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Dog’s Expectations

A dog gives you unconditional love everyday. Everyday is a happy day. A dog is a big responsibility. There are many things to do for a dog.

Dog’s food


The Correct Time To Feed A Dog

I learned over the years of having dogs that it is better to leave the dish full of food all day long. They eat any time. Dogs have their routine to eat. They will always eat on time. Water time is the same. The water dish most is clean every day before adding water to the bowl. Treats must be given to reward the dogs when they have good behavior. Humans' food is allowed if it is permitted by the good judgment of the owner. There is some humans food that will make the dog restraint. Wet food allows the dogs good digestion. One tablespoon of wet food every day will keep dogs healthy. The food dish and water bowl must be placed in a clean area and away from getting contaminated by other products that it is harmful to the dogs.

Wet Food


Training The Dogs And Cleaning after Them

The dogs constantly have to be training. There are books and trainers to hired to instruct the dogs. It is easy. They listen and do well their command. Because they love treats. They love their family. A good way to clean the floors after the dogs mess them up. It is grabbing a wet paper towel with a spray of diluted bleach Inside a small plastic bag. Three cups of water with one spoon of bleach in a spray bottle will be safe for the dogs to smell later. When they walk into the clean area. The owner must get up earlier to prepare their day. It will be a fun earlier family time for the dogs. The dogs love to play for a few minutes. They get tired. They like to relax too.

Keeping The Dogs Clean And Fit

The bath most is given once a week with their proper dog’s shampoo that is formulated for their needs. Some shampoo has remedies for ticks and fleas. The Dogs love being dry with a big towel. The temperature of the water must be warm and the room not too cold. They can catch a cold. It is fun to take the dogs to the park or the yard for them to run around. It is difficult to get rid of the ticks. Dogs need to be check for ticks and fleas often. The dog's claws grow rapidly. A good dog claws cutter is sharp. If it is used too deep in the claws. It will hurt the dog. In the light the blood is visible. The pink section on the claws is sensitive. The claws cutter stays away from the pink shadow on the dog’s claws. A healthy happy dog is a piece of mind.

Comfortable Bed


Dogs Well Being And Their Surroundings

An open door to a secure backyard is important. The fence most is secure with lucks so they do not escape to a traffic street. The dogs have to visit a veterinarian for the yearly rabies vaccination and their tags. If the dogs get ticks. They visit a veterinarian to get a prescription pill And the ticks disappear in minutes after they take a pill. Dogs need to clean their teeth by themselves with treats from the pet shop. Dogs clean their teeth when they play. The toys can be clean with warm water and mild dish soap when they are dirty. The toys most are clear of soap. Any strong solution made of hazardous material can harm the dogs including some plants. If the dogs get cloudy eyes take them to the veterinarian. There are eye drops for cloudy eyes. The internet is a good source of information for problems that dogs encounter during their aging process.

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Sleeping Time And Cold Weather

The dogs can sleep in different kinds of beds. The owner can make a folded comforter and a small dog blanket. Dogs like to go under to cover themselves if they are cold. The pet shop has many different beds and items for the dogs to use. The dogs can wear sweaters during wintertime to keep them warm.


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