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Dog Parks in Denmark and Why Your Dog Would Love It

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According to the Dog Act 1976, dog owners must leash their dogs in public places such as parks, beaches, town sites, car parks, gardens etc. with the exception that, they could be exercised without restraint in areas where it is permitted, but with the owner in attendance and able to restrain the dog when necessary.

You might be wondering how you would be able to walk or exercise your dog with these restrictions. You really don’t have to worry; some specified areas in Denmark have been designated for leash-free dog exercising.

Some people think Denmark is a difficult place for dog owners and lovers due to these restrictions, but this is not the case. A large selection of holiday and residential homes and apartments is animal-friendly and comply with the legal requirement of allowing dogs. There are also beaches, parks and ‘’dog forests’’ where dog owners can take their dog to be exercised, play and run free without a leash. So you don’t have to worry about getting a dog or how to walk or exercise your dog.

You can walk your dog with a leash in permitted areas and beaches, and when you want your dog to play in the open and run free, there are several selections of great dog parks and “dog forests” that is an absolute must for you to visit with your beloved pet. Majority of these parks offer free areas for your dog to play and socialize with other dogs too.


Much like human beings, dogs love to run free and enjoy the outdoors. Always being on a leash could stress your dog out and put them on edge. Although you walk them with a leash, you should still consider taking your dog out to a dog park where they can run free without a leash for a while, it would rejuvenate them, and you would notice a happier and well-behaved pet.

There are several dog parks or dog forests in Denmark offering a wide range of interesting Dog activities. Most dog forests are designated, fenced off, free-roaming, no leash zones with lots of fresh air and space that would absolutely please your dog. Your dog can play and socialize with other dogs as you chat with other dog owners/lovers and trade notes.

According to Playcore, public dog parks are very good for dogs because they allow the dogs to get enough off-leash exercise and social activity with other dogs. They went further to state that, lots of dog owners have noticed a decreased level of troublesome behaviour from their dogs when they are adequately exercised both physically and mentally through this activity.

Also, your dog is not the only beneficiary of the activity, you also get to take a break and watch your pet play and socialize with other pets while you do the same.

Hundeskove offers a directory of the numerous options of dog parks in Denmark that you can browse through to find the perfect place for your canine friend. You can also go through the reviews of previous visitors, so you can use their experience in accessing the best option for you.

You can visit Hundeskove to overview the various dog parks in Denmark and the ones closest to you.

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