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Easy Homemade Cat Food

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Arrow Celine, my playful cat, has been enjoying homemade cat food. Here's an easy to prepare and yummy cat treat!

All-natural goodness!

All-natural goodness!

In as much as I take care what I ingest, I also make sure that I give nutritious food to my fur friend. This recipe just needs chicken breasts and water. Every now and then, I add chicken liver. Basic goodness! I use a hand blender to create a paté consistency for easy serving.

I have also used this recipe for tuna and salmon.

For a list of vegetables good for cats, do watch the video below.


  • 4 pieces chicken breast fillets
  • a few pieces vegetables
  • water enough to cover the chicken pieces
Boiled vegetables and chicken breasts

Boiled vegetables and chicken breasts


  1. Boil chicken breasts until tender.
  2. On the last 3 minutes of boiling, add some vegetables like carrots and zucchini.
  3. Cool the chicken breasts and vegetables.
  4. Reserve a little of the chicken broth. Using a hand blender, create a paté consistency.
  5. That's it!
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Best Vegetables for Cats

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