! But they did offer to give me the right product for my dog as if I would knowingly put anything toxic on my kids or animals....

FrankiesGirl6Yr (author) from South Carolina on November 22, 2010:

Well Kim, the problem is, is that Vets are our animals healthcare providers and when put in a situation were they are "RAVING" about how great this new product is, you tend to believe what their telling you.

I do not take my animals to Banfield and was unaware of their lack of concern for animals. My vet, unlike Banfield, I have always been satisfied with and they have never guided me in the wrong direction.

So just so there is NO confussion, maybe they should disclose all reported side effects instead of taking a chance on the animal to make a buck.

Kim on November 22, 2010:

Those pics are awful and it's a tragedy that your poor cat has suffered like that. I guess I've been lucky as both my cats as well as my dog are currently on first shield with no problems. Even though this product is sold exclusively at Banfield, Petsmart began selling frontline and advantage over the counter. So, just because you go to Banfield, it does not mean you are locked into purchasing first shield. I feel really lucky that my babies haven't reacted to that stuff, hope they never do.

Adina on November 20, 2010:

I put FirstShield on my puppy last night and I woke up with her throwing up this morning. She threw up quite a bit and was trembling.

I checked the papers they gave me for the medicine and it didn't have anything about side effects or the ingredients of the product.

So I did some research.

FirstShield is actually Vectra3D, a medication that, due to how toxic it is, is being recalled. Banfield exclusively sells this product under the name of FirstShield without giving any kind of warnings to the owners.

The product contains a pesticide called Permethrin that is highly toxic to cats and very harmful to other animals. It makes up 36% of the medicine. To even put it in the product and market it is a blatant disregard to the proper care of animals. People are buying this and putting it on their beloved pets.

When you put it on your animal, you're basically applying poison.

I was mad.

I've sent emails with all of my research into four of my local news stations here in Charlotte, NC. Hopefully someone will find it's a good story and make the public aware of it.

Someone needs to pay for this.

Teresha on November 07, 2010:

I think it's important to also contact Summit VetPharm the maufacturers of FirstShield Trio to report your case. They have an incident hotline and a review committee.


Teresha on November 07, 2010:

I feel so bad for your kitty! My dog had a similar reaction...$600 in "vet" bills. They don't care, it's all $$$ in their pockets. I am preparing a letter because I want out of our Banfield wellness plan. They are butchers!!!

FrankiesGirl6Yr (author) from South Carolina on September 30, 2010:


I actually saw tracie hotchner's blog when I first started researching problems this crap has caused for others, apparently she’s big on promoting, pay off maybe? I actually commented and sent her numerous stories of the harmful effects this product has causes and suggested that if she was not going to quit promoting the product, at least tell your listeners that they should research the product and not make a choice solely on her opinion. I guess the numerous stories weren’t convincing enough.

I am very sorry about dog. If you used Banfield as the vet for the problem, I would take her some where else.

linda fontana on September 30, 2010:

i was advised to use vextra or first shield by tracie hotchner radio pet lady who had a talk show on WOR AM. i purchased this product at banfield in the petsmart store. i began using it on my toy maltese june, july august, my dog now has large tumors some ozing. i took her to the vet and she said it looked like a bacteria gave me antibiotics and a certain medicated shampoo. it has gotton worse. i believe it was from using first guard.

Lindy on September 28, 2010:

I had purchased First shield a month ago and was going to use on my outside cats. I decided to do some research first and all I could find was BAD things about the product. So I took it back to Banfield and went to Pet Supplies Plus and purchased Frontline. It seemed to work for one of my cats, but not the other. I will do another month to see if it helps. I am so THANKFUL for the posts online about First Shield, so nothing bad happened to my kids (cats).

Monkey Boo Boo on September 27, 2010:

Yes, I was inflicted also! My owner was soo excited to hav a liquid that came out of tube quickly, so I wouldn't run from her when I realized what she was doing. My brother and sister were ok, other than we all scratched alot for a day after we received the application. Well, for me I lost a patch of fur the size of a quarter just where she applied it. My owner just figurded out the problem. Here's is her account: my name is Shari. Monkey Boo Boo is right, I didn't know what had happened to his fur. the patch of fur fell out about three days after I applied to him. I couldn't figure out why. I figured I would keep an eye on it and go to vet if it got worse. Well it had started growing the fur again so no worries. I went on line to purchase more for this months application, it would be the second application for them, and I came across this message! Thank you, I will use something else.

FrankiesGirl6Yr (author) from South Carolina on September 21, 2010:

Hi Betty,

(and others who's animals have been hurt)

You can guide your buyers and participate yourself, by joining one of the THREE class action lawsuits that are being considered or in preparation against Banfield Pet Hospitals by going to the law firms’ websites and listing your complaints. Banfield sells this product exclusively, eliminating the option to purchase any of the other flea medications. Those who are unaware of the product and want to purchase their flea medication during a “one stop and shop” are being side swiped by the harmful effects, due to the praise (lies) Banfield gives the product in order to make a quick buck. The more people that sign-up, the greater the resolution and possibility that you’ll be compensated for your emotional distress down the road, more importantly the better chance this product, as well as it’s sellers, will be forced to remove it from the market.

The law firms are as follows:

Once there clink on "Inquire About Your Potential Case" and fill out the online form giving specific details of your problems regarding Banfield. Please, make sure that you include either your phone number or send them an email on the link within the "Inquire" link.

Complete the online form outlining your experiences.

Complete the online form outlining your experiences.

Please, make sure that you share your experiences regarding billing issues, pet care (or lack therefore of), names of staff, location of hospitals and if you've ever written to the corporate offices and if so, what was the response if any. Remember, the more people that join the class action lawsuits, the greater the chances of resolution and restitution.

*~*~*Other ways you can file a complaint; First Shields manufacture is listed in the hub above. I have filed a complaint against Banfield and Vetpharm*~*~*

• Go to (Federal Trade Commission) and file a VERY QUICK online complaint. Make sure that you give any contract numbers, names of staff, address of the hospital that you used, leave out unnecessary details (short and sweet) and name the CEO as the contact person: Dr. Scott Campbell, CEO, Banfield, The Pet Hospital, 8000 NE Tillamook

Portland, OR 97213. The FTC will issue fines if they receive enough complaints.

Contact the American Association of Veterinary State Boards by calling 1-877-698-8482 or and ask them for the website, phone number and/or address for the regulatory board for your state, then file a complaint against Banfield’s license in that state.

Write directly to the CEO of Banfield (or at least print and copy all of your complaints to all of the agencies above and mail a copy to: Dr. Scott Campbell, CEO, Banfield, The Pet Hospital, 8000 NE Tillamook Portland, OR 97213 Phone 800-838-6738 Fax 866-477-5120 email:

Post these instructions on every complaint forum and website mentioning Banfield that you can find on Google.

Contact the CEO of PetSmart and let them know that you’ll NOT shop PetSmart until they kick Banfield to the curb. They are separate companies but who would want to support a store that allows another business to operate using such bad business practices while being inside their stores? Contact: Philip L. Francis, CEO, PetSmart, Inc., 19601 N. 27th Ave, Phoenix AZ 85027, phone 623-580-6100.

erthfrend from Florida on September 21, 2010:

Thank you so much for the info. We depend on professionals to provide us with safe products for our pets and unfortunately we cant always trust them. I feel so bad for your cat, the sores look just awful. I had a similar situation with Revolution. Both my cats had bald spots (not awful sores like your cat though) and my dog had a severe reaction resulting in excessive drinking, vomiting and lethargy. Needless to say, i NEVER used Revolution again! I sure hope your kitty is okay!

Betty on September 21, 2010:

I sold a healthy puppy to someone just 3 weeks ago. They were given First Shield to put on the puppy for fleas. Within a couple of hours the puppy started acting lethargic and quit eating. The puppy was taken the vet and later they were told to come and get the puppy as it was much better. Two days later the pup is DEAD! Do NOT use this product!!

FrankiesGirl6Yr (author) from South Carolina on September 05, 2010:

Owe they know, Not only have numerous letters, complaints, and the demand of refunds come in to Banfield Pet Hospital, but they're also the ones that cut a deal with First Shield to exclusively sell their, product, in return, receiving the product at a more than discounted rate. Also while researching this product (you know I do my research rdcast) I came across more than a few horror stories on Banfield Pet Hospitals greedy help tactics in the animals time of need. Not only do they seem to charge more than the normal vet, but they also tend to persuade their customers into purchasing more medication than the animal really needs. Banfield Pet Hospital has these “preferred customers plans” and in the plan, in very small writing, they require a member to continue paying the monthly fee for the remainder of the year, even if their pet had to be euthanized. So what I'm saying is, not only do they know of the harmful side effects, but are probably hoping to profit from the animals harm.

rdcast from God's Green Earth on September 05, 2010:

yup, looks like a loser of a product. I don't believe the people involved in selling it are liars tho. That would imply they had knowledge that it would have the adverse effect it obviously had. I would focus my anger solely on the manufacture who may be using the pets of purchasing customers as test animals. That would make them criminally liable.

Renee S from Virginia on September 05, 2010:

Awwww. Poor kitty. Great pics and great hub.

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