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DIY: How To Candle Your Own Fertilized Chicken Eggs

Candled Chicken Egg

Candled Chicken Egg

When Can I Candle My Chicken Eggs?

I will start off by letting everyone know that you cannot hatch store bought eggs, or even eggs that have already been refrigerated even if they are fertilized.

  • Incubation period is 21 days; DO NOT TOUCH THE EGGS ON THE LAST 3 DAYS!
  • You can start to candle your eggs at anytime once you have started the incubation process, but, you get the best results after the 10th day.

All You Need

Candling a chicken egg is super easy and only takes a few seconds to do per egg. You can candle chicken eggs if you are incubating them, or even if your hen has decided to become broody, that is if you can get to those eggs.

  1. Flashlight - That's right, all you need is a flashlight to candle your eggs. As seen in the picture above by cradling the egg in my hand long ways and placing the flashlight through the bottom of the egg.

"Good" Candled chicken egg.

"Good" Candled chicken egg.

What Does A "Bad Egg" Look Like?

A bad egg, also known as an egg in which the embryo has not started to form yet would be white all the way through it without any dark spots at all. As you can see in all of the pictures on this article, all of the eggs have a dark reddish brown circle inside of the egg. That reddish brown circle is actually the embryo of the baby chick forming inside of the egg.

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Over time, if you candle frequently like I do, you will notice that the embryo starts to grow every few days. You can also sometimes make out the eyes, veins, and even their heartbeat. Really cool huh?


Your Experiences?

How To Incubate Your Own Fertilized Chicken Eggs

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