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Feeding a Fussy Cockapoo

Cockapoos tend to be fussy eaters, so they usually need special attention when it comes to feeding them. Cockapoos can be very picky and there are two possible routes to go about feeding them.

The first is to try out a variety of foods to see which one your dog likes best. This could help you find the right food for your Cockapoo, but it also introduces them to other kinds of foods. This could potentially worsen the fussiness because your dog may want different kinds of foods on different days, and they may refuse to eat what you give them.

The other route is to find a food and brand that will work for your dog and their needs, and to just stick with it. This helps with the fussy eating because they only know that one type of food is available, so they will have to eat it when they are hungry, even if they put it off for a while.

My Cockapoo, Odom, has always been a fussy eater, but we have found some ways to help him through it. We decided to pick one specific brand of food and stick with it so that he is used to it. In the beginning we had silver bowls that he could see his reflection in, which scared him, so I recommend getting non-reflective plastic or glass bowls.

What always helps Odom eat is to put a few pieces of kibble on the floor leading up to the bowl, and once he eats those, we show him the rest of the food is in the bowl where he can finish eating. After he finishes the food in his bowl, it is always helpful to give him a treat after because it shows him that he gets rewarded for finishing his food. To conclude, we follow these three simple steps to feed our fussy Cockapoo:

1. Find the food that is a right fit for your dog

2. Make them feel comfortable enough to eat (non-reflective bowls, food trail leading up to the bowl)

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3. Reward your dog for finishing their food

Hopefully, by following these steps you can help your fussy Cockapoo eat too!

Cockapoos are fussy eaters and will boycott eating if it comes down to it. They learn to be picky eaters by being offered many different types of food. Another tip is to cut back on treats if they are given excessively. Your Cockapoo may not be eating because they are simply waiting for tastier treats. Another tip is to keep a feeding schedule, it might help your dog to eat around the same time every day. For example, Odom likes to eat around dinner time when we are all eating as well. Don't stress about it, your Cockapoo will eat, you just have to find what works for them! Good luck!


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