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Cats Care and Our Behavior?

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Cats care and our behavior.

  • Nowadays cats are becoming more popular and favorite among pets. If we keep cats, then we get to see many species or breeds of cats. Cat is a cute and pet animal which originated about 8000 to 9000 years ago. It takes a lot of effort and money to take care of cats.
  • When we bring a cat to our home, we have to think about it. How do we keep cats? What is included in his favorite food, what will be his living arrangements etc. Different things keep popping up in our mind. When cats fall ill, we have to bear a lot of expenses for their treatment. Cats often like to play with toys too, for which we have to buy toys and we also spend on toys. Among the toys we will also need a scratching post, a mouse, cat toys and a bed. We also need to put an ID proof around our cats neck to identify them.
  • Cats need toys based on their age. Otherwise the health of cats may be at risk. It is better to give milk and soft food whenever the child is 3 months old. When Ballia becomes 3 to 6 months old we have to increase her food. It would be better to give food at least thrice a day. Cats should at least try to give unopened packaged food from the market. This prevents cats from getting sick. Cats prefer packaged food more, but it is harmful to their teeth and health. Try to give him dry food. While giving dry food, sufficient water should be available for him to drink. It costs us less to buy dry food as compared to packaged food.

Cats should always be given nutritious things in the form of food. Although we know that the favorite food of cats is milk, but still let us look at the health of cats. Its cleanliness has to be taken care of a lot. Cats must be bathed at least once a day. He should get brushed which reduces the risk of his hair fall. The living space of cats should also be kept clean at all times.

Most people say that the cat is an independent animal, but it remains at risk of extinction of its species, to avoid which cats prefer to associate with humans. Cats are considered intelligent to get along with people. However, cats are very special. She always likes to be with someone who loves her more. She always jumps around to get your attention. Sometimes in your lap and sometimes licks your feet. Sometimes she even clings to you.

Our affection for cats makes the relationship between cats and humans stronger. However, the question arises as to why cats always show their affection with a special or special person. If cats feel that our behavior is harsh towards cats, then they also start ignoring us. Till date it is not known why it has been closed without humans only. Cats show a lot of love and affection towards their owner. She wants her master to stroke her on her back and show her love.

Cats are an example of the friendship of humans and animals, whose strength will be mentioned for years. We should never ignore the care of cats. This increases our distance. Nowadays keeping cats has become a hobby of almost every person. Many experts say that cats have preferred to associate with humans because of their survival strategy, that is, to maintain the continuity of their species. Now how much truth is reflected in this, it is a matter of consideration.

A similar behavior that cats often do is scratching the ground, making strange movements and making sounds. We do not have to be alarmed by the strange movements of cats. However, they do this to act out their hunting instincts. It could be another cat or some other creature. Cats mostly like to play too. If you stop her from playing, she pounces on you and takes a negative attitude, she does this just to play with you. She ran with you - wants to play.

The longer you are his boss, the more you see his behavior displaying strange. They often behave strangely. However, he has a reason for his behavior. If you understand this behavior of his then you also become more attached to him. You can make her happy. If you now understand his actions better. Cats are able to confuse their owner. It is sometimes difficult to understand what exactly it wants. Cats are allergic to many things, in which their behavior is quite different. It becomes more difficult for us to understand him.

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