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Cendrawasih, the Bird of Paradise - Wildlife In Papua, Indonesia

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Cendrawasih Bird, The Bird Of Paradise - Papua, Indonesia

Cendrawasih Bird is one of the most beautiful birds in Indonesia's most eastern region. Papua is indeed endowed with great natural beauty and abundant natural resources.

  • There are 41 Cendrawasih species in Indonesia, with 37 of them found in Papua. Some of its varieties are called for their primary hues, such as Cendrawasih Kuning Kecil, Cendrawasih Kuning Besar, and Cendrawasih Merah. Cendrawasih Kuning Kecil and Cendrawasih Kuning Besar, for example, have a strong "kuning" or yellow tint on their feathers, thus the names.
  • This island is home to a bird with feathers that are a blend of more than three bright hues. Because of its amazing beauty, Cendrawasih has been dubbed "The Bird of Paradise" by the British, who previously refused to believe in its existence due to its magnificence. Cendrawasih was utilized as a gift for the Kings in 1522, following the European's recognition of the bird's existence.
  • The majority of species are located in eastern Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and eastern Australia. The birds of paradise include members of the group known as adaptive and the genus Paradisaeidae.
  • The family consists of 42 species divided into 15 genera. Members of this family are likely best recognized for the plumage of the species' males (the majority of which are sexually dimorphic), particularly the very long complex feathers extending from the beak, wings, tail, or head. They are mostly limited to deep jungle environments. Fruit and, to a lesser extent, arthropods comprise the diet of all species.


The abundance of photographs and videos of birds of paradise on the internet in recent years has heightened the fascination of bird watching all over the world. Many of them travel to West Papua to observe various species of birds of paradise.

The provinces of West Papua and Papua, which comprise Indonesia's portion of the island of New Guinea, signed the Manokwari Declaration in October 2018. The agreement shifts the development paradigm of two areas from "conservation" to "sustainable development," a modest move that de-emphasizes the central government's jurisdiction over local land concerns.


Caring for Birds of Paradise

The Bird of Paradise is regarded as the indoor gardening world's royalty. The glossy, banana-shaped petals of this tall, upright plant fan out just to bring a lush, tropical flare to your area. It is pretty robust and adapts to a broad range of light conditions, from direct sunlight to low, indirect light, although it thrives in direct sunlight.

  • Take a look at Cendrawasih Parotia, a bird that is mostly black with a tinge of pale blue that does an astonishing dance during mating season.
  • Unfortunately, Cendrawasih are now listed as an endangered species. Because of its beauty, poaching is in high demand.
  • Not to mention the deforestation for the crop, which has substantially reduced its habitat.
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Papua Prohibits the Hunting and Trade of Birds of Paradise.

  • Birds of paradise have been hunted for a long time, maybe since human civilization began. Males in the most commonly hunted species begin mating opportunistically even before they develop their attractive plumage, which is unusual. This might be an adaptation to keep population levels stable in the face of hunting pressures that have most likely been there for hundreds of years.
  • Papua has outlawed the use of birds of paradise as accessories and souvenirs, preserving one of the province's most renowned indigenous species from commercial exploitation, which is its greatest urgent threat.
  • The initiative intends to revers a trend that has resulted in huge poaching and illegal selling of birds of paradise. Authorities prohibited hunting and selling by Circular No. 660.1/6501/SET issued by Papuan Governor Lukas Enembe, which also restricts the use of actual birds of paradise as accessories and souvenirs.
  • "No one is permitted to utilize preserved birds of paradise as accessories or souvenirs in dance performances, or as head ornaments handed to visitors to Papua."

Key Information for Tourists Visiting Indonesia

Some vital advice if you wish to go bird watching includes not putting perfume or taking a shower before visiting, as Cendrawasih has a high smelling sensitivity. Hide behind trees and wear dark-colored clothing to avoid being seen by the birds.

  • Because the birds have acute hearing, they do not make any noise when in their vicinity.



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