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Whisperer Experience: Am I a Whisperer?

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I currently have three cats: Ferbie, Fivo, and Berfie. And they all share different peculiarities.

Fivo, Berfie (middle), and Ferbie. They all do that when they are all in a good mood.

Fivo, Berfie (middle), and Ferbie. They all do that when they are all in a good mood.

I wanna be like him, Jean François, even to a different animal, to my special cats…

I have already been loving animals since I was born I guess. The cats and dogs, and horses I wanna own a horse, a brown horse particularly. And while watching documentaries on YouTube about whisperers, I found a video about Jean François who was an incredible horse whisperer. As I watched the video, it amazed me. I once had a dream about me practicing how to ride a horse in my dream, I rode on a small brown horse and it felt so good to me. I love that dream that I can't forget.

“He is a whisperer,” I told myself. “I wanna be like him.”

My dream is to become a veterinarian or a cowgirl or a shepherd. I wanna be with beasts because I love their loyalty and the friendship they could offer to us. They have purer hearts than humans I assume. I wanna befriend a horse that is why I went to YouTube and watched a tutorial on how to ride a horse but I don't have a horse yet. But I am excited.

Jean François was just a gifted man and I wanna be like him even in a different animal which is my cats.

Before all I knew is that cats never make a noise when they are about to give birth to their kittens. So I was intrigued. My brother's bed was once where Ferbie gave birth. I was jealous because my brother was so lucky to have his bed which Ferbie got to give birth to her kittens on.

Many months had passed, Ferbie got pregnant again and I was excited. But I was worried at the same time because I wanted to witness how she gave birth. So I went to her and talked to her in a very low voice, in short, I whispered to her, “Ferbie, when it is time to give birth to your kittens, please tell me okay? Because I want to see you give birth. Can you give me your permission? Please? And then she was just all quiet while I was whispering to her. And then I kissed her on her head and hugged her.

Jean François, A Whisperer


Ferbie made me witness her giving birth to her kittens…

Until one afternoon, I was at home and was just sitting on a couch when Ferbie went on crying and staring at me. Her face was so pitiful. I talked to her gently. And then I realized she was about to give birth because her eyes showed her worry. And there was blood dripping as she walked by.

So I immediately searched for a carton box and put some sacks and things that a Ferbie liked to lie on. And then she leaped into the box and lay down on the sacks and she glanced at me and then she licked her stomach.

After I placed her there I left her alone. But then as I walked away, I found she was behind me and crying again. I told her to go back to her box. I went to her box and placed her back there. And then I left again. But then she went after me again. So I got this theory that probably she didn't want me to leave her. So I tried to leave her again and then saw how she chased me. But then again, I went back to her box and let her jump into the box alone. She wanted me to stay and witness how she gave birth. I was only looking at her licking her belly and switching positions.

I wanted to touch her. So I stroked her stomach gently as I could and I was afraid she would get mad and bite or scratch me, but she did not. She just let me do it while glancing at me sometimes. I was so glistened.

Until she finally gave birth and I witness everything about how she gave birth to her kittens. I was so happy. She got chubby and healthy big-headed twin kittens! I was so excited.

And I finally left and she did not follow me anymore. But after a while, she called me again but it was in a different tone, it was a relaxed tone so I wasn't worried. I went to check her and then there was something about her face that made me think she needed water to drink. So I poured water into a container and gave it to get and then she just went to drink the water. She was thirsty.

Talking about her when she was thirsty. She drinks by the faucet. When we aren't using the faucet, we leave it dripping so it will keep filling the tub under it for hours. But when Ferbie is thirsty, she would simply go there and thrust her tongue in the water and drink. Hilarious, isn't it?

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Fivo and Berfie playing. Hahaha! Berfie is upside down. Both are sons of Ferbie.

Fivo and Berfie playing. Hahaha! Berfie is upside down. Both are sons of Ferbie.

Gifted Meows!

Now, let's talk about Fivo. He is so mysterious. At the back of our house, there's this shrubbery where he usually goes into and returned after many hours or days that worries me and the family. But one day, when I and my brother decided to follow him, we weren't able to catch him and he was gone. Peculiar, isn't it?

Next is Berfie, the funniest and the cleverest among all. He just lay down in the middle of a cold floor and isn't afraid to be stepped on by anyone. He loves to sleep curled on my neck. He even chose her name when he was a few weeks old. His eyes are different. They are normal but they are rare to me. They seem to be talking to me every time I look at them. They were exquisite. And the best ability he had is that he was so agile and clever whenever he catches mice in the house. He was the only cat in the family who did most of the mouse hunting. His older brother Fivo wasn't able to do that because Fivo seems to be neat and choosy with his food. He probably thought he was human.

Fivo (4-year-old) | Why are you sleeping there?

Fivo (4-year-old) | Why are you sleeping there?

They love sleeping on the AVR.

They love sleeping on the AVR.

Am I a whisperer?

And then I wonder: Am I a whisperer?

Whether I am or not, I believe anyone can be a whisperer as long as you have your pure heart offered to your pet or any animal you can do it. I reckon to be a whisperer is linking your soul to your pet; it is like you are imprinting yourself with an animal and that is the best way to be a whisperer.

Animals have their souls, they feel pain and bliss and fury and melancholy like us humans but it is us who have a better understanding of them so why wouldn't we show them patience whenever they make mistakes? They are innocent even if they are the worst predators you would ever meet. Animals are innocent that is why God loves all of them but not as much as He loves us.

Let's treat our animals like ourselves. Then we should love ourselves.

And now, I believe I am a whisperer.

Let us see if you're an ani-man?

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately.

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