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Cockapoo Matting Solved

Cockapoo Matting

As you may know, when Cockapoos start to get longer fur, they tend to get matted. This means they get really thick knots in their fur that cannot easily be detangled. Many times, they have to get shaved in order to solve the problem. Shaving your Cockapoo may not be something you want to do regularly, so in this article we are going to discuss a few tips on how to prevent your Cockapoo from matting. These tips are as follows, brush your Cockapoo regularly, blow dry your Cockapoo after a bath, and groom your Cockapoo every 6-8 weeks.

Tip 1

The first tip I have for this problem is to brush your Cockapoo up to 3 or 4 times a week. Detangling your dog's coat is key to preventing matting. It is just like your own hair, if you don't brush it regularly, it will get really tangled. If you brush your Cockapoo's fur regularly, it is less likely that matting will occur because of the reoccurring detangling process.

I recommend using two detanglers: a brush and a comb. This is because the brush goes through the knots and detangles what it can, while the comb is more precise and detangles what the brush couldn't get. Brushing your Cockapoo on a regular schedule like 3-4 times a week is one of the most important tips for preventing matting on your dog. This is because brushing makes it hard for matting to occur in the first place, although it still can happen.

Tip 2 and 3

The next tip I have for this issue is to blow dry your Cockapoo after giving them a bath. This helps prevent matting because wet fur can sometimes cause clumps to form as the fur dries. This is because the fur will group together as it gets heavy from absorbing all of the water, and a simple towel dry will not allow these clumps to deform.

Blow drying your Cockapoo after a bath allows the fur to separate as singular strands while drying faster and not in clumps. Blow drying your wet Cockapoo can prevent matting because of the fact that their fur will not have the chance to dry in clumps.

The final tip I have to solve the matting problem is to have your Cockapoo groomed every 6-8 weeks. Sure, Cockapoos are adorable when they have long hair, but it is important to have them cut, or at least trimmed regularly so that mats do not form.

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Taking your Cockapoo to be groomed every 6-8 weeks can be costly, so some opt to learn how to groom their dogs themselves. Some aspects of the grooming process are more specific, like ear cleaning and nail trimming, but many people just trim their dog's fur on their own.


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