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How A La-Chon (Lhasa-Bichon) is the Best Designer Dog Breed

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Just like a child...

My daughter loves to dress up her La-Chon.

My daughter loves to dress up her La-Chon.

What is a La-Chon?

A La-Chon is a legitimate, hybrid, desirable, designer, small dog that is 50% Lhasa Apso and 50% Bichon Frise. In this hub, I will try to answer many common questions asked why I think La-Chons make the best designer breed dogs and why I recommend them.

Are La-Chons hyper-allergenic?

Yes, I recommend a La-Chon to families with allergies to dogs. Their hair is considered more like human hair than dog hair. They do not shed. (unless they have a nasty scratch, then like humans they may lose some hair.) Three people in my family are highly allergic to animals and our La-Chon doesn’t bother them. She even takes turns sleeping next to the members of my family and still doesn’t have a problem. The only time a La-Chon may bother someone with allergies is if it has been awhile since they were bathed. If this is the case, then I usually recommend a bath and good brushing.

Can they be registered?

Yes. They are recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club as La-Chon. The pedigree has to be a registered Lhasa Apso or Bichon Frise, that can be mated together. For example you would need a male 100% Lhasa and female 100% Bichon or vice versa as long as they are both registered. (Like any dog, you don’t need to register them, but to guarantee their purebred it is better to go with registrations.)

They come in all sorts of colors.

One of the things that make a La-Chon so adorable are the different markings they can have.

One of the things that make a La-Chon so adorable are the different markings they can have.

What if I want to breed my designer dog?

If you have a La-Chon and want to breed it you would need to go thru the process of making sure its mate is a registered purebred. I highly recommend going with another 100% (50% Lhasa50% Bichon) La-Chon. But in some cases you can mate them with another 100% Lhasa or 100% Bichon. If you go with that type of mating, you will need to make sure that any of the offspring stay at ¾ Lhasa or ¾ Bichon. This sounds confusing so let me break it down better.

Barbie is a 100% La-Chon. She is being mated with Bob who is 100% Lhasa.

They have a pup named Scooby. He is considered ¾ La-Chon. The alpha breed is the Lhasa side.

Scooby gets old enough to breed, so the breeder must breed it with Barbie’s friend Alex who is 100% Bichon. The alpha breed is the Bichon.

Their offspring is considered ¾ La-Chon.

This is why I recommend going with the La-Chon’s that are 50% Lhasa -50% Bichon. It would be too confusing to try to keep the breed pure.

Dreaming of the big world before her.

She looks as if she has the weight of the world on her shoulders.

She looks as if she has the weight of the world on her shoulders.

Are La-Chons Intelligent?

Yes, a La-Chon is highly intelligent and easy to train. They have a terrific memory. Like a child they pick up bad habits faster than good, but are easy to train.For example: My daughter doesn’t really care for my brother-in-law, so she told our dog that he was bad and growled at him. Three times she told our dog this. Each time my brother-in-law walked by our dog would growl at him. It took me awhile to figure out why, till I heard my daughter laughing and told me what she had done. Needless to say, my daughter had to re-train our dog.

My family has taught her to fetch Barney, her ball, her bowl, and numerous other things. Like a child, they demand attention if they feel they deserve it and usually it doesn’t matter what you are doing. I have watched our dog follow in her daddy’s footsteps and collect all of her toys and drop them at my husbands feet. If he doesn’t play with her, she will sneeze on him. (A trick she learned from her dad, Sir Harley) If that doesn’t work, she will whine and jump up on her hind legs. She will even go as far as lightly pawing and throwing her head to get his attention. I’m sorry, but I can’t help but laugh when she does this. Lately, she has taken to sitting in my lap as I am working on the computer, since I only play with her at certain times. She has also decided that if anyone else is up in the house, then I need to be up. (This can be a problem sometimes, but again easy to fix with some training.) I usually remind my children that having a dog like this is equivalent to having a child. My daughter quite literally treats her as a baby, from the way she packs her around, to the way she plays with her, to even how she dresses her now that there is a designer line of dog cloths.

Long or short?

If you let a La-Chon's hair grow out, it will require daily brushing, just like us.

If you let a La-Chon's hair grow out, it will require daily brushing, just like us.

Is this breed high maintenance?

That would depend on if you want to grow their hair out or not. If the hair is cropped close then the answer is no. The upkeep would only be to take it in for regular hair cuts like you would your child. If you decide to grow their hair out then yes. It would take regular washing and brushing. La-Chons are beautiful with long wavy hair, but more work is required.

They sure are cute, but make sure they fit your families needs.

What are the downfalls of a La-Chon?

One downfall of a La-Chon is potty training. Because they are half Bichon, they can be a pain to potty train. Bichon’s can be hard to potty train. They are picky and stubborn that way. With consistency and training, it shouldn't be too hard to train the La-Chon. The main thing is if they tell you they need to go out, be sure to take them out right then or there is a guarantee that they will find a nice quiet corner or pile of your favorite clothes and pee. (I learned that this is a weapon they will use if they are mad at you too. Again, they have a terrific memory, just like a child.)

Another downfall of a La-Chon is that they can be stubborn. This comes from the Lhasa side. They know the difference of a “good” person and a “bad” person, just like a child will tell you that someone is “creepy”. Once a La-Chon makes up their mind about something, they can be stubborn to change it. For example: My dog has decided lately that she has to make sure there are no cats in our yard before she gets into the car for a ride. She also thinks she has to go everywhere we go. Consistent training is the only way to break this bad habit, because if they think this behavior is ok, they will continue to do it.

La-Chon’s are great with kids, but occasionally don’t like strange or small children pick them up. If the small child is in the household and the La-Chon is familiar with them, this usually isn’t a problem unless the child torments them.

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If you don’t have time to work with this kind of breed I wouldn't recommend getting one. These pets are terrific for elderly, families, or active people who enjoy small dogs. They are great small dogs for people who live in an apartment or small home. They love to play and go for walks. Just remember, their personalities make them just like a small child… Cheep entertainment and full of energy.

To find out more about designer dog breeds, read the hub below by fellow hubber Niag.

  • What is a Designer Dog?
    Do you know what a designer dog is? Well how about a hybrid dog? You probably know exactly what they are but didn’t know the name for them. A designer dog or a hybrid dog is a mixture of two purebred dogs. Say for instance a Cockapoo, can you guess

Not everyone is cut out to own a La-Chon.

Before we purchased any of our dogs, which was mainly for my daughter, I had my daughter read up on Lhasa’s and Bichon’s so she would understand the nature of them. This is something I would recommend to anyone before they purchase a dog. I also recommend getting them micro-chipped since they are a rare designer breed. (For more information on these breeds, see my other hubs.)

If you have any other questions, just send me a message and I will do my best to answer them.

Try to avoid puppy mills

One thing I noticed when doing research for our dog was how many puppy mills I came across. When people find a market for a breed of dog, they will saturate the market with a mass production of that breed. (I am seeing this more and more in the area I am living in.) Many times these animals are being bred and raised in an unhealthy environment.

To make sure I wasn't purchasing my puppy from a puppy mill, I met with the owner and seen the environment it was raised in. I double checked on the papers I would be given. This gave me a chance to also see how well the puppy accepted the members of my family. (You don't want to bring home a dog that doesn't get along well with children, even though the owner claims it gets along with any children.)

Since designer dogs are becoming more popular, doing research on the breeder will help to understand why they are selling the puppies. Are they in it for the money? Or because they love this breed of dog and want others to experience the same? Don't be afraid to ask questions. Any good breeder doesn't mind answering them.

It's just too deep!

Our puppy decided she was going to play in the snow till she realized how deep it was. It is so deep she looked like she was swimming.

Our puppy decided she was going to play in the snow till she realized how deep it was. It is so deep she looked like she was swimming.


Livingtree62 on March 31, 2019:

Hi I recently bought a La-Chon. Her name is Mademoiselle Chéri. I have papers saying she is 50/50. The only thing is her ears just went up and are standing pointed. Her head does not appear to be flat on top either. Her nose area is longer and is spotted not completely black. Her hair has a strong wave at the root, and straight on the ends. The hair on the tip of her ears appear to be coming in curly. The breeder told me once I bathed her, she would look different. It has not. She also looks big. He told me it was because of her hair and after 5 mths she should stop growing. I have 20 more days to find out. I am having a hard time training her to pee outside. She seems to have the poop thing figured out. I am just afraid I am going to end up with this giant dog I can't afford to feed. And she resists training. Yesterday, she sat by her bowl, wiggled her bum, looked straight up at me and peed. Like saying, see what I am doing. Try and stop me. Yet she is so loving and happy looking. I feel like I paid for a Marley dog! She is cute though, and loving.

Mary on January 13, 2019:

I have a puppy that was given to me. I was told her was a lhasapoo. However.. I think he is a lhasa bichon. I say that,because he looks more like the lhasa bichon. Short of doing a DNA test.. how can I tell?

mr cool on March 13, 2017:

man that dog up top under just like a child is the ugliest dog in the world... nothin at all cute about it... looks like its been chewing tobacco or smoking a pipe with all that brown around its mouth, and with those hair ties it looks even more like an alien ugly face dog, this page is making lhasa chons look bad

Tammy (author) on June 04, 2013:

If you like you can email me a picture of him via the HubPages email. (Just go under fan mail and there will be a button that you click to email me.) We had a family that adopted one of our pups and decided to give it a trim. The poor thing wouldn't hold still. All they could trim was her back from her neck to her behind. She looked like a mini lion with her fluff of hair on her head and little pom-pom legs. I couldn't help but laugh before I helped them trim the rest of her. Even after their coat changes it will still knot if it is long. (Very much like our hair.)

With us working so much our poor pup is in need of a good grooming. Summer is here now and she is getting too hot. I found also helps to keep her short where we live to see the ticks and fleas easier.

Thanks again for stopping by and sharing your story of your little one!

Theresa on June 01, 2013:

Cheers. My groomer has not given him a full cut yet as says it's best to wait for adult coat to come in and i like him longer anyway. He only gets face, feet and hygiene trim etc. His coat can get knotted very quickly as these breeds do when their coat changes and that's with me combing daily. He is not kc registered as I don't think cross breeds can be registered in the uk. I'd love to post a picture of Angus , but can't seem to figure out how to from my phone!

Tammy (author) on May 30, 2013:

Thanks Theresa, sorry for the delay. I have been out of town with work. Odd as it may sound, we never brushed their hair much. I still don't unless Bella's is really tangled because she is due for a trim. I don't remember them shedding much of their baby hair. My hubby was the one that remembered them shedding a bit of the baby hair and was surprised that it didn't affect his allergies much. The only time I see hair flying is when Bella would/will scratch herself nuts from a tick or flea. I have noticed that with some of the dogs their hair will be curly on their feet with maybe a light curl on their backs. The hair on the legs will feel a bit more coarse then their backs too. I found that using an organic conditioner will help to eliminate tangles and keep their hair soft. Most times I try to keep the hair trimmed short since I don't have a lot of time to mess with brushing her out all the time.

I would love to see pictures of your little guy. I bet he is a cutie! Is he registered?

Theresa on May 29, 2013:

Thanks for you reply! I am very sure Angus is 100% lachon. I will have to wait and see how his coat comes in. Thanks again.

Theresa on May 28, 2013:

Thanks for your quick reply! I am as certain as I can be that Angus is a pure lachon. Your reply makes me wonder though, where did your puppies baby hair go? Surely it must have been combed or brushed out when their adult came in. I suppose I'll just have to wait and see how my boy will turn out as every dog is different. Thanks again

Tammy (author) on May 27, 2013:

Thanks for stopping by Theresa. My first question is are you sure it is a Lachon? I don't remember our puppies shedding like that. Brushing them or otherwise. I asked my hubby in case he remembered and he said about one year, but any shedding (or loosing hair while brushing them,) after that year means that he may have more than just a Lhasa/Bichon mix in him. I hope this helps!

Theresa on May 26, 2013:

Hi. I have a 9 month old lachon named Angus. He is getting his coarser adult coat on his back now but u want to know how long does it take before he will lose all his puppy fur ? I comb him daily but the hair that is falling out is driving me mad ! Thanks for any help

Tammy (author) on February 16, 2013:

Thanks Margaret, It is hilarious to watch their personalities play out when they want something. Mine will even go as far as scratching my leg or sneezing on me for attention. I am glad to hear that you are one of many others that didn't have troubles potty training yours. Mine was a mixed lot. Some took to it, while others were a bit more challenging. I feel bad for my spoiled cotton ball now, because with it being so cold outside we haven't taken many walks or done much exercising. She hates being cold and I can't blame her. My hubby taught her to sit on the heater when she is cold and to sit in front of the air conditioner when she is hot. They are amazing dogs!

Thanks for stopping by!

margaret on February 13, 2013:

I got a lachon puppy 3 months ago, she is so good and so loving but is very spoilt, i had no problem potty training her even tho she was ill for the 1st few weeks we had her, she bounced back and was a lovely bouncy puppy until recently she has went off her puppy food, i have noticed that she has a few gaps in her front teeth, top and bottom so i am hoping she is just out of sorts with her teething :(

Everytime i put my coat on Lily thinks she has to come with me, she is great in the car as we do take her alot in the car to parks but i am scared to let her off her lead as she can be stubborn, it depends what kind of mood she is in whether she will listen to your comands or not which sometime i find quite amusing as if she does not want to listen she will put her nose in the air and turn away, little madam but i love her to bits she just loves cuddles and she is getting plenty of them just now with her not being herself :)

Tammy (author) on November 09, 2012:

@ Tracy Dee, Thanks for stopping by. I am sorry it took so long to respond back. I love our "spoiled teenager". Isn't it amazing how much they can be like our children? I think mine has taken on some of the characteristics of my daughter. Her latest thing is wanting to drink a cup of morning coffee with the hubby and myself. I can't help but laugh at her antics if I don't give her one. They are wonderful pets. I am surprise that there isn't more information about them on the net. That is one of the reasons why I started to write about mine. Thanks again!

@ John Billey, I have ran into the same problem with mine since I don't have many children coming around as often as I use to. I can usually tell by the way she greets the door as to whom has come for a visit. I have one sister that she loves to death and will maul her with affection before she can inter the house. (It may be because that sister has dogs that Bella is in love with.) She is truly my spoiled one. Thanks again!

John Billey on April 27, 2012:

My wife and I have had our Lachon "Missy" for 5 years. I have had a few other breeds before but I am in jaw dropped amazement at how smart she is. We had no trouble training her to go out and do her business either. She is a joy in our lives and we get many hours of enjoyment from her antics with her toys. She is an only dog, and we do not have children or grand children coming over. She does NOT like children as she was teased by a couple of small kids when she was a puppy. They threw stones at her when she was outside. Now when she spots a small child she wants to rip their heads off! She will make up to people that come to see us but it is on her terms. If they let her come to them and sniff them, before long she is hopping up into their laps! We love her just like a daughter and she is properly spoiled rotten.

Tracy Dee on April 18, 2012:

Hi there, just been googling this breed out of interest as we have a lovely 2 year old lachon called Poppy - she is white with some distinctive black markings - ears and eyes a lovely heart shape on her back and a patch on her bottom! I have to agree with all your comments - she is the first dog we have owned as a family, ( we have one 12yr old daughter) and I have to say that Poppy is just like my other daughter! she loves fuss and attention, but is totally well mannered and house trained like a dream, I have to say we spoil her! but who wouldn't they are adorable! x

Tammy (author) on April 03, 2012:

Thanks Alocsin, If you are looking for a small dog that is smart, doesn't shed and acts like a child, this is one of the best dog breeds to have. They make wonderful guard dogs too. She let me know if someone or something is lurking around our yard. Once she checks it out and deems it okay, she goes back to being a lap dog. I need to make more videos of her as an adult to share here. That way people can see more of her personality. Thanks again for stopping by!

Aurelio Locsin from Orange County, CA on April 03, 2012:

I've never heard of these breed, so I appreciate the info and the video. It's great that despite all the hair, they don't shed. Voting this Up and Interesting.

Tammy (author) on June 06, 2011:

Thanks Rachael,

I love dogs, but don't like the shedding they do, which is one of many reasons why I chose this breed. If the dog is a pure line and registered, then there is a slim chance of in-breeding. Although, it can happen sometimes.

Naomi Starlight from Illinois on June 06, 2011:

I think these half breeds are the dogs of the future because they're selected to have the best traits of both parent breeds, most of them are better for people with pet allergies, and some kinds of pure breed dogs are gradually becoming more and more inbred causing the new ones to be born with genetic defects.

Tammy (author) on June 03, 2011:

I have heard of Malti-poo's. I almost chose one, except that my husband's allergies flared with it. He still has problems with our dog, if I don't bath it regularly. It is the dandruff more than the fur that bothers him. Any of these breeds are cute and adorable.

Naomi Starlight from Illinois on June 03, 2011:

I'm sure you love your La-chon but my Malti-poo is the best! A Malti-poo (Maltese and Poodle) is hypoallergenic, doesn't shed, and I'm not sure if this is true in general but ours was very easily potty trained, he minds verbal and body language commands well and has a good memory. The main hassles are that he doesn't get along well with other people and pets, taking a protective defensive stance and growling and barking a lot at strangers. Sometimes if other kids rush up and try to pet him he will growl or even bite at their hands. He's also had a few problems with wanting to hold still while being groomed, but now that he's older I think he's become a lot more relaxed and used to the idea of having us cut his hair.

Tammy (author) on April 11, 2011:

It was a lot of work, but we would watch them and every ten to fifteen minutes take them outside. Don't try to train them to the patch, because once they learn to go inside (even on the patch) they will refuse to go outside. (Most of the time they wont even go on the patch. Each one had their special place they wanted to go.) If they went inside, we would show them where they went, scold them, (like you do a child)and take the poo outside to show them where to go. Ten to fifteen minutes after they eat, they will need to go out, after they have been trained to do that, they will start to go out after they have eaten. (Mine likes to eat with us, so I only feed them when we eat. I will set their bowl of dog food under the table next to mine or my husband's feet. By the time we are done eating, they were ready to go out.) When I took them outside and they went potty or poo, I would reward them with a treat. (Invest in a lot of rawhide...they will chew up everything including wood furniture.) Remember that they are like a rebellious teenager and will laugh at you while they run off, unless of course they are fenced in or on a chain. I keep an assortment of treats on hand because they bore easily with the same thing everyday. Occasionally, I will let them pick what treat they want, (this is a treat to them if they have been exceptionally good and follow orders/training.)

Mainly, think of them as you would a child. Unlike most dogs I have been around, they are quick learners and enjoy learning new things and challenges. Good luck! Let me know if you have any more questions.

Candice on April 11, 2011:

We just bought our La-chon and we adore him but we're having a hard time potty training him. I know you mentioned that's their weakness. But any suggestions on how we can get him to go on the pads or outside?


Tammy (author) on October 30, 2010:

Thank you!

pastella13 on October 30, 2010:

Beautiful dogs. Still, I love any dog but there's something wonderful and cuddly about these. Look at their little faces! Thankyou for your lovely comments,and you'll find insurance you need but shop around because there are such great differences and some only cover an ailment for 1 year although others will cover up to so much each year. Good luck.

lisadpreston from Columbus, Ohio on October 29, 2010:

Well I can certainly relate. My little son, Mini, is my life. I can't do anything or go anywhere without him. He really is my child. check out my hub called its all about my min pin and see my baby. Of course the pics were of him when he was about 6 months old, now he is 4. Your baby is precious too!

Tammy (author) on October 29, 2010:

Thank you, I have to admit that Bella is like my other child. They are so entertaining to have.

lisadpreston from Columbus, Ohio on October 29, 2010:

aahhh how adorable.

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