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Cat Names Inspired by Halloween

A Beautiful Halloween Black Cat

A Beautiful Halloween Black Cat

Spooky Names For Cats With A Halloween Theme

As you have already guessed I really enjoy Halloween. And like any witch I am quite fond of cats. So I thought I would include this list of Halloween and witchy themed cat names for anyone searching for the perfect name for their new feline friend.

  • Addams - they're creepy and they're spooky
  • Alchemy - medieval magic
  • Annabelle - after the scary doll
  • Autumn - tis the season
  • Bela - yes, Lugosi
  • Belladonna - a little poison
  • Blade - thank you Wesley Snipes
  • Blair - could be from the witch project or the exorcist
  • Boo - what ghosts say
  • Boris - of Frankenstein fame
  • Buffy - the vampire slayer
  • Casper - the friendly ghost
  • Cassandra - a witch name for sure
  • Clarice - silence those lambs please
  • Cullen - of Twilight fame
  • Damien - reminds me of an old movie, The Omen
  • Dexter - your friendly neighborhood serial killer
  • Draco - or Mr. Malfoy
  • Dracula - bet that's where Draco is from
  • Enchantress - Marvel Comics
  • Esmeralda - Sabrina the teenage witch
  • Esther - a character in the film Orphan
  • Faust - made a deal with the devil
  • Foxglove - good name to go with Belladonna
  • Freddy - you don't live on Elm St., do you?

This is kind of fun, making up this list of scary names associated with Halloween for cats. It reminds me of so many good books, movies, and myths I haven't thought about in a long time.

  • Ghost - the soul of a dead person
  • Ghoul - an evil phantom
  • Goblin - usually a grotesque sprite with a mischievous nature
  • Grim - a protector or watcher
  • Hannibal - goes well with chianti and fava beans
  • Hermoine - from one of my favorites, Harry Potter
  • Hester - the Scarlet A comes to mind
  • Hortense - a little witch
  • Ichabod - the headless horseman
  • Igor - a hunchbacked lab assistant
  • It - a clown of a name
  • Jett - very witty
  • Jinn - genie
  • Jinx - in latin this means magic charm
  • Joka - joker
  • Kejo - Japanese for witch
  • Legion - Army or military of demon
  • Lilith - Ghost or night monster
  • Loki - trickster
  • Lucifer - Satan, the devil
  • Majokko - witch in Japanese
  • Medea - cunning
  • Mischief - playful misbehavior
  • Morpheus - Greek god of sleep
  • Morticia - creepy and spooky from the Addams family
  • Mystique - shape shifter X-men
  • Ollivander - magical wand maker
  • Ommin - Star Wars sith sorcerer
  • Ondine - nymph of the water
  • Ophelia - Frump, sister to Morticia Addams or Hamlet
  • Phoenix - bird reincarnates in ashes
  • Puck - nature spirit
  • Pumpkin - a popular Halloween symbol
  • Ravin - thieving
  • Sabrina - the teenage witch
  • Saga - story or journey
  • Saruman - LOTR means man of kill
  • Severus - Professor Snape of Harry Potter fame
  • Thanos - Warlord and one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe
  • Titania - according to Shakespeare she was queen of the fairies.
  • Tempest - the storm
  • Ulrike - wolf ruler
  • Vicious - Red Dragon criminal from Cowboy Bebop
  • Winifred - sister in Hocus Pocus
  • Worgen Monster - True grendel
  • Wraith - ghost like just before death
  • Yaeger - hunter
  • Yagami - Light Yagami from Death Note
  • Zephyr - West wind
  • Zilla - shadow
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The names on my Halloween themed cat name page come from many different places from the ancient gods, to William Shakespeare, to old movies, TV shows, and books to new movies and books, and even some from Marvel Comics and Anime. They are names that have become familiar to us and have a twist of magic and some even evil to them. They are fun names for a cat and some folks use them as names for kids too.

MEOW. Read over the list and see what names appeal to you and when you meet your new cat or kitten, you just might have a name picked out already. It doesn't always work out that way, but it's fun to pick and plan anyway.


What Did I Name My Cats?

I didn't come up with some spooky, evil, or mystifying names for my Halloween cats. One is a beautiful silver gray cat, a Russian Blue, with gorgeous amber eyes. His witchy name is ... LOVEY.

My other cat is a black furred beauty with green eyes. Very Halloween looking. Very menacing, definitely could be a witch's familiar. She is a tiny little thing weighing in at 4.5 pounds. Her name is Little.

Even though I love Halloween, my cats called to a different theme when I was naming them. I always thought I would name a dark gray or black cat Pyewacket after the Siamese cat in Bell, Book, and Candle. Pyewacket was a familiar in that old film. But no, in each case the name of my cats just came to me when I first held them (or very shortly after) and all the names I had ever thought of went right out of my head. LOL. Let me know what you decide to name your cat!

If you find a good Halloween themed name for a cat that's not on my list, feel free to share it with the rest of us. I always enjoy hearing new ideas!

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