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Cruel Live Animal Trinkets


Aren't they eye-catching? Small, clear plastic pouches filled with beautifully-colored water, maybe some glitter, and little plastic stars. And...what's that? Little animals! They're so cute! Little baby turtles, fish, frogs, and salamanders! Wait...are they...moving? They're alive! Suddenly the cool keyrings aren't so cool anymore. These cruel trinkets do exist in China and some other Asian countries. Baby animals are taken from their natural habitat and sealed in tiny pouches with very little access to food and room to move around, and a limited supply of nutrients in the water that is meant to keep the poor animal alive for up to three months. They will spend the remainder of their young lives in a sealed death trap, all in the name of money and human selfishness. While they look appealing, they are a display of disregard for nature. Purchasing these trinkets fuels the cruelty and suffering.

Maybe you've already purchased one and you're feeling guilty now? Research the animal and its natural habitat. Buy an appropriate aquarium and whatever supplies are necessary to keep the animal as a pet. Then release the animal from the pouch. Seek advice from marine biologists, sanctuaries, pet shops, and other professional sources. It won't be easy to properly care for the animal, especially if they are just babies. It's the right thing to do though. Adjusting to a new environment is difficult for some animals, while some species are more resilient. Hopefully the animal will have an opportunity to have the fulfilling life that they were previously denied.

Boycott These Death Traps!

Live animal keyrings, necklaces, and other trinkets are available for purchase online, as well as in Asia, making spontaneous shopping more tempting. Keep in mind that ugly things like cruelty sometimes come disguised in beautiful packaging! If you want to see something truly beautiful, go to a lake, a river, a nature trail...and witness firsthand these lovely creatures swimming right where they belong. Observe the harmony of the flowing water, the warm sunlight, and the trees and wildflowers around you. That is truly beautiful! Nature in its true raw form is more beautiful, and there is no substitute for that.

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