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Dog House Under Stairs

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Create a safe haven for your dog under the stairs

For those of you that have a two-story house, we are going to cover an excellent use of otherwise wasted space.

If you are in a single-story house please carry on.

For the two-story dwellers we are going to suggest some options that will make excellent use of that space and in the meantime add value to your living space.

You may not be aware of it but there is a lot of space under your stairs that can be put to use and if you own a dog it can become their safe haven.

You can make it a place where they can take their daily naps or just make it a hangout where they have their bed and feeding station.

We all need our private space and our pets are no different.

So with a little imagination some basic skills and some weekend time we can create an area that is one of a kind.

Dog beds under stairs.

One way of making use of the space under your stairs is to provide your dog with an over-sized bed where they can lounge.

If you provide an over-sized orthopedic bed they will want to hang out there for their nap time.

The entryway can be left open and you can use a wooden adjustable dog gate for when you need to secure your dog for whatever reason.

If they are the type that likes to jump on your guest whatever they arrive if you secure them behind a wooden gate they can still be part of the action without being a nuisance.

The more comfortable you make the space the more your dog will enjoy hanging out there, you may want to consider placing some of their favorite chew toys in the area to encourage them to hang out.

A huge advantage of having your dog’s bed under the stairs is it is not in your living space which can be a real pain especially if you have more than one dog and they are spoiled.


Creating a space for two dogs under stairs.

If you are lucky enough to have two dogs there is enough space in most homes that would allow an entry large enough to accommodate two dogs with no problem.

Depending on their size they may be able to share the same bed and feeding station that is if they are the type that gets along in close quarters.

There are a lot of options you can choose from for this project, some very simple or others that are a little more involved and may require using your mad DIY skills and some power tools.

One idea that is simple would be to cut an opening for your dog and provide a soft comfortable bed with their feeding and watering station.

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A look that is more finished off would be to frame the opening and install some type of door, which can be hinged or a mini barn door that slides open and closed side to side.

If you are really creative and have some advanced skills use a remote-controlled gate that you can open or close from your easy chair!

Maybe that is over the top?

Dog crate under the stairs.

One option that is super simple is to cut an opening under the stairs and just place a dog crate in the area under the stairs.

The crate will serve two functions one will provide your dog an area where they can be isolated for their alone time and also give you the option to secure for whatever reason.

A crate is very useful at times when you need to isolate your pet from visitors or other pets in the household especially if they are ill or recovering from a medical procedure.

There are crates that feature the option of opening from multiple sides so you would not have to worry whether it would work or not.


A privacy space for your dog.

If you have dogs like ours then you know how much they like to hang out with us and play fetch and a host of other activities.

However, after the playtime is over they may want to find a place to rest and every dog has their favorite spot it may be on the couch (if they are allowed) under the coffee table, or a host of other places.

If you create an inviting spot for them to go more than likely whenever they need some alone time that is where you will find them.

The call of the wild.

Our modern-day canine’s ancestors were den dwellers and it was a way of protecting their young this is a definition of a wolf den…

The opening to the den is approximately 20 to 28 inches wide and 15 to 20 inches high.

Dens sometimes will have two points of entry. Den sites are usually near a source of water and are usually elevated so that wolves can detect any threats that may be approaching.

Sound familiar with the water source and being able to see the action that is going on around them?

Our modern-day dog is very similar in that they want a safe secure spot with their water feeding stations nearby but being able to be involved with their surroundings.

The space under your stairs may have other uses.

If you don’t have any pets you can still use the space for a plethora of different uses, perhaps an office space or some unique shelving for your book collection (see image below).

All that is required for this project is some time and your creative imagination no matter what approach you take if it is done right it is a value-added to your home.

For homeowners that reside in areas that receive snowfall you can use the space for a mini mudroom, there is nothing worse than having wet clothing or shoes all over the house after everyone has been outside in the snow!


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Steven (author) from Las Vegas on February 21, 2020:

You are welcome... I have two dogs that rule the living space... I have been eyeing the space under the stairs for months now... any day now and out comes the saw!

Linda Chechar from Arizona on February 21, 2020:

I like the renovated dog's beds under the stairs. Thanks for sharing these great creative ideas!

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