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Caucasian Shepherd 2

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Caucasian Shepherd

Part 2

Caucasian Shepherd

I introduced my breed to you in the first part. Here on, I take you further.

My genre

I am heavy and strong with very kind and deep black eyes. I have a large head, black nose and a short round tail. When fully grown, I may even look like a lion or a bear. I have a heavy fur coat that helps me protect myself from harsh winters in Russia and in other cold regions. My breed is meant to stay outside and specifically not meant to live in apartments. I have heavy paws and my fur has black, grey, brown and white colour.

Height and weight

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The weight of grown up dogs can go up to 80 Kg and height up to 84 cm.

Life expectancy

Around 11 years

Ear cropping

Ear cropping has been carried out since ancient times. My breed has always been fighting with the wolves and during fight my ears are injured which leads to unbearable pain. Therefore, in order to reduce this pain many breeders crop the ears.

Importance of training

I need a good trainer, leader. Repetition and obedience training are extremely important.

You need to be very patient and calm with me. At times, I might get aggressive towards strangers but I am a guard who will always protect my owner, his belongings and his whole territory. I need to run and walk daily.

By and large, I am a loyal protector of my owner and his territory.

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