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Euthanasia an Eye Sore in America

Piles of dogs and cats after being euthanized

Piles of dogs and cats after being euthanized

Animals can not voice their opinion

This year in America, 8 million dogs and cats will be euthanized because owners refuse to spay or neuter their animals and keep breeding them like they are rabbitts. People adopt dogs and cats then decide "Oh well I can't deal with this" and return them to death row. To many excuses why animal owners can pay 40 bucks and drop their animals off at a kill shelter with no remorse or ill feelings.

Excuses ranging from "I'm moving and can't take her with me" to "I'm sick of having to clean up the mess he is making" are just sickening to me.

First of all when adopting a pet there are some things that you already know.

1) There is always a possibility that you will at some point have to move.

2) That the animal you are adopting may need behavior training because they have been cooped up in a shelter so long, they don't know how to act when they get freedom.

3) This animal that you have adopted is part of your family and you would not turn your child over for peeing on the floor or messing up the house.

4) Animal upkeep is expensive and they require just as much time as having a child.

Breeders need to be shut down. There are too many dogs and cats in high kill shelters waiting on their death sentence. We are the ones that have domesticated these animals but no one wants to take responsibility as to what happens to them.

So many people think euthanasia is humane but it's not. When we have our animals put to sleep, the vet puts them under with anesthesia first before they administer the injection to put them down. The animal feels nothing. When animals are euthanized they are not so lucky to get the anesthesia but be given a large dose of a lethal injection and they suffer for moments before they actually die.

Strict laws need to be put in place against owners who throw away their pets like a piece of garbage. Just like stricter laws need to be put in place for people who abuse animals.

I have three cats, two iguanas, two snakes, a hampster and four fish tanks. When I move or if I move they will go with me. They are my pets, my family, my other children. How could I even think for one minute that I could live with myself giving any of them away.

Look at these videos and tell me that this is the right way to treat animals.

Adopt a pet from a shelter, not a breeder. These animals deserve to be loved. They deserve to have a decent home and not be put down because no one took the time to train them. Get your dogs or cats spayed or neutered so that they don't have to be put down or breed needlessly. We need to stop this abuse because it is abuse.

What can we do to help? Write to your local congress men and women, your senators and any other officials in your community. This is something that needs action from every individual not just a few. Let their voices be heard.


Jacksonville Florida is helping homeless pets

Every three to four months Jacksonville, Fl is hosting mega adoption pets with over 1,000 dogs or cats to choose from. This number is alarming that in only three months this many animals are homeless again. Our shelters take in an average of 54 dogs and cats every single day. It was so bad that they put up a sign that said "the shelter is full any kittens less then 1lb will be euthanized immediately". No shelter should have to do this because they don't get the funding they need to build bigger shelters to care for all the throw away pets.

As a child, we always had animals. We never threw any of them away. We kept them until they could no longer live a quality life and then we humanely had them put to sleep. That is the right thing to do.

When you adopt a pet, it is for life and if you are not willing to take that into consideration, then you need to not adopt. The animals are better at the shelter then going home with someone they think is going to be their forever home, only to be turned back in when they are no longer wanted.

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Throwing away unwanted pets

Please Adopt Don't Shop

If you adopt a dog or cat, please have them spay or neutered. 8 million animals are being euthanized each year. It is cruel. Imagine how they feel because they know something is not right. Animals can smell death and imagine having to walk that last walk to the room of death.

They resist because they know what is going to happen. Dogs are not dumb in any terms. If you can't make a pet your pet forever, then don't adopt. I realize there are circumstances that some people have to give up their pets such as if they are terminal. Every pet deserves to be in a loving home.

If you can't show mercy to a dog or cat then you have no heart.


Nadia Archuleta from Denver, Colorado on March 22, 2013:

I got my sweet Lindemann at a local shelter. It listed on the website that he had been there for two months, and I was so afraid he would never get a home. I always give to animal shelters. Thank you for this Hub, though there was no way I could watch the videos -- the picture alone brought tears to my eyes.

Levertis Steele from Southern Clime on March 22, 2013:

Oh, it is so sad to see the picture of the poor creatures above. I never saw anything like this before.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on March 22, 2013:

We so very much believe in what you are saying here. We would never consider purchasing an animal from a pet shop or side of the road. We have rescued many an abandoned dog and both of our cats from the streets. We are strong supporters of spaying and neutering and also supporting animal shelters. That first video was very touching! Will come back another time to view the others. Up and useful votes and sharing and tweeting.

Cheryl A Whitsett (author) from Jacksonville, Fl on March 20, 2013:

This horrible way of life for animals needs to come to an end. Society needs to stop this cruelity to animals.

LA Elsen from Chicago, IL on March 20, 2013:

I agree with you completely. No animal deserves this. We are such a disposable society - if it doesn't fit our lifestyle we disgard it for a newer better different item.

Nice Hub.Good use of a shocking image. It brings the topic into reality for people who want to pretend it is not there.

Eiddwen from Wales on March 20, 2013:

How sad and so common ; how awful the image of all those cats and dogs.

Voted up and thank you for sharing.


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